Holiday Destinations for Couples: Have a Look!

shutterstock_157230539Travelling as a couple is very exciting and wonderful. From exploring ancient sights to sprawling cities, you would want to party all night, or just want to spend time together at a serene place. Yes, there is a whole world out there waiting to be explored. With Christmas almost coming, it is the time of the year, when you want to spend your significant other with love and a promise of togetherness. It is the time to rekindle the romance with your partner with some exhilarating getaways. To be honest, travel is an inalienable part of romance especially for couples. Travelling gives you break from daily routine and ensures that you spend time together.

So, to help you travel to a romantic holiday destination, we’ve listed some of the top cheap holiday destinations for couples. Read below to find out:

  1. Bali, Indonesia: Bali is among the most picturesque destinations situated in Southeast Asia. Not only for beauty, this island is greatly known for its culture and traditions. that keep travellers coming back year after year. This is the reason why travellers keep coming back from time to time. You can visit 15th Century temples and beautiful waterfalls or just simply can relax together enjoying splendid sunsets over clear blue waters.
  1. Barbados: Barbados, situated in Caribbean, is one of the most beautiful countries that offers Caribbean luxury at its finest. From quiet secluded beaches to mesmerising view, you can enjoy the atmosphere and culture like no other place on earth.
  1. Bangkok, Thailand: Thailand is one of the cheap holiday destinations for couples that has incredible beaches and attractions. Not only this, you can check out the Damnoen Saduak (a floating market) by day, and spend the rest of your trip lazing around beaches.

Choose among these destinations for best package for couples to enjoy your time together.


Plan Your Honeymoon For Less: Read to know how?

We all know that weddings mean huge expenses and once you have survived its stress, the one last thing that you want perfect is a honeymoon that too by not spending too much on it. And, the honeymoon is a much-needed break respite after months of wedding preparation. However, to most of the couples, it is the trip of a lifetime, the first long, exotic trip that they would take together. Although, it is not heavenly as it sounds as the task of honeymoon planning is very stressful. The secret to getting most of your honeymoon expenditure is thorough research and planning ahead of time. If you are researching for best honeymoon deal packages, there are many enticing offers of dream vacations, which await you.


Here are the ways to plan your honeymoon that is low in stress and high on savings:

  • Plan ahead to get the best prices: If you are wondering when to book a honeymoon, the ideal would be six to eight months prior to your planned date of travel. Especially, if you are planning to go to a specialized resort, it is very important.
  • Price out airfare first: Also, before settling a honeymoon destination, the major factor that comes in after the comparison of destination is the airfare. You have to decide if you are seriously willing to pay more for another travel baggage and make it an extra expense of your spending plan.
  • Set your priorities: Decide on the goals of your trip and exactly what want to do on the trip. Use the amount of your budget on the thing which you always wanted to explore.
  • Be flexible with dates: If budget is the important factor for you, remain flexible with the date and time of the traveling. Not only this, be flexible with the destination also.

10 Most Amazing Treehouses in the World

As kids, some of us built our secret hide-out – a tree house, or at least dreamt of one. As years past, many people held onto this dream desiring to lose oneself amidst green foliage and calming forests. Research says that people who immerse with trees and nature and mentally and physically healthier. So, whenever you get a chance to take a break from your hectic city life, think of a quick, quiet getaway of any of these amazing tree houses – they are among the world’s top ten.

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Most Lavish Honeymoon Suites in Paris

It is cliché, it is common, it is crowded… but it is charmingly romantic! Paris has an eerie magnetic energy that entices on all lovebirds around the world. The French capital literally feels like you are breathing romance perfumed air. Thus, it wins the honeymooners top choice award hands down with complete conviction!

So now that you know Paris is the perfect place to begin your journey, it is time to have a look at an accommodation that does justice to the City as well as your special occasion. Here is a list of suites in the best honeymoon hotels in Paris that will sweep you off your feet!

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