10 Most Amazing Treehouses in the World

As kids, some of us built our secret hide-out – a tree house, or at least dreamt of one. As years past, many people held onto this dream desiring to lose oneself amidst green foliage and calming forests. Research says that people who immerse with trees and nature and mentally and physically healthier. So, whenever you get a chance to take a break from your hectic city life, think of a quick, quiet getaway of any of these amazing tree houses – they are among the world’s top ten.

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Most Lavish Honeymoon Suites in Paris

It is cliché, it is common, it is crowded… but it is charmingly romantic! Paris has an eerie magnetic energy that entices on all lovebirds around the world. The French capital literally feels like you are breathing romance perfumed air. Thus, it wins the honeymooners top choice award hands down with complete conviction!

So now that you know Paris is the perfect place to begin your journey, it is time to have a look at an accommodation that does justice to the City as well as your special occasion. Here is a list of suites in the best honeymoon hotels in Paris that will sweep you off your feet!

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