Malaysia: One Destination, Million Milestones!

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country having a perfect amalgamation of modern amenities and natural habitats. Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia and consists of glorious skyline, which is dominated by the tallest twin towers of the world- Petron as Towers. Malaysia is among the best tourist hubs of the world with some of the magnificent attractions such as Merdeka Square, Istana Budaya, Aquaria KLCC, Batu Caves, Thean Hou Temple and a dozen museums, parks and shopping centres.

Malaysia is a best place for adventure seeker sand nature lovers. Nature lovers can find orangutans, crocodiles, proboscis monkeys, and the world’s largest flower – the Rafflesia here, while adventure seekers can go to the fascinating Bat Caves or to the Batang Rejang River.Malaysia is a country having mix of cultural attractions and quickly growing cities filled with skyscrapers and multi-lane highways. Some of the highlighting attractions of Malaysia are given below:

  1. Batu Caves: Batu Caves is ones of the famous attractions near Kuala Lumpur adorned with some pretty Hindu art. Batu Caves is made up of 3 main caves that make it the most popular Hindu shrine outside of India, which attracts various worshippers at Thaipusam. The statue of a giant Hindu god is the highlight of this attraction, which could be reached by climbing 272 steps to the Cathedral Cave.
  2. Langkawi: Known mostly for its pristine beaches, Langkawi is dubbed with tropical paradise, and can be any beach lover’s dream holiday destination. This place is an archipelago having 99 islands that have been kept natural even there are large number of resorts, restaurants and spa centres. This place is perfect for the dream vacation of the tourists.

These were some of the attractions of Malaysia,which make it a fantastic holiday destination.


Cambodia Travel: A Mesmerizing Destination

Cambodia is one of the all-time favorite travel destinations for wanderlusts. People do have some low expectations for the country, because you won’t heard much about it. However, traveling to Cambodia will blow you mind because of the friendly people, the beautiful sight of the country and much more. Its rich history, delicious food, beautiful coastlines, and a lively nightlife will surely make you visit this country again and again. You will fell in love with the country by exploring its temples, beaches, the growing food scene and the jungles.

Cambodia is a hidden gem of Southeast Asia and among the popular tourist destinations. It has prominent temples, mesmerizing islands, beautiful beaches, and a rich cultural heritage. It is definitely a place, which no body wants to miss. While hustle bustle of big cities remain country’s main attractions, the the smaller towns and villages have also put a mark. Right from the jungles to the beaches, Cambodia is full of amazing sights, which needs to be just waiting to be explored.

Cambodia is among good cheap holiday destinations, which is a blend of serenity and adventure. The experience of Cambodia is un-matchable and it is famed tourist destination in Southeast Asia,bordered by Thailand to the northwest, Laos to the northeast, Vietnam to the east, and the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest. Cambodia is awe-inspiring temples, with enchanting atmospheric colonial towns, archaeological sites, and tropical beaches. It is a cultivated country, which has something exciting to offer to every traveler. However, Cambodia is still a less visited destination than its neighbour Thailand and Vietnam. All these attractions are the reasons why Cambodia is on the top list of bucket list of many travelers. Siem Reap, Angkor Wat and happy, smiling Cambodian people, there is nothing short in this country.

Holiday Destinations for Couples

Today’s Busy lives today have made it difficult for the couples to spend some time together. If you are getting married anytime soon or want to just go for a vacation, read this blog to know the perfect romantic getaways within your budget. You can choose from variety of international packages, where every destination has to offer something unique.You can spend the most awaited vacation of your life lavishly. No matter, if you both are adventure-seekers, lovers of luxury, or old-school romantics,there is something for everyone around the world. Traveling to a foreign land is both exciting, and a bit intimidating.

Below mentioned are some of the destinations, which will mesmerize you and give you a trip for lifetime:

  1. Bali, Indonesia:Bali is known to be the island of the Gods. It is a versatile haven with everything just perfect for a couple. It is among the cheap holiday destinations for couples, which has monkey forests, lush greenery, and rolling rice paddies. From great nightlife to serene spirituality, Bali has various temples to visit. And, if you’re a beach person, this island has variety of beaches ranging from white-sanded shores to the more unexpected black sand ones.
  2. Iceland: Iceland is one of the hottest travel destinations. It has a jaw-dropping landscape with wide range of black sand beaches. Not only this, it’s hot springs, glacial lagoons, steaming volcanoes and endless number of impressive waterfalls make this country worth visiting.
  3. Malé, Maldives: Maldives has 1,190 islands that are scattered in the Indian Ocean. You can opt to stay in water villas that are built at top the crystal clear waters of lagoons. Maldives is the best place to enjoy the ultimate in luxury in intimate surroundings. Don’t wait further, check best package for couples and book now.

Holiday plans: Guide for a stress-free break

No matter what time of year it is, going on a vacation is always exiting. Planning a holiday means leaving work and stress behind to relax and enjoy our break. But, sometimes booking a holiday can be really overwhelming if you don’t know where to look and what to check. There are too many options available, which are making this entire process even more stressful. To make our holiday enjoyable, it is important to know culture,history and people of the destination chosen. If not planned properly, your vacation can be the most disastrous thing happened to you.

Here, we have mentioned few tips for you to help you to book holiday without any tension:

#1. Research! Research a lot: Before booking a holiday package,use online and traditional sources of information to research about the destination country properly. Go through different tourism websites and read where can you visit and which location is good to stay.

#2. Compare cost of package deal: Once, you have decided the destination, then comes comparing your self-made plans to a package. Book holiday package after comparing with different websites and speaking with the travel agent to get the proposed itinerary and price list.

#3. Decide the duration of your trip: The budget of your travel depends upon the duration of your vacation. It is important to decide on how long you’ll be in your destination to set your budget.

#4. What do you want to experience: Beaches or adventure, summer or winter, shopping or food experience, there are whole lot of packages to book from. If you like nature and animals, book wildlife tour to Africa to witness an experience like never before.

#5.Book your flight: After researching about the packages, book your flight to the destination. Make sure to book timely to avoid last minute hikes.

Travel Ideas: How to Get Cheap Deals?

No wonder, everybody look for cheap deals forgoing on a vacation. And, it does makes sense to find the cheap travel ideas online before booking a vacation. Because of the high prices, sometimes the worst thing that we have to do is forego the yearly vacation. But, that is not done. Vacation is something, which helps us to get away from the stress of everyday life. No matter if a vacation is shorter or longer, it has to be there without the stress of money.

The thing is how to find cheap travel deals?There are many tricks to it. First and foremost, you simply must plan early.However, the alternative for early planning is to look for last-minute deals.These two ways are perfect to get you the cheap travel deals. It is better to look for cheap travel deals within 2 weeks of your trip and about planning, you should make your travel plans as early as possible. One thing that you should keep in mind is about the airfares, don’t book them on too short of notice.This way, you will be going to pay extra and you would not be saving money,instead paying even more money than you should be.

There are plenty of things, which you can follow to save money while you travel. Before planning a trip to any destination, research about it. No matter wherever you visit in the world, you are most likely have a season, when more tourism is expected. Don’t plan your vacation around that and try to travel in the off season, to get a nice bargain for your trip. The summary is where ever you wish to travel, find out the months that constitute off season and visit at that time of the year to get the good cheap holiday.

Malta: Discover the Undiscovered in this little Mediterranean Paradise

Malta- It is an island country, which is situated halfway between Gibraltar and Alexandria, and Sicily and North Africa in the central Mediterranean Sea. It is known to be the cultural, commercial and administrative center. It is made up of a small but strategically important group of islands. Having an astonishing array of things to discover, Malta has a scenery and architecture, which offer a spectacular backdrop. If described,Malta is known as one of the biggest open-air museums and its uniqueness is still visible today. Malta is more than just an archipelago; honestly it is a hidden gem, which holds adventures and excitement.

Not only this, for the travelers it is important to know that Malta is famous for best weather in the world. Mostly it is sunny, even in winter, and this is true, the temperature never goes down to below zero! Trust me, this little Mediterranean paradise will never disappoint you. If we talk about the geographical diversity, it is quite remarkable considering the small size of the Maltese territory. It has dry landscapes and variety of succulent plants. Some of the interesting things to do and visit in Malta are mentioned below:

  1. Sun, Sea and Beaches: Malta is very famous for sun, sea,and beautiful beaches. The stunning coastline with golden sands and blue waves,it is undeniable that Malta’s beautiful coast. Not only this, it has one of the Mediterranean’s most stunning landscapes.
  2. Fantastic Historical Heritage: There is something peculiar about Maltese Heritage. Many mysterious remains of prehistoric ages are found. Also,there are traces of the British presence on the islands. Maltese style can be seen in majority of houses, with colorful enclosed wooden balconies.

Malta, undoubtedly, is the best place to visit for vacations. So, don’t wait further, book fantastic.

Searching for a Paradise? New Zealand is the answer!

Situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, NewZealand is actually known to be made of various smaller islands. It has  two main islands (the North Island, also called Te Ika-a-Māui, and the South Island, called Te Waipounamu), which consist most of the land area of the nation. New Zealand is also known as Aotearoa, which means a land of the long white cloud. Made up of world’s most spectacular landscapes, it is truly the most picturesque and photogenic place on earth, so get the best holiday deals now. It is a small island nation, which has just 4.5 million people. Being water locked and relatively remoteness, New Zealand is among the last countries to be found and settled.

You can find here the vast mountain ranges to steaming volcanoes and sweeping coastlines. This is the reason why it is known to be natural playground for adventurers and thrill seekers. Not only for adventurers, this place is also perfect for the culture and landscapes. New Zealanders also known as Kiwis loves Rugby as a sport and also enjoys cricket. Talking about the wildlife, New Zealand is rich in unusual wildlife because of its remote location. You will find nearly all the land animals and birds of many species. Kakapo, kokako, kiwi, and tuatara are some of the wildlife species which are found in New Zealand.

Being a country of impressive and diverse natural beauty, New Zealand hosts many tourists who get mesmerized by the rolling pasture land, scenic beaches, steep fiords, raging rivers, pristine trout-filled lakes, jagged mountains, and active volcanic zones. Adding an adventure twist to nature, New Zealand has become one of the top holiday countries in the world with its adventure, culture, scenery, friendly people and value for money. Take best holiday packages to New Zealand to enjoy its unparalleled beauty.