Rwanda: The Land of a Thousand Hills

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Rwanda is a landlocked country situated in Central Africa. It is known as “The Land of a Thousand Hills”, which is bordered by Uganda in the north, Tanzania in the east, Burundi in the south and the democratic republic of Congo in the west. The country is almost covered by steep mountains and deep valleys. Even if it is the landlocked country, it is noted for its lakes. It has the highest point Mount Karisimbi and tourism in the country is important due to it wildlife, which includes the mountain gorilla. From gender equality to environmental conservation, this country is full of fascinating facts and surprises.

Rwanda is a land of great diversity and beauty and the landscapes in this ‘green country’ are truly breathtaking. Apart from that, Rwanda boasts a wide variety of wildlife. Some of the mesmerizing things to do in Rwanda are mentioned below:

  1. Gorilla Tracking: Mountain Gorillas, who are critically endangered lives in Rwanda. And Rwanda is among one of the three countries. There are estimated 880 Gorillas left in the world and seeing these gentle creatures is considered to be the life changing experience.
  2. Visiting Kigali City: Kigali is a thriving African city, which is peacefully situated along with picturesque hilltops. This city is immediately notable for its orderliness, cleanliness, and hospitality. If you want to enjoy great cultural activities, visit Kigali.
  3. Rwandan Lakes: There are several lakes, which exist in Rwanda. If you are planning to visit the country, you can enjoy the scenic and serene views of these marvelous Lakes. Lake Kivu, Lake Ruhondo and Burera and Lake Muhazi are to name a few. You can also enjoy water sports comprising kayaking, canoeing, and windsurfing at the Lakes.


Dubai: A Shopping Paradise!

Dubai is not like anywhere else on the planet. Dubai has a very audacious architecture and fearless style, which makes this city UAE’ largest with a well-defined fusion of its heritage and an ultra-modern lifestyle. To be very honest, Dubai will not up to your reputation rather it will completely exceed your expectations. From the glitz and glam of the city to the ancient traditions, multifaceted Dubai has lot to offer to its travelers. Dubai is among those cities, which has lot to offer. Apart from having glossy building exteriors, there are variety of award-winning restaurants, cultural hubs and incredible souks.

Everything in Dubai looks so incredibly new and shiny, also it is a treasure-trove of culture, art and food. Staying in Dubai depends on the personal taste. You can find many deluxe resort hotels and also several of other options within the different areas. However, for an unforgettable Dubai experience, you can stay in Burj al Arab on Jumeira Beach or Atlantis the Palm. But, for this you’ll need a fat wallet; but you will get the experience, which can never be forgotten.

With its energy, positivity and receptivity, Dubai is fascinating in every sense. Dubai has an astounding variety of authentic global cuisines that is exhilarating for every foodie. Dubai is one of those cities, which constitute only a minuscule population. It has traditions, cultures and values from every corner of the world, making this city exceptional. From the art to landscape to music and fashion and performance, Dubai has no challenge. Despite of having deep Islamic culture, the society of this city is open and welcoming. You will get the chance to connect with an array of experiences. Dancing on the beaches to eating like a Bedouin and shopping for souvenirs, Dubai usually seems like a city with diversity.

International Holiday Packages: Amalgamation of Breathtaking Specialities

Different people prefer different holidays and look forward to take as per their choice. Some like to take a holiday to rejuvenate on a cruise trip, while others love to laze around the beaches. For some adventurous trips are a thing, they like to go on hiking and skiing. On the other hand, there are people who like to watch some spectacular landmarks.So, no matter whatever your idea of fun and adventure is, all can be come true with International holiday packages. With family holiday packages, you can experience the breathtaking adventure, culture, history, fun and delight, which are blended together perfectly.

Honestly, if you see and compare, any international package can make your dream of taking the most awaited and exciting vacation come true. You will never regret taking the package as you can discover the plethora of delight and charm all around you. Not only this,you will also experience the innumerable beauty of nature. International holiday packages consist of various itineraries including family vacations, pilgrimage tours, honeymoon packages, and single trips. The best part of looking for an international holiday package that you can find the appropriate tour packages which suits your pocket as well as your preferences.

Searching has become very easy due to availability of the internet and also provides you with the facility to explore the various international destinations to visit.Before booking your holiday packages, you can discover different travel websites that are best to offer various assortments for international tour packages and ensure that you return rejoiced with awesome holiday memories.  You will not only enjoy precious time with your loved ones but also receive full value for your money.More to this, if you have special preferences, you can customize your package accordingly.

Dubai: What To See?

From the timeless serenity of the desert to the peppy and bustling souk, Dubai is city that should be seen to believe. Dubai is glitzy, cultural, urban and glamorous. It is a city that not only has the best contemporary sightings but has also has some of the most intriguing historical attractions. It is UAE’s best holiday spot because of high-rises and shopping malls and family fun. Apart from having many cultural highlights, Dubai also has glamorous modern add-ons. Dubai is basically segregated into two sections- Deira on the north and Bur Dubai to the south; and is expanded along both banks of the Creek. From record-breaking architecture to traditional quarters to man-made islands, there is nothing that could be left unseen in Dubai. Below mentioned are some of the places you must see on you visit Dubai.



The Burj Khalifa: World’s tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa is open since January 2010 and is among the major tourist attractions in Dubai. On the 148th floor, you can experience the world’s highest watching from a height of 555 metres.

Heritage and Diving Village: You can visit Heritage and Diving Village of Dubai to experience its cultural, architectural, and maritime heritage. In this village, you can see the recreations of traditional Bedouin and coastal village life. Also, there are Persian homes, traditional coffeehouses, and souk.

Palm Jumeirah: It is a man-made palm-shaped island and is one of Dubai’s architectural triumphs. It is an artificial island having wide range of high-end hotels, including One&Only, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Fairmont, the Waldorf Astoria, and, the iconic Atlantis, The Palm.

Dubai miracle garden: It is one of the world’s largest flower garden in Dubai, which is of most popular tourist attraction. This flower garden is Dubai will treat you with around 109 million flowers to witness.