Online Travel Booking- A boon for the Travelers

With the evolution of Internet, we have got a wide array of conveniences nowadays. From making a travel plan without leaving the comfort of home to booking the deal without an agent, things are pretty sorted now. The convenience is directly related to the internet connection, which has made the worlds so smaller. In this rapidly growing world, making an online travel booking is very common. With this, you can make the travel reservations or get the vacation package deals through online systems.

Gone are the days when traveling used to be a troublesome and expensive affair. Times have changed now. Anyone can travel by flight as so many low cost and budget airlines have increased the competition in the aviation sector. And, internet has given accessibility of information the number of websites and travel portals have increased. Some of the advantages of booking online are:

  1. Competition is benefiting the travelers: The increase in number of the websites on internet has enabled a traveler to claim the best online travel deals. Significant competition among different agencies offering traveling service is the reason behind popularity of online travel booking as one can compare prices easily.
  2. Discounts offered by websites: Many online booking websites have tie-up with the airlines, who pass them the discounts. So, instead of booking through an agent, consider online booking, it is feasible and cost-effective.
  3. Comparison of prices: Different comparison websites are there on the internet, which easily shows the lowest prices of flights. Also, they have reviews from the customers who travelers, so you can take any good agency based on reviews.
  4. No fees or commission need to be given: Apart from being convenient and safe, you don’t have to pay any kind of fees in the online booking.

Last but not the least, online travel booking gives you an advantage of booking online sitting anywhere in the world to everywhere.


Dubai: A To-Do List!

Dubai is all about relax, read, walk, run, shop, chit-chat, sail, drink…repeat! In the recent years, we all know, how much Dubai has transformed itself. Visit Dubai to discover the world’s tallest building, go for shopping ’til you drop in the world’s largest shopping and entertainment destinations. Not only this, come here to uncover hidden gems in a traditional souk and to treat the family to fun-filled attractions. Dubai may be a single destination, but it has infinite attractions. When we talk about the things to do in Dubai, it encircles around relaxation, shopping, adventure, and much more.

Here is the to-do list, when you visit Dubai:

  1. Burj Khalifa: Burj Khalifa is an iconic tower, known to be the world’s tallest building. It is an architectural wonder, which is whooping 829.8 meters tall. The Burj Khalifa stands proudly and appreciated as an incomparable feat of engineering. You can visit the observation deck on the 124th floor for a gravity-defying, jaw-dropping view.
  2. Dubai Mall: Dubai Mall is known to be the city’s premier mall. It is the way that provides entry to the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Aquarium. In this mall, there is gaming zone, ice-skating rink, and cinema complex.
  3. Jumeirah Beach: Jumeirah Beach can be reached from Jumeirah Road and it is situated within walking distance of the Burj Al Arab, which is arguably Dubai’s best strip of public sand. Jumeirah Beach is neat and clean and is defined by white sands.
  4. Desert Safari: It is one of the best activities that you can go for in Dubai. You will get different desert safari tours, out of which 4×4 wheel drive and a BBQ is the favorite option for many. After that you can enjoy a belly dance show. Desert safari is a great experience in Dubai and definitely recommended.

Barcelona: Take a Trip to a Fabulous City

Barcelona, one of the most populous and loved cities in the Kingdom of Spain, stands as one of the top choices of tourists who come to Spain. Barcelona is among the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea and it displays some of the most scenic mountain ranges and surroundings.

Located on the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula, Barcelona exhibits s a Mediterranean climate. It is never too cold and you can always enjoy beach time during the summers. Platja de Sant Sebastià, Platja Nova Icaria and Barceloneta Beach are some of the most popular beaches that offer great boardwalks, cafés/bars and a lot of fun beach time with friends and family.

  1. Montserrat Mountain: The Montserrat Mountain shares a long and strong connection with the Catalan community and their long history. The place is scenic and breathtaking. Santa Maria de Montserrat is the local monastery which is home to La Moreneta, also referred as black Madonna. Apart from its amazing architectures and history you can enjoy the performance of various choirs. Some of the best children’s choirs around the world are from here and it surely is a must experience when in Barcelona. You can reach Montserrat from Espanya rail station, they are fast and don’t cost much.
  2. Dali Theatre and Museum: The Dali Theatre-Museum is one of the most visited sites and it was originally a local theatre, which was destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. Later this was restored as a museum with a quirky design and interior that reflects Dali’s iconic style and it displays a lot of his personal collections. Also, Dali was buried and remains in a crypt in the basement of the theatre, hence it attracts a lot of his followers and art lovers from around the world. From Barcelona to Dali Theatre-Museum is approximately 140 km. You can either book a cab for yourself or use the train facility.
  3. Tarragona: It is definitely worth a visit as it stands as a gem of archaeological remains dating back from Roman times. Tarragona is designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Old walls and buildings are simply stunning, they will take to some other dimension ad time.
  4. Tower of the Scipios: If you love history Tarragona is a place you should visit. There are various churches and 12th century Cathedral that are worth visiting. Barcelona to Tarragona is approximately 110 km, it is a well-recognized place so you can easily avail local transportation. You can opt for the Avant train that takes only 36 minutes.
  5. Sitges: A perfect family time is what you can experience in Sitges. Located only 30 miles south of Barcelona you can enjoy on over 17 different sandy beaches in the town. No doubt it stay a major tourist resort since the 1970s. You can party as long as you want, dine in some of the best restaurants and taste plenty of local wines. The local Sitges wine is sweet called as Malvasia. 
  6. Andorra la Vella: Andorra the City or Andorra la Vella beautiful valley that sits high in the Pyrenees between Spain and France. It is modern city that holds beautiful surroundings. The majority of population is Catalan. The place is tax havens drawing ample business and banks. You can go around shopping great deals and brands. Travel thought shuttle bus services and keep your camera ready for mesmerizing scenes.  

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Abu Dhabi: The Modern and Cosmopolitan City

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is an industrious city. Abu Dhabi has transferred into the modern city, which is now a bustling center of government and business. It is a city, which has awesome skyscrapers, reflecting the bustle of daily life. Abu Dhabi is a place with magnificent buildings that includes the Emirates Palace. Abu Dhabi is a city of outstanding contrasts because it’s excellent international restaurants, and long stretches of white beaches. The pounding heart of the city lies on an island linked to the mainland by the Al Maqtaa Bridge and Mussafah Bridge. It is a home to the Al Hosn Palace museum, along with numerous venues for the arts. Abu Dhabi is undoubtedly is the wealthy city that is cultural as well as the commercial hub of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi is the UAE’s forward-thinking cultural heart, which is proudly modern and cosmopolitan. Abu Dhabi is the UAE’s cultural heart where nothing stands still. Abu Dhabi is basically an earthier version of its flaunty cousin Dubai. It is a city that is perfect bend of tradition and modernism. Right from exuberant hotels to posh beach resorts and never ending desert, Abu Dhabi has everything to flaunt. One of the best reasons to visit Abu Dhabi is that it is gorgeous. Some of the other reasons are mentioned below:

  1. The city: Abu Dhabi was transformed from a desert landscape into the fabulous city. The city has wide open spaces and boulevards, it is the second largest city in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates. The hotels and restaurants cater for every taste, while shopping malls are full of designer fashions.
  2. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: It is known to be a pleasing white structure and a known place in Abu Dhabi. This mosque was built to incorporate architectural influences from around the world. Some of the styles such as Italian, 2. Moroccan, Chinese and UAE can be detected here. The mosque has over 1,000 columns and 80 domes, which are designed using marble and semi-precious stones.

Travel Packages: Comfort and Convenience

We all travel overseas, be it for business or leisure, travel never stops. But, while traveling a problem that all of us may encounter is the rising travel costs of accommodation, meals, transportation and sightseeing. It adds enormous amount of sum to our cost.  And, in order to travel overseas, it is paramount to save on hard-earned money, which means you will have to secure the best value deals for your entire trip. And, the solution for all this is travel packages.

A travel package is the best way to enjoy trip and it is usually discounted and would thus make cheaper travel a reality. Travel package let you to enjoy holidays without worrying about booking everything individually. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the destinations as there is an incredible range of destinations available for your selection. Travel packages make our dream of visiting faraway places a reality, where we don’t have an idea. These travel packages come all-inclusive with flights, accommodation and other perks. However, before booking all-inclusive packages, start planning your vacation by devoting a little bit of time on researching the cheapest times.

Getting travel packages on peak seasons has its own demerits. You won’t get it for cheap. In order to get the cheap travel packages, you should book one when the prices are low. Also, if you book these packages in off season, you’ll be able to get a good deal on your travel plans. There is no doubt in the fact that travel packages are becoming quite popular as these are making an elusive dream come true in a quite convenient and easy way. Travel package deals are giving an opportunity to the people to jet-set around the world. So, don’t wait further, book your holiday package now to see the world. For more information contact

International Holiday Packages: A Blend of Breathtaking Specialties

Different people prefer different types of holidays. Some like rejuvenating on a beach under the sun, while others like adventure trips like hiking and skiing or watching some of the most spectacular landmarks. No matter what is the idea of fun and adventure, anything that you like is possible with International holiday packages. Experience the amalgamation of history, adventure, culture, fun and delight with all-inclusive packages. A holiday package is the blend of fun, excitement and joy. Your dream of taking the most exciting and memorable vacation can come true with the holiday packages. Honestly, with holiday packages you can discover plethora of charm wherever you go and also experience the beauty of nature as well as created by man!

Traveling has become one of the most popular hobbies of people. And, number of people traveling today are opting for international holidays packages so they can visit distant countries at affordable prices. To cater to the demands of people opting for international travel packages many agencies are offering these deals. So, if you wish to take the international holiday packages, you can take from the travel agency that offer best packages at competitive prices. Even before choosing these agencies, you need to make your own research. However, to make your research easier about the destinations, we have mentioned some of the budget friendly destinations.

  1. Bali: Bali is the beautiful Indonesian island, which is known to us all. The city is widely famous for its splendid sunset scenery and warm climate, due to which it attracts tourists whole year. Bali has a mild touch of diversity in culture, it is famous for its sophisticated art forms, handicraft and colorful scriptures. Visiting Bali gives a splendid experience like Barong dance, which is a sacred ritual and is originally performed exclusively for the tourists here. Nusa Lembongan, Pura Luhur Uluwatu, Hand-carved temple guard and Padang Padang beach are some of the attractions of Bali.
  2. Thailand: You may also be aware that why Thailand tops of being the famous destination of the world. It has the best beaches, mountains, culture and food. Not only this, it s an international destination, which is budget friendly. Apart from this, the stay in Thailand is also cheap no matter if you are in group or solo. Even the food is cheap, opt for street food and it will cost up to approximately INR 60.
  3. Europe – Numerous places: Europe is a mesmerizing destination, which has countries that embrace cultural diversity and this is what makes the journey of travellers zestful. Europe, without any doubt, is a dream destination that tops the wish list of many people. Mesmerizing sites, beaches, islands and castles, you name it and Europe has it. Europe is nothing short of destinations like Eiffel tower in Paris, the Grand Canal in Venice and colosseum, Iconic and Vatican art in Rome. This is the reason it attracts so many tourists.

Chile: A Fantastic Destination

Chile, one of the world’s most diverse and beautiful countries, has been an attraction for tourists from a long time now. Chile surely deserves praise for the way it is, from snow dappled mountains to glistening ridges, lush vines, white sandy beaches to ancient forests and vast swaths of desert, Chile is a dynamic and welcoming face to the world.

Chile, undoubtedly, is a symphony of natural attractions. Chile is a long, narrow country, which is situated on the western edge of South America and is known by the diverse and abundant natural beauty. One trip is just not enough to explore the beauty of Chile. Visiting Chile means spending months in exploring a huge, fascinating country, with so many noteworthy places that aren’t to be missed. Apart from having vibrant cities like Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile’s famous for iconic places like Easter Island, Torres del Paine and the Atacama Desert.

Below mentioned are some of the best attractions of Chile:

  1. Easter Island: There is no one who visited Chile and came back not seeing Easter Island. It is one of the remote places located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. It is famous for its staggering and mysterious moai statues. These statues are carved in the image of the region’s Rapa Nui ancestors. Another unique thing about this place is that its buildings are constructed of environmentally-friendly materials including adobe, grass and clay.
  2. Santiago: Santiago is the capital of Chile. It is a booming metropolis, which features impressive views of mountainous terrain. Santiago can be described as a worldly, cosmopolitan, lively, and sophisticated. Known for thought-provoking museums, cultural scene and buzzing nightlife, Santiago is a must visit place.
  3. Valparaiso & Vine Del Mar: Situated on the coast of Chile, these two cities are just 1 hour from each other and only 2-3 from capital Santiago. Valparaíso is known to be an artsy town and graffiti is very famous here, which defines the city. For visiting Vine Del Mar, you can take a bus ride. Here you can find the famous flower clock. Although, the city doesn’t have that many attractions, but it has beach to fresh your mood.
  4. Wineries & The Central Valley: When you think of Wine, Chile is one of the countries that comes to mind. Chile is a country, which has been processing wine for centuries. Chilean wine has global recognition, and wineries have grown significantly in the country.
  5. Ahu Tongariki: Ahu Tongariki is located near the volcano Rano Raraku and is the best site to watch a group of Moais in perfect order. In Ahu Tongariki, you find 15 such statues on a 200 feet long platform side by side.

These are some of the attractions of Chile. If you have been there and you know some of the attractions, do share with us. You can connect us on