As the whole world turns towards a digital reality, there are many that are becoming more and more successful as digital nomads. Digital nomads are those that earn money by working remotely. They can work from anywhere and everywhere in the world and this is what gives them the ability to go on lengthy backpacking trips and often times, they never stop backpacking. Since they have the ability to make money while on the move, they choose to continue travelling and earning money while they travel.

Here are some great backpacking destinations across Europe.


A lot of people just think of Spain as a great beach destination for visiting with the family but it’s actually one of the best backpacking destinations too!

While the beaches (and islands) are awesome, there’s so much more to this deeply diverse destination!

From the cultural sights and attractions of Barcelona to the hipster areas of Madrid and even the remote mountain villages that seem intent on living in the past, Spain will have something that tickles your fancy.


While relatively underrated in terms of the best backpacking destinations (like Japan, it can be very expensive), Iceland still has a lot going for it including the Blue Lagoon, the Ring Road and the Northern Lights.

If it’s natural beauty you want to experience, Iceland is your answer.

The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) may be the biggest draw of the country. The breath-taking, natural light show is something we should all witness at least once and it’s worth visiting Iceland for this reason alone.

But if you want to really make the most of your time here, consider hiring a car and embark on an epic backpacking road trip along Iceland’s Ring Road.


Most people planning a trip to the UK think of London as their first choice. And while London is a great city, it’s also expensive and not as interesting as Scotland and well, it does not strike the right chords as a “backpacking” destination.

If you’re looking for a city break, visit Glasgow or Edinburgh (the country’s capital).

The best time to visit Edinburgh is in the summer when the Fringe Festival is in full swing.

The Fringe is a massive festival of art, comedy and music that attracts people backpacking from all around the world, every single year!

If you want to escape the city, Scotland has abundant stretches of beautiful countryside and picturesque mountains. Head to Glencoe and Fort William – if it’s hiking you want to do or visit one of the many quiet islands if you want to truly escape into nature.

The North Coast 500 has become one of Scotland’s biggest tourist draws in recent years and is often named as one of the best road trips in the world!


After gaining popularity, largely thanks to being home to the real King’s Landing of Game of Thrones, Croatia is one of the best backpacking destinations, whether you’re a fan of the hit show or not.

As well as exploring all of the iconic filming locations, you can also enjoy the summer months chilling on the Dalmatian Coast.


Lisbon is the most well-known place to visit in Portugal and is also one of the best cities for backpacking and finding good hostels in all of Europe!

With its laid-back, upbeat vibes and notorious nightlife which lasts well into the early hours of the morning, Portugal keeps attracting visitors back over and over again.


Backpacking is a travel trend that has picked up a lot of traction. People love the idea of travelling to remote destinations one after another. This, coupled with best practices to reduce cost, has attracted many travellers to indulge in long term backpacking trips. These trips are not your common “vacation” where you go outside your city for 10 days and come back. Long backpacking trips are spread across months – sometimes even years.

Well, here are some of the best backpacking locations all across the Americas.


Yes, Peru is home to Machu Picchu – one of the Seven Wonders of the World – and yes, it’s worth visiting (I know it’s everybody’s list of places to see) but don’t think Machu Picchu is all that Peru has to offer.

What do u think about canoeing through the rivers of the Amazon or exploring their rich culture deep somewhere in the Andes Mountains?

Or how about you venture a little further outside the box and attend a spiritual retreat and embark on a guided psychedelic trip.

Whatever your travel style, Peru has it all!


Despite growing in popularity, the country provides plenty of chances to escape the crowds and relax.

It also has everything you’d expect from one of the best backpacking destinations, including:

Amazing beaches (there’s also great surfing and diving)

Friendly people

A plethora of activities and experiences

Abundant wildlife

Delicious food and many more things you will love!


If you’ve binged Narcos like we all have and are now terrified of ever setting foot in the country that was terrorised by the cocaine industry and Pablo Escobar, it’s not like how it’s portrayed in the show (at least not anymore)!

It’s now got a reputation as one of the best backpacker destinations in the world (a small part due to “Pablo Escobar” tourism).

One of the cities hubs like Bogota or Medellin are good places to start and from there, it’s adventures abound!

For nightlife and music lovers, Bogota was actually named as UNESCO City of Music!

Another popular spot to hit up is the Lost City (although it might not be the easiest place to find).


As well as being one of the most bio-diverse countries on the planet, Ecuador is a dream destination for backpackers from all over and it has numerous travel awards to prove it.

Ecuador really does have everything, from the Amazon jungle to the peaks of the Andes and even small beach towns, ideal for surfing.


Another backpacker destination that’s right at the top of my list of places to travel!

Mexico has huge cities, an intriguing and rich culture, amazing festivals and a seemingly endless list of things to do.

And whether you’re attending a festival, visiting a museum or just exploring, you can always fill yourself up on real Mexican food.

Yeah, you can get some variation of Mexican food in most countries but nothing beats the original, right?

There’s nothing quite like capping a day off with a plate of tacos, a margarita and a couple of cheeky shots of proper tequila!


The majority of the traffic in the travel industry comes from young individuals with an inclination towards travel. Majority of the youngsters have a low budget which is not surprising but their love for travel is no less than their rich counterparts. This means that they are looking for cheap travel destinations and cheap countries can expect a lot of crowds. More and more humans have developed a love for travel, mostly by looking at their colleagues and friends. Social media sites have contributed greatly towards the whole travel movement. The search for cheap travel destinations is hotter than ever. Travelling to capture photos of different travel destinations and videos and sharing them with the world through social media sites to gain more followers has grown to become undoubtedly one of the biggest trends driving the travel industry because it has turned into more than just social media popularity – the more likes and comments and followers/subscribers an account has, the more money can be made through them. This is one of the driving factors of this trend that has contributed so much to the travel space.

Let us look at 2 of the top cheap travel destinations in the world.

Thailand – the land of temples.

With temples being a highlight of any trip to Thailand, it is a cheap travel destination that offers more than just temples.

Thailand is one of the most visited cheap travel destinations in the world and rightfully so. It has more to offer than just cheap food – which is amazingly tasty.

The cheap travel destination has a welcoming culture which has been developed thanks to the huge number of tourists that can be found here at any given time of the year. Right from clubbing, deep sea diving into turquoise waters, cheap food, cheap accommodation, cheap local travel, relaxing spa treatments that are so good that they are emulated around the world, there are many reasons Thailand is famous in the travel sphere apart from the fact that it is amazingly cheap. The availability of these activities at such a low price make it a cheap travel destination frequented by people from all over the world. 

If you travel to Thailand, you must visit Bangkok and pattaya for the parties, chiang rai if you like to trek through mountains and Krabi if you are a fan of beaches and diving.

An average daily cost of 60$ gives you the opportunity to explore the cheap travel destination on a slim budget.

Philippines – Hidden beaches and exotic islands.

A land of fuming volcanoes, lush rice fields, frisky water buffaloes and most of all happy faces, this destination is not short on life experiences. This cheap travel destination is a beach-bum’s paradise, this conglomerate of islands is a collection of 7000 oddly shaped tropical islands with a different experience on each.

The unofficial zip line capital of the world, this cheap travel destination offers activities like mountain biking, kite-boarding, canyoneering and kite-boarding are also gaining popularity. Visit Manila, Cebu, Angeles and Boracay for the nightlife and go to Palawan if you want to pitch up a tent and spend the night under the stars basking in wanderlust.

This cheap travel destination is a land of welcoming people with smiley faces and warm gestures.

With the average cost per day coming in around 55$, do not worry about burning money.

These are a few of the best cheap travel destinations in the world, that will leave you thinking you were wrong to assume international travel was expensive. Visit us


Venice is a location admired by many. A lot of people want to go to this beautiful destination full of amazing food, intricate canals and interesting narrow alleyways. The famous Venetian Gondolas are known all over the world and everybody that flocks to Venice has to have a ride in one of them to consider their Venice experience to be complete.

Well, apart from Gondola rides, you could do many things in this beautiful city. Here are some of them –

1. Explore Saint Mark’s Square

St. Mark the Evangelist is Venice’s patron saint. Signs of this connection can be found throughout the city, with an excellent example being St. Mark’s Square.

Also called Piazza San Marco, it is Venice’s main public square, basically the social heart of the city. There are a bunch of famous landmarks here, like the Clock Tower, St. Mark’s Basilica, Doges’ Palace, and the Winged Lion of Venice.

Cafes line the North end, so it’s a nice place to sit with an Aperol spritz or hot chocolate and people watch. Visit around sunrise to enjoy it peacefully before the large tour groups show up.


2. Libreria Acqua Alta Book Store

Perhaps unsurprisingly, flooding is a frequent problem for a city built on water. So various Venetian institutions have come up with unique responses to the problem.

This Venice book store has become an Instagram hotspot, with quirky little “backdrops” for photos around the store. Keep an eye out for some adopted stray cats who roam the shelves too.

3. The Bridge Of Sighs

Locals often lie and tell tourists that it’s named after the “sigh” of couples sailing under it, falling in love due to the magic of Venice. The reality is a bit darker!

The Bridge Of Sighs is a unique enclosed bridge of white limestone spanning the Rio di Palazzo in Venice. There’s an interesting story behind the name.

It once led to a notorious Venetian prison, the beautiful view through its stone “bars” was a convict’s last sight of Venice before losing their freedom… and often their life. Hence the “sighs” as they passed.

These days tourists can walk through the bridge during a tour of Doges’ Palace, or more frequently, line up for photos outside with it in the background. You can also book a gondola ride that passes under it.

4. Gallerie Dell’Accademia

The riches that once flowed into Venice made it a leading center for the arts, and artists. Examples can be found at Gallerie Dell’Accademia, a museum that specializes in pre-19th-century Venetian art.

Suffice to say that the Venetian art scene had a profound impact on European art as a whole in more than one way, thus making the museum that much more of a must-see for art lovers everywhere.

Inside you’ll find artwork by renowned artists such as Bellini, Da Vinci, Titian, and Canaletto.

The old building itself is pretty cool, a former convent that was converted to a museum in the 1700’s. It sits right on the water’s edge of the Grand Canal

5. Ponte Di Rialto Bridge

There are four large bridges that span the Grand Canal. The original of them all was Rialto Bridge, which started out as a pontoon bridge in the 12th century but has since been rebuilt into what you see today.

The current bridge was built in the late 16th century, at a time when critics claimed that it would soon fall into ruin. But more than four centuries later, the Rialto Bridge still stands in splendid defiance.

The Rialto is Venice’s most popular bridge, with a great view of the city from the top. It gets a bit crowded, especially in the middle of the day during the summer!

Shops line the center of the bridge, the perfect place to pick up a Venitian souvenir — like jewelry or some famous Murano glass.


Are you strapped for choice of destinations? Do not know where to go? Don’t want to go to the “most visited destinations”? Want to go somewhere truly off the beaten path? Well, these are some off-beat destinations in Europe that will satiate your wanderlust and leave you wanting to explore more places on Earth!

Kyiv, Ukraine

Why you should visit? Well, if you want to visit a country with rich cultural heritage and history and gold-domed churches with great value food and beer, this is the destination in Europe for you!

Even though Europe is so famous and has been visited by innumerable foreigners, there are a surprising number of destinations in Europe that are still relatively off the beaten path for most travellers. You will be torn to make a choice between Tallin, Warsaw and Luxembourg but then you come across a hidden gem in Europe you just cannot miss – Kyiv.

Ukraine is a destination in Europe that might not have had the fairest coverage in recent years, but as Chernobyl is considered to be a story more popular than the destination itself, it has become somewhat of a tourist destination in itself. Maybe, Kyiv and the rest of the country, including hidden gems in Europe such as Lyiv get more recognition in the process!

A relatively green city, with stretches of river beaches entertaining comedy clubs, an absolutely crackling food scene graciously peppered with great value Georgian restaurants, and lots of gold-domed churches to admire, Kyiv is an ideal city-break in Europe that is relatively affordable and under the radar.

Sutherland and Moray, Scotland

All about Castles, Coasts, and hidden gems of Europe.

Scotland has for sure been basking in the glory of the travel industry spotlight lately, what with the Edinburgh Festivals going from solidarity to quality, the Isle of Skye hitting top priority on the bucket list of many travel enthusiasts and new beach front drive courses with numerical names springing up, to such an extent without making a beeline for the remote it’s getting increasingly hard to track down hidden gems in Europe!

Sutherland and Moray are two off-beat destinations in Europe you will cherish. You can establish base bang in the middle of Inverness in case you need to explore the surroundings in your open vehicle, or get a vehicle for a quintessential Scottish road trip.

While Inverness itself doesn’t invoke the notoriety of Edinburgh or Glasgow, there are a lot of hidden, off-beat destinations of Europe to explore a short trip away from here. In Sutherland, the star of the destination is Dunrobin Castle, a terrific old structure set in flawlessly manicured gardens, while Moray has the great remnants of Elgin Cathedral to appreciate. Along this amazingly beautiful stretch of coast and street you’ll discover a lot of charming towns and what you should ideally do is, stay away from the groups heading straight for the west-Highlands and celebrated spots like Glencoe.