Singapore – One Stop Holiday Destination!

Anytime of the year is great to visit Singapore. It is one town in the world, which can be visited over and over again. Singapore is an amazing city with a great location, and is among the most beautiful places on the earth. Even the Singapore Changi Airport is recognized as one of the best airports in the world. Luxurious accommodations, culinary choices and nightlife are some of the things that attract tourists a lot. Singapore is packed with number of surprising attractions such as world-class zoos, verdant parks, luxurious hotels, historical structures and deliciously cheap eats. Well, there are so many reasons to visit Singapore and some of them are mentioned below


  • Cultural diversity: Singapore ranks up among other nations because of its diverse culture and religion. Being different from its neighboring countries, the island has four official languages; English, Tamil, Malay and Mandarin.
  • Culinary treat: If you are among people who love to eat different meals, Singapore is a place for you. You can try as many different cuisines as possible there. From Indian to Italian to Japanese, you can find every restaurant.
  • Epic hotels: If you want to experience luxurious stay in hotels, book holiday tour packages for Singapore now. Singapore will surely live up to your expectations with its incredible service and cleanliness.
  • Superb Architecture: Singapore is the perfect mix between the old and new, when we talk about architecture. Singapore is rich with different cultural buildings and historical places. Apart from this, there are stunning & innovative skyscrapers and attractions all over the place.
  • Incredible Rooftops: The view of Singapore is absolutely stunning when seen from luxury hotel rooftops or the Singapore Flyer. There are many roof top bars in Singapore that attract tourists and locals for post-work libations.



Tips To Spend Weekend In A Perfect Way!


Weekends! It is one word that fill us with enthusiasm yet, goes like it never came. Weekends always seem to vanish, but the truth is there is a time span of 60 hours between that 6 P.M. Friday to 6 A.M. Monday. And, even if you are a sleepy head, cut 24 of those hours you are still left with 36 waking ones. 36 hours are actually plenty of time for having fun and recharging the batteries. Weekends should be refreshing, not exhausted or disappointed, so that you can kick start your Monday. So, if you also want your weekend to be super exiting, follow these tips:

  • Do home improvement: Write down all the chores that you wanted to do from a long time, but were getting delayed. The things could be small like dusting the bookcases and rearranging them, or big ones like painting the kitchen or cleaning it. Remember one thing, you don’t have to do all the things in one weekend. Be slow and steady!


  • Weekend gateway: Make most of your weekend by taking a a trip to town and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city. Do shopping and explore street food to boost your mood. Or take a long weekends at wonderful destinations to enjoy.


  • Meet up friends: We remain busy for entire weekdays, so we we decide to nothing on a weekend. But, that’s not a good idea, a good idea is meeting up friends and have plans with them.


  • Self-improvement: Spend some time on self-improvement, take up a new hobby or participate in a new activity. These things will bring out the creative, and decisive person in you.


  • Avoid routine: We are sometimes so much into routine that we do things the same old things week-in and week-out. But at the weekend break the rules and try something different and taking up invitations.

Best Islands To Visit During This Vacation

Whether you crave for water sports, beach parties or simply lazy days, hanging hammocks and a nice book, either way, island is suitable for you. An island is sure to be an ideal destination for taking long walks, experiencing pleasing sunsets and equally delightful sunrises. It is true that visiting an island requires generous commitment, but snorkeling, serenity and sensational food will make you visit it again. Island is one of the best places to visit this vacation and we tell you why. However, it was difficult to narrow down few out of 7,100 islands that are beautiful, relaxing and amazing. Here are some of the best islands to visit:

1. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the most stunning place of Indonesia. Having dazzling beaches like Seminyak and Jimbaran Bay, Bali has sacred forest and ancient monuments. Apart from that, this island has 10,000 intricate temples, including Pura Empul and Uluwatu sea temple. Bali is tops the list because it has amazing places to see, which are breathtaking.

2. Palawan, Philippines

Rustic, romantic, affordable and relaxing, these are few things that describe islands of Philippines. There’s nothing serene than immersing yourself in the natural beauty of this Philippine archipelago. And, this island is perfect for its a five-mile-long underground river, green mountains, limestone caves, and spectacular scuba diving.

3. Tropical Islands: Bora Bora

Typically known as paradise for honeymooners, Bora Bora is based in the northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia. It is a small South Pacific island getaway, which has tiny islets on its surroundings and are bordered with white sand and a turquoise lagoon. The natural beauty of this island is spectacular.

4. Seychelles

Made up of more than 100 islands off the coast of East Africa, Seychelles is situated in the Indian Ocean at northeast side of Madagascar. These islands are uninhabited and are saved as nature reserves. Turquoise sea, relaxing environment and white sands make it one of the best islands to explore.

Why Planning Is Important In Booking A Holiday Trip?

I am guessing, if you are reading this blog then you might be planning to go on a vacation. Be it a holiday planning on exotic beaches, beautiful hill stations or enthralling wildlife, planning is important for any trip. With the upcoming holiday travel season, where planes, trains and roads will be crowded, it becomes more important to plan to book a cheap holiday online without any headache.
imgpsh_fullsize (3)A holiday trip is supposed to be a relaxing and memorable, but a poorly planned vacation can ruin your entire trip. So, planning for online holiday package bookings ahead of time can build up excitement for your vacation. Believe it or not, planning a trip is truly enjoyable and daunting at the same time. Here is a guide that will help you to plan a vacation without worries.

      • Set a budget: From booking accommodations to buying souvenirs and meals, determine how much you want to spend. And, the list exceeds the level of your expectations, cross off few things from the list.
      • Choosing the destination of your choice: While doing this, keep in mind the choice of other travelers traveling with you. Choosing a destination will be easier, if you can determine why you want to travel for example relaxation, honeymoon or adventure.
      • Check for deals online: While booking a travel deal on the internet, make sure to go through all the websites to compare the deals. Getting a deal under your budget is great morale boost.
      • Sightseeing: There is no way that you can see everything on a single trip. Make a list of places which will make you disappoint of you don’t see them. While making a list of these places, make sure you are not visiting them on a holiday.

Once you are done with all the planning, get set go! Happy Holidays!

Reasons To Book A Holiday Deal In Advance

Booking an advance holiday or last minute holiday depends on the traveler. It is not necessary that only last minute holidays give you a best deal, even an advanced booking can save your money. An advanced booked holiday means everything is locked into a set plan and itinerary. Apart from giving benefits on holidays, advanced booking is applicable for hotel accommodation too. A good and reliable accommodation is hard to find in low budget and booking it early can save you few bucks. Below mentioned are the reasons to tell you why booking a tour beforehand is always good:

  • Find free child places: Every year, many hotels launch an offer where child is free to the place. This will give you a chance to make saving on your holiday. However, the places are limited so early booking always gives you an advantage.
  • Choice of fulfilling the requirements: Booking early gives you a choice of fulfilling the specific requirements. Last minute deals won’t give you too many options to you.
  • Supply and demand: Yes, that demand and supply thing is applicable here too. Always remember, it is not only you who is taking a holiday, there are millions of tourists from other countries too. And, this puts a competitive pressure on hotel rooms and flights, which are limited.
  • Book now and pay later: Booking a tour in advance gives you more time for the pay off your holiday. Not only it is highly convenient, it will also save you lot of money.
  • No worries and tensions: Last-minute plans give a lot of stress and with that you cannot even have a suitable Plan B at short notice. While booking early gives a lot of options if one does not work. Book a tour before 2 months to ensure a stress-free holiday break.


Be A Wanderlust! Visit These Incredible Countries Around The World

imgpsh_fullsize (2)


Our world is filled with an indescribable beauty, from a remote, idyllic island to the world’s design capital, it has everything to offer to a traveler. The world is full of diverse destinations and it not wrong to say whether a single lifetime would be enough to truly experience the splendid beauty of the world. Here are some of the mesmerizing tourist destinations around the world that are definitely worth adding to your bucket list.

  • Auckland, New Zealand

It is an ultimate destination for a traveler, who wants to explore wilderness and beaches. Auckland has plenty of natural reserves, surf spots, and Maori cultural experiences and is considered to be one of the largest cities by land area in the world. Apart from having great cafe culture, it is a perfect base for exploring both coasts of NZ’s North Island.

  • Venice, Italy

Nothing is best compared to an artful lifestyle, Venetian feasts and epic grandeur. Venice is place for every traveler. Witness the glories of Venetian architecture, and stay longer in this fairy-tale city to experience la bea vita (the beautiful life).

  • Istanbul, Turkey

 This magical city has more attractions than it has minarets. İstanbul’s strategic location has attracted tourists from all over the world. Having diverse heritage, the city’s attraction remains its food and locals. People have infectious love of life and generosity of spirit, which make the city worth.

  • Abu Dhabi, UAE

Experience Islamic culture at Abu Dhabi, one of the profound places to visit in the world. This city is a desert emirate, which has date farms, historic forts, natural reserves and dunes. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, based in Abu Dhabi, receives pilgrims from all over the world during Eid celebrations.

These might be few, however, the list of best destinations to go in the world is never-ending to wake the traveler inside you. Don’t wait, just rock the world!


Destinations That Cannot Be Missed In Africa!

I was always fascinated to explore the tourist destination near me, so I decided to check places in Africa. Africa is world’s second-biggest continent, which has vast landscapes and formidable animal life. Some places haven’t changed since centuries and this is what makes the continent most inspiring and amazing.

imgpsh_fullsize (1)

However, there are many more destination places around me, but I found Africa best because of its jaw-dropping flora, crystal blue beaches with pearly white sands, great lakes, and majestic wildlife and mountains within its borders. Africa is an enormous continent, and still a great travel gem, which needs to be discovered. Being filled with diverse aquatic life, enormous wildlife, and friendliest people, Africa is worth visiting. So below mentioned are some of the tourist destinations of Africa:

  • Isalo National Park (Madagascar)

The island of the Madagascar is situated just off coast of Mozambique in the waters of the Indian Ocean. And, one of the highlights of this island nation is undoubtedly the Isalo National Park. From enormous canyons to lush palm-tree oases, you can expect to even find unique sandstone formations in this park. To get once-in-a-lifetime experience in this National Park, go on a guided trek, and opt for overnight camping.

  • The Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal

Drakensberg, meaning Dragon Mountains, is one of the impressive destinations in South Africa. Apart from having highest peaks, this region constitutes the World Heritage-listed uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park. From having dense forests that flourish in the sheltered valleys to awe-inspiring Amphitheatre and a magnificent cliff face, visitors take air balloon rides to appreciate dramatic topography.

  • Cairo

Situated in the Northern part of Africa, Cairo is a preferred destination for tourists because of its historical and cultural heritage. Some of the famous attractions are the Babylon fortress, Egyptian Museum, Pyramid ruins, Mosque of Muhammad Ali, and Rhodes Island.

So, these are are few places to visit around me. If you have anything to add to the list, do tell us.