Lyon: Another Wonder of France

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France, whenever we hear this name, first thing that comes to our mind is the Eiffel Tower. Paris no doubt is one of the famous cities of the world for obvious reasons. On the other hand, it is the capital of France and consist of splendid museums, grand avenues, and wide variety of diversity. But, honestly Lyon is another supremely qualified rival. Lyon, also spelled Lyons, is capital of both the Rhône département and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes région, east-central France. It is situated on at the confluence of the rivers called Rhône and Saône and after Paris and Marseille, it is the third largest city in France.

Lyon is among the best tourist destinations in France after Paris, ahead of Nice or Strasbourg. The sophistication of Lyon makes it a hugely intriguing for visitors. Also, there are many number of ways outshines Lyon as the French capital. Yes, Paris is unique and incomparable, but if you truly want to explore France and true French art de vivre, you have to head south i.e. Rhône and Loire, and finally come to rest in Lyon. From a dynamic cultural life to outstanding museums and busy clubbing and drinking scenes, Lyon is not behind any other city of France. It is a vibrant mix of culture, history, art, shopping and nightlife. All these things make Lyon world’s best site to visit.

Old Town, Quartier Saint-Jean and Quartier Saint-Georges, is the famous attraction of Lyon. Quartier Saint-Jean is where you can discover the city’s Old World ambiance. It’s a delightful place filled with narrow cobblestone lanes and quiet little courtyards. You can also explore around Rue du Boeuf and the Place Neuve Saint-Jean. These are the picturesque square occupied by traditional restaurants. Also, Colline de la Croix-Rousse, Presqu’ile District and Centre d’Histoire de la Résistance et de la Déportation are to name a few. All these are Lyon’s famous attractions.


Liverpool: A Perfect Destination

Liverpool, it is the capital city of Merseyside, a metropolitan borough in England, United Kingdom. The city is situated along the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary. If we see historically, Liverpool used to be a part of the county of Lancashire. It is the perfect city having fantastic shopping, lively nightlife, and great transport links. Liverpool is a city of so much to explore and enjoy. It is a city with exciting events, unique attractions, unrivaled musical heritage and famously warm welcomes. Liverpool is an ideal destination to visit and explore.

Liverpool undoubtedly has a turbulent and fascinating history. It is a large, vibrant city with great cultural heritage. Liverpool has provided popular musicians to the world and is home to the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. It is renowned for popular musicians including Echo & the Bunnymen, Gerry & the Pacemakers, The Beatles, Frankie goes to Hollywood, and many more. From infrastructure to transportation, Liverpool has a great world maritime centre. Apart from being a home to Europe’s oldest Chinatown, it has the famous Grand National Horse Race, which takes place in the outskirts of the city (Aintree).

Below mentioned are some of the highlighting attractions of Liverpool:

  1. Merseyside Maritime Museum: Liverpool has the Maritime Museum that boasts of a gathering of artifacts that are related to seafaring in Liverpool. In this museum, you can find the rich history that is illustrated with model ships, workshops, and historic vessels. The museum also exhibits stories, which are related to Titanic and Lusitania. These were two of the most famous and tragic passenger vessels in history.
  2. The Albert Dock: The Albert Dock of Liverpool City underwent an amazing renovation, and has become the Liverpool city’s most visited free tourist attraction. It is an amalgamation of popular museums and art galleries. The Dock also consists of the Big Wheel and a family-friendly restaurants and shops.

France: Know Why it is World’s Top Destination

France is the largest country in Western Europe, which has lengthy borders that touch Germany and Belgium in the north, the Spain in the south and the Atlantic Ocean in the west. Apart from that, France also borders and the Alps, Switzerland and Italy in the east and the Mediterranean sea in the southeast. From diverse landscapes to beautiful beaches, France has everything to everyone. France has beautiful beaches on the southeast coast, and is home to the French Riviera, and the Europe’s tallest peak, Monte Blanc. This peak is situated in the French Alps, standing tall at a massive height of 4,810 m!

Not only this, France is also famous for its wines and cheeses. Approximately 82 million visitors visit France every year, attracted by its beautiful countryside, historic cities, and and Brittany and Normandy, and the castles of the Loire Valley. The tourism of the France is highlighted by mesmerizing cities like Paris and Nice, sun-soaked beaches along the French Riviera and the art museums like The Louvre. Some of the attractions of France are mentioned below:

  1. Paris: Paris the first and foremost attraction of France. Known as the City of Love, it attracts hundreds and thousands of visitors and honeymooners across the world. Paris is famous for its tree-lined boulevards and open-air cafes. Apart from this, the iconic Eiffel Tower is known to everyone and is among the major points of interest in Paris. Some other interests include the Palace of Versailles and Notre Dame Cathedral.
  2. Scenery of France: From the Paris’s boulevards to the fashionable resorts of the Côte d’Azur, France has the most beautiful scenery in the world. With soaring cathedrals, fairy-tale castles, and picture-perfect villages, it delights romantics and impresses visitors with its progres

Rwanda: The Land of a Thousand Hills

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Rwanda is a landlocked country situated in Central Africa. It is known as “The Land of a Thousand Hills”, which is bordered by Uganda in the north, Tanzania in the east, Burundi in the south and the democratic republic of Congo in the west. The country is almost covered by steep mountains and deep valleys. Even if it is the landlocked country, it is noted for its lakes. It has the highest point Mount Karisimbi and tourism in the country is important due to it wildlife, which includes the mountain gorilla. From gender equality to environmental conservation, this country is full of fascinating facts and surprises.

Rwanda is a land of great diversity and beauty and the landscapes in this ‘green country’ are truly breathtaking. Apart from that, Rwanda boasts a wide variety of wildlife. Some of the mesmerizing things to do in Rwanda are mentioned below:

  1. Gorilla Tracking: Mountain Gorillas, who are critically endangered lives in Rwanda. And Rwanda is among one of the three countries. There are estimated 880 Gorillas left in the world and seeing these gentle creatures is considered to be the life changing experience.
  2. Visiting Kigali City: Kigali is a thriving African city, which is peacefully situated along with picturesque hilltops. This city is immediately notable for its orderliness, cleanliness, and hospitality. If you want to enjoy great cultural activities, visit Kigali.
  3. Rwandan Lakes: There are several lakes, which exist in Rwanda. If you are planning to visit the country, you can enjoy the scenic and serene views of these marvelous Lakes. Lake Kivu, Lake Ruhondo and Burera and Lake Muhazi are to name a few. You can also enjoy water sports comprising kayaking, canoeing, and windsurfing at the Lakes.

Dubai: A Shopping Paradise!

Dubai is not like anywhere else on the planet. Dubai has a very audacious architecture and fearless style, which makes this city UAE’ largest with a well-defined fusion of its heritage and an ultra-modern lifestyle. To be very honest, Dubai will not up to your reputation rather it will completely exceed your expectations. From the glitz and glam of the city to the ancient traditions, multifaceted Dubai has lot to offer to its travelers. Dubai is among those cities, which has lot to offer. Apart from having glossy building exteriors, there are variety of award-winning restaurants, cultural hubs and incredible souks.

Everything in Dubai looks so incredibly new and shiny, also it is a treasure-trove of culture, art and food. Staying in Dubai depends on the personal taste. You can find many deluxe resort hotels and also several of other options within the different areas. However, for an unforgettable Dubai experience, you can stay in Burj al Arab on Jumeira Beach or Atlantis the Palm. But, for this you’ll need a fat wallet; but you will get the experience, which can never be forgotten.

With its energy, positivity and receptivity, Dubai is fascinating in every sense. Dubai has an astounding variety of authentic global cuisines that is exhilarating for every foodie. Dubai is one of those cities, which constitute only a minuscule population. It has traditions, cultures and values from every corner of the world, making this city exceptional. From the art to landscape to music and fashion and performance, Dubai has no challenge. Despite of having deep Islamic culture, the society of this city is open and welcoming. You will get the chance to connect with an array of experiences. Dancing on the beaches to eating like a Bedouin and shopping for souvenirs, Dubai usually seems like a city with diversity.

Bolivia: A Stunning Natural Beauty

Bolivia is superlative in its natural beauty. It is complex, rugged, vexing, and slightly nerve-racking, but still one of the most diverse and intriguing nations of South America. Bolivia is names after the hero of South America, Simon Bolivar, and is located right in the heart of South America. Bolivia is among the two landlocked countries situated in America. It is best for the people who love breathtaking scenery, hair-raising adventures, and an incredibly unique culture. Bolivia is a developing country, having fastest growing economies in the region. Bolivia is an ethnically diverse country, which will surely give you a surprise. Especially for adventure seekers, traveling to Bolivia should be top of the list.

Adventure in Bolivia is a reality. You need to plan and investigate properly to hunt out the best places to visit. Trust us that extra effort is certainly worth it. The diversity of the country, its nature, wildlife and colorful indigenous heritage, are perfect fir extreme adventures to offer a wealth of once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences.

Some of the places that are perfect for visiting in Bolivia are:

  1. La Paz: La Paz is Bolivia’s third most populous city, which is situated at a striking backdrop of snow-capped mountains. Known for the vibrant lifestyle and culture of the Aymara people, you will find various cafes, bars, clubs, and restaurants in La Paz. Not only this, La Paz has historic plazas, traditional markets, and colonial architecture.
  1. Sucre: Known for beautiful colonial architecture, Sucre is the official capital of Bolivia. The entire city has been constructed in white and that is why it is sometimes called the white city. Sucre has a year-long comfortable climate and sunny weather, which is perfect for outdoor activities.

These are some of the places which are must visit in Bolivia. All these places make Bolivia a fantastic holiday destination. Happy Traveling!

Holiday Deals: Get the Best one for you

Holiday season is coming and each and every one of us want to plan a holiday, no matter it is domestically or in abroad. All we want is to find the best holiday deals at a price that matches our budget. Yes, this might seem to be a daunting task, but not impossible. In the search of cheap holiday deals, the good news is that if you are careful, you can meet your needs and expectations for your dream holiday within the budget. However, the way to start for it to plan as early as possible. Thousands of families book their holidays at the beginning of the year, and this the way that they get the best deals. Always keep in mind that all the websites offer this service, but if you want the cheap holiday deals, you have book quick.

You know, there are thousands of people who travel around the world each and every year. Wondering, how are they able to afford? Simple, they have taken the advantage of great and cheap holiday deals online. Various travel companies online, offer this service with negotiable hotels and resorts. So, you can secure at the best possible prices. Also, Last minute holiday deals are emerging as one of the best options to take the stress out of traveling. With last minute holiday deals you can find all inclusive cheap holiday packages suitable as per your needs.

The major benefit of holiday deals is that you are able to take your entire family with you at cheap prices. Holiday deals are proving to be the best option to enjoy great value in a vacation. With cheap holiday deals, no matter whatever holiday destination you select, you always have the best and feasible option to save money.