Belgium: How about a vacation at this destination?

Belgium is a sovereign state and is among the six founding countries of the European Union. Being a developed country, Belgium has an advanced high-income economy. Belgium has interesting facts about its economy, people, culture, history and geography. Belgium is a small country in size, but has various international scenes and continuously ranks among the top places.

Belgium has many top attractions in spades and is famous for chocolate, fries, Tintin, and beer. Belgium is an effortless blend of the new and the historic to give it an elegant old-world charm. Belgium is a country, which is renowned for its various castles and landscaped gardens. It has different varieties of art museums and cafes. Not only this, the country has mouth-watering cuisine that consists of steaming mussels, steak, french fries, waffles, chocolates, and famous beer. Some of the attractions that are worth seeing in Belgium are mentioned below:

  1. The Canals and Belfry of Bruges: Bruges is beautiful reminders of its history. The place is so beautiful that cruising or walking along them is the popular things to do in Belgium. You can book international holiday packages to Belgium to get the beautiful views of beautiful bridges and sight into hidden gardens. The beautiful belfry and Halle is among the most identifiable views in Belgium, which dominates the main square of Bruges.
  2. Leuven Town Hall: This hall looks more like a cathedral. It is actually a seat of government with 236 statues that adorn it are set in religious scenes. This Gothic style town hall was built in the mid-15th century and is much embellished, seems almost like lace.
  3. Brussels’s Grand-Place: Brussels’s Grand-Place is hidden from view and can only be accessible with one of six spindly cobbled alleys. However, it is sure that it will overwhelm with dozens of baroque guild houses.

Top Wildlife Destinations to Visit

shutterstock_285695534Isn’t the feeling of observing an animal from close in the wild is breathtaking, awe-inspiring & wonderful; it is a moment that one will never forget. No wonder why wildlife holidays are so popular. Seeing wild animals from so close, feeding them, playing with them and interacting with them is a great way to escape from everyday life. In between the noise of the horns and the chirping of the birds, enjoy your wildlife getaway. Every nook and cranny of world embraces rich wildlife with great number of national parks, safaris and wildlife reserves.

The best part about wildlife destination is photography. If you want to capture a herd of elephants or birds chirping, wildlife vacation is a must for you. Booking a wildlife tour is all about carrying out an expedition through the woods to enjoy the sublime beauty of nature. A wildlife tour includes sightseeing, hiking and sometime driving in the middle of nature’s loveliness. Some of the best destinations for taking a wildlife tour includes:

  1. Costa Rica: Having more than 500,000 species, Costa Rica is one of the countries with the highest biodiversity in the world. It has wide variety of habitat that comprises deciduous forest, tropical rain-forest, coastline, cloud forest, and mangrove forest. Also, Costa Rica has number of mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and insects.
  2. Chiang Mai, Thailand: Thailand is a best place to see many wildlife animals. It has Elephant Nature Reserve, which is an extraordinary rehabilitation center. Thailand gives a great opportunity to feed them and bathe and play with elephants.
  3. Kanha Tiger Reserve, India: If you are fond of Tigers, India is the best place to visit. Watching a tiger in the wild is among the most iconic wildlife experiences compared to none. And, Kanha Tiger Reserve is the right place to see big cat. It is the world of Kipling’s Jungle Book, where you can see Bengal tigers, Indian wolves, leopards, sloth bears and jackals.

Algeria – Famous Places To Visit!

Algeria, the largest country in the African continent has a diverse range of things to offer to the travelers. Algeria is a home to charming cities, winding streets and stunning architecture. Apart from that, the important attraction of the country remains Sahara desert, which is never ending and mysterious. It also has ancient attractions and numerous World Heritage Sites ranging from the city of Batna to reach the Roman ruins of Timgad. When not trekking the Sahara, tourists can go to the Mediterranean Sea on the north coast, where the stunning beaches await. Below mentioned are some of the attractions, which will make you plan a trip to this captivating country


  • Take a tour of Sahara desert on a Camel: The best way to experience the deserts of Sahara is on the Camel. For an unforgettable experience, camp overnight in the deserts of Sahara.
  • Tamanrasset: It is a modern and lively town, where you can expect a number of shops, restaurants, banks and travel amenities. This town is a base if you want to explore the Ahaggar National Park.
  • Ben Aknoun Zoo: It is one of the oldest zoos in Algeria, which is a home to varied number of animals like monkeys, camels, tigers, elephants, and even crocodiles. Here you find different peaceful picnic places surrounded with restaurants and hotels.
  • Notre-Dame d’Afrique: Notre-Dame d’Afrique (Our Lady of Africa) is a Roman Catholic basilica situated in Algiers. It was known to be the Louis-Antoine-Augustin Pavy, the person who was as the Bishop of Algiers from the year 1846 to 1866.
  • Algerian Beaches: Due to lack of commercialization, Algerian beaches remain one of the best attractions. The Turquoise Coast remains the favorite of visitors, but others like Canastel, Ain El Turk, Les Andalouses, and Sablettes are also good to visit.

 Apart from this, Algeria offers great chance for maritime pursuits like scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and even sailing and surfing.

10 Amazing Things to do in India

The sun is always shining in the ancient land called India – everywhere you look you will be fascinated by one characteristic or another. The variety of food tastes, the colourful festivals, the intricate temples and deep-rooted traditions, the modern fast-paced metros yet the laid back rustic rural towns, the Himalayas and the Desert, the beaches and the vast jungles – India is a rich land with a zillion amazing things to do! It is tough, but here is a pick of 10 amazing things to do in India that you absolutely cannot miss out on…

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