Are you looking for a Good Tour Agent? Make Sure they Have these Qualities!

A successful travel agent is a visionary, who has great organization skills and people skills. Travel agents have an incredibly valuable role to play in the corporate travel industry as they can wield technology and make a service that is well worth paying for. The job of a tour guide is very challenging and it is not everybody’s cup of tea. The job of a travel agent is much more than just booking hotel rooms flights, and cruises, they have some of the other areas they handle as well. Below is the list of qualities that a tours and travel agent must have to become successful:

  1. Expert communicators: A tour agent and guide must be a good communicator, so that when a client engages they get the human-to-human interaction and tailored solutions that they are looking for. The best trait that a travel agent must have is that he/she should a good communicator understanding the needs of clients.
  2. Charismatic personality: There is generally only one tour guide on numerous people on a tour, like from 2 to 5 to 20 or more. And, each and every traveler looks for information and more importantly, entertainment, so a tour guide needs charismatic.
  3. A Local Know-It-All: The difference between a good vacation and an amazing vacation is the extra excursions that a traveler have. A travel agent must be a local of the country so that he can get to the local attractions and places that are off of the normal tourist map.
  4. Willingness to go that extra mile: The golden quality that a travel agent must is the patience, passion and his willingness to go that extra mile, because even the most carefully planned thing can go askew. When this situation comes, like terrible weather, the travel agent should be able to advocate on your side get you out of trouble and re-assemble new plans quickly at a moment’s notice.

Ladakh: The adventure capital of India

The stark mountains; the moody sky; the whimsical rivers; and the sparse yet mesmerizing meadows; nothing could describe Ladakh better than this. Ladakh is a place, which is intoxicated by all the shades of nature. Ladakh is an unparalleled land, which honestly requires no introduction. It is a destination for adventurers and romantic place for honeymooners. Visit this city to experience the gratitude, unwavering faith, challenging lifestyle, satisfaction and serendipity. Ladakh gives you the opportunity to redefine adventure, thrill, excitement and most importantly to admire the charm of nature. Because the destination has a touch with Buddhism and Tibetan culture, everything from architecture to cuisine has an Eastern outlook.

You will find everything about Ladakh is exhilarating. It has unique spots for sightseeing and its Tibetan shopping, meditate in monasteries and taste of one-and-only pink tea make Ladakh even more interesting. This picture perfect destination of India is specially handpicked by many of the travelers to experience serenity. Ladakh is metaphorically a paradise, which has so much to content every mind. Some of the highlighting places of Ladakh are mentioned below:

  1. Zanskar Valley: Zanskar valley is among the most desolate places. Its steep terrains are covered with snow that reflects the heavenly skies.
  2. Tso Moriri: Tso Moriri is a lesser known lake within the Changtang Wildlife sanctuary. Being a twin to the Pangong Lake, it is a scenic place of peace and tranquility. The lake is surrounded by barren hills, and beautiful snow-covered mountains that gives it a perfect star gazing sight.
  3. Royal Leh Palace: It is a 17th-century palace, which is built after the fashion of medieval palaces in Tibet.

These are some of the best places to look in Ladakh. If you have some other ideas for adventure in Ladakh, do share with us.

Organizing a group tour? Here are some tips!

Group tours are one of the best things that could be planned. But, it can be the best or worst trips ever depending on the planning done. Taking trip with a group of family or friends can become the most awesome times of our lives. We get a chance to bond with our companions traveling with and cherish the memory about the trip for many more years to come. Traveling as a group means having non-stop jokes, making great stories, and plenty of laughs. Now that you are planning your group trip, unfortunately it requires more meticulous planning and a lot of structure, which eventually lead us to tensions and indecisiveness. So, to reduce the stress, we have some tips to help you plan the superb group trip possible and to make it best among best!

  1. Appoint someone to be a leader: Yes, group trips are amazing, but to manage them well it good to have a group leader. Even just to have a go-to person, who could manage people and do planning to know to be done next.
  2. Idea brainstorming: Once, you have decided who is going to take the responsibility, you need to decide some general things like where your group should go and what they should do.  All you need to plan in manner that you all get the most enjoyment out of your trip.
  3. Advance planning: If you are travelling with a larger group, before booking group tour packages you need to preparation and co-ordination with the people in their competing schedules, holiday constraints, and responsibilities.
  4. Create deadlines: Creating deadlines in group tours is important. Deadlines for payments, confirmations etc. have to be there. This will enable you get an idea about the approximate number of people going.

There were some of our tips on planning a group travel. If you have some others, share with us.

How to Choose the Best Tour Packages?

Holidays are something that are so precious to most of people, who don’t get time with their white collar jobs in the city. Holidays are a great escape from the hectic schedule. However, there is a difference between ordinary holidays and truly memorable vacations and it is the amount of effort that has been invested in planning. Undoubtedly, it is true that prior planning and research is required in finalizing the important details of a vacation to make it enjoyable. And, booking overall tour packages can save lot of money and time. So, here are some tips to choose the best tour packages:

  1. Research the costs: Before booking a tour, research various tour companies as it is not always true that you get what you pay for. There are companies, which overcharge, while there are some that maximise value for your every penny. Make sure that tour company you choose is transparent with why prices are the way they are.
  2. Destination: Destination is perhaps the most important thing, which should be taken into consideration before booking a tour package. Choice of destination depends on your budget, time in hand and activities you want to do.
  3. Check for extra: While looking for some of the best travel packages, never forget to check if your chosen plan has something extra or not. Various tour plans offer various things like free sightseeing or special lunch.
  4. Prefer booking round trips: Always try to book a round flight as fares of flights are generally expensive and depends on the destination and distance of travel. So, it is advisable to book round trips and look for the flights that depart and arrive at the same airport.

These were the few tips by us to assist you in booking best tour travel packages at cost-effective prices. If you have some other tips, share with us.

Cheap Holiday Deals: A Guide to Find the Best!

There are thousands of people, who travel across the world each and every year. And, if you are wondering how they are able to afford it, the technique is simple, they are looking for cheap holiday deals. You can also take advantage from the great and cheap holiday deals online.

Nowadays, most of the businesses have came online and providing travel companies to offer their products. This has increased the competition among countries

There are a number of top travel companies that provide great prices to customers looking for a holiday, whether they want to visit an exotic island, a top city or a seaside destination. These travel agencies negotiate with hotels and resorts to secure the best possible prices.

Some of the things you need to know when looking for these opportunities is that you will notice friends, family and colleagues that are going away at affordable prices do so out of season and outside peak times. Most airlines and hotels will charge more over school holiday periods and on weekends, because this is the peak time when they can reach one hundred percent occupancy. If you are willing to travel outside of these dates, you will find you will pay less and enjoy a cheap holiday deal that meets your budget.

Remember the phrase “last minute deal”? Many of us used to take advantage of grabbing a cheap holiday deal at the last minute and would usually save lots of money by doing so. But unfortunately over the last few years booking late is much more expensive than it used to be, in fact you are usually better off booking many months in advance to get the cheapest holiday options available. Now many hotels offer tour operators early booking discounts to encourage people to book early with just a small deposit. Usually you could expect to save around 15-25% if booked 6 months in advance.

Since low cost airlines have started to fly to popular beach destinations many traditional tour operators have had to change their business model to compete in the very competitive holiday industry. The way the low cost carriers market their fares is by offering very low fares many months in advance this enables them to slowly start increasing the fare the nearer to the departure date. Research shows that you can sometimes pay up to 200% more within 7 days of departure compared to booking 6 months prior. With this in mind many tour operators have started to follow suit and are now heavily discounting their advanced offers to enable them to compete in this competitive market.

Getting away on holiday is something many British families aim to do yearly, as a way of not only escaping the chilly climate but also taking a well-deserved break from months of work and school. For those looking for cheap last minute holiday deals for travellers, here are few tips for getting unforgettable holiday experiences for the best prices.

The best way to get the best cheap last minute holiday deals for travellers is by being flexible in your travel dates. Allocating a large set period of time where going away is possible for you will mean a greater number of options that you and your travelling party can take advantage of.

It is also worth considering travelling off-season for cheap prices, although this is obviously a problem for families looking to travel with children of school age. Even if you are restricted to travelling within school holiday periods, you are still more likely to get great cheap last minute holiday deals for travellers by being more flexible in your desired travel dates.

When planning a holiday, whether locally or abroad you want to find the best holiday deals at a price that matches your budget. This may seem a daunting task and you may even think it’s impossible. The good news is that if you are careful, you shop around and you search for travel experts that can meet your needs and expectations you will find your dream holiday and find it within your budget.

So where do you start? One of the best ways to find the best holiday deals is to start planning as early as possible. Thousands of families book their summer holidays at the beginning of the year, the earlier you book, the higher the chance that you will find what you are looking for within a price you can afford.

If you’re in the process of planning a dream holiday, then there are a few myths you need to be aware of. If you are looking for the best quality cheap holiday deals, then ensure you don’t fall into these unwelcome traps.

When planning a dream holiday, you probably have a destination in mind. This may be lying in the sun on a golden beach or enjoying some much needed retail therapy in a bustling city. Whatever your preference, remember that there is so much information available, all giving different opinions and advice and some even myths, some may even cause you to pay more in the long run than a family who is enjoying the identical holiday as you.

Last minute holiday deals are increasing in popularity throughout the world as more travellers take spur of the moment weekends away and midweek breaks. These are a great opportunity to find hotels, flights, car rentals and more at unbeatable prices.

Everyone knows when planning a holiday you should book in advance, so many hotels and airlines offer early bird deals which saves you money when putting your holiday budget together. What many people don’t realise is that they can also save if they choose a last minute holiday deal and enjoy a spontaneous holiday.

Cheap holiday deals are possible if you are renting a vacation apartment. This is the best and affordable way to enjoy a vacation or business trip. You have to know that you are not alone when you are looking for cheap holiday deals. Everyone would like to get the chance to get real cheap holiday deals as they look for vacation homes. If you have a working budget you need to plan ahead and organized well everything.

The best way to avoid problems especially the high cost of getting a vacation home especially during the holidays is that you have to do some research and planning six months ahead of time. This may seem over reacting but it is not. The good ones prepare. Your final goal is to get a destination that you will enjoy and therefore the schedule of your trip must be correct.

Cheap holiday deals are possible if you are renting a vacation apartment. This is the best and affordable way to enjoy a vacation or business trip. You have to know that you are not alone when you are looking for cheap holiday deals. Everyone would like to get the chance to get real cheap holiday deals as they look for vacation homes. If you have a working budget you need to plan ahead and organized well everything.

The best way to avoid problems especially the high cost of getting a vacation home especially during the holidays is that you have to do some research and planning six months ahead of time. This may seem over reacting but it is not. The good ones prepare. Your final goal is to get a destination that you will enjoy and therefore the schedule of your trip must be correct.

Remember the good old days of cheap last minute holidays? Where did they disappear to? Well the cheap prices obviously is self explanatory, everything (except the size of our pay packet it would seem) has gone up in recent years, and with the rise in airport taxes and fuel costs, it was fairly inevitable that the bubble had to burst.

So is it still worth waiting for late holiday deals or should we be booking well in advance?

I would suggest that if you are limited to when and where you are going, then book early as leaving it until the last minute could mean no availability or the flights are full. However, if you are flexible, then the world might just be your oyster.

Through the year, the majority of us do exactly the same thing…start saving for our annual summer holidays. This year would appear different, the savings account has been dipped into and the credit cards are maxed out! With the credit crunch affecting most of us, finding enough spare cash to book a holiday with can prove very hard, if not virtually impossible.

I like to have my holidays booked well in advance of travelling, it gives me time to start saving, book my holidays in at work and leaves plenty of time to look forward to it. At the moment I’m panicking because I have no holidays booked, nothing to look forward to and a bank balance which is not looking promising.People tend to think that because we are in a recession, tour operators will be dropping the prices of all holidays, this is not the case. Tour operators pay for the hotels in Euros, therefore lose out on the terrible exchange rate as much as we do. Hotels are not dropping their prices therefore the tour operators cannot drop theirs. Flights still charge the same compulsory taxes, use the same amount of fuel and have not become cheaper to fly overnight. The pilot and crew still need paying as do the airport and ground staff….unfortunately holiday reps don’t work for free either!

Looking for a family holiday deal that won’t break the budget but will deliver when it comes to good times and great fun? Then you will definitely want to check out the amazing cheap holiday deals to S’Illot that are available right this very minute. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for last minute holidays or are booking months in advance there are plenty of impressive bargains for holidays to Majorca that can be found right now.

There are more ways you can save during your cheap holidays to S’Illot than you may realize. Not only can you save by booking your travel early but you can also save by considering package holiday deals to S’Illot or finding all inclusive packages to this and other nearby resorts. Some package and all inclusive holiday deals to S’Illot will include meals, entertainment, and other activities as part of the price. This allows you to budget better for the duration of your holiday and save money to spend on other things like shopping, tours, excursions, and special occasion dining during your holiday.

Cheap holiday deals to Salzburg make it impossible for you to become king or queen of the family, at least for the day. If you are looking for a great getaway for your entire family. When family fun and togetherness are a top priority you definitely want to check into family holidays to Salzburg. Whether your family is interest in performing arts, studying the past, exploring the present, or taking the best challenges nature has to offer, there is plenty in and around Salzburg to keep every member of the family happy for the duration of your cheap holiday deals to Austria.

The crazy story of how La Tomatina started:

La Tomatina first started on the last Wednesday of August in 1945 when some youngsters spent the time in the town square to attend the Giants and Big-Heads figures parade. The young boys decided to have a place among the entourage of a parade with musician, Giants and Big-Heads figures.

The energy of those young people resulted in falling off of one participant. That participant flew into a fit of rage and started to hit everything in his path. On his way there was a market stall of vegetable that fell victim of the fierce crowd and people started to bombard each other with tomatoes until the local forces had to end that vegetable battle.

In the next year, the young people picked a fight by their own decision and brought the tomatoes from home. Although the police broke up the early tradition in the following years, the young boys had made history without being conscious about it. In fact, La Tomatina was banned in the early 50s, which was not a problem for the participants who were even arrested. But the people insisted and the festivity was again allowed with more participants and more energetic feelings. 

The festivity was once again cancelled in 1957 when, as a sign of protest, the tomato burial was held. It was a demonstration in which the residents carried a coffin with a huge tomato inside. The parade was accompanied by a music band which played funeral marches and it was totally successful. La Tomatina finally gained the name of festival and was allowed to be celebrated with all the enthusiasm and became an official festivity.

The festivity started to be known in the rest of Spain as a result of the report of Javier Basilio, broadcasted in the Spanish Television Program called Informe Semanal.

Since then, the number of participants increased year after year as well as the excitement about La Tomatina Festival. In 2002, La Tomatina of Buñol was declared Festivity of International Tourist Interest by the Secretary Department of Tourism due to its success.

Fast Facts about the Festival

  • When: La Tomatina Festival happens annually on the last Wednesday of August.
  • Where: Takes place in Buñol, a small village near Valencia, Spain. Population around 10,000 people. One can reach Valencia by bus, train or car.
  • Why: In 1945 some young boys decided to get a place among the retinue of a parade during the town festivities. The hussle of these teens made one participant fell down. The participant got furious and started to hit and throw everything on his way. Casually nearby there was a vegetable stall that fell victim of the furious crowd: people started to pelt each other with tomatoes.
  • What: What’s your ammo? 120 tons of red tomatoes.
  • Who: Locals and people from all over the world.
  • Maximum capacity: 22,000 participants. Just for adults of 18 years and above.
  • How: Tomatina Festival begins at 11am with a bang. Trucks loaded with tomatoes proceed to the drive through which is the fight area and some locals standing at the back of the trucks throw tomatoes at the festival goers. As soon as the truck passes, everyone dives on the ground scooping for tomatoes to get themselves armed for the battle…that’s when the fun begins! The following hour will be one of the most intense and hilarious experiences of your life.

The Pre and After La Tomatina Official Parties
Pre party: Tuesday, 27th August
After party: Wednesday, 28th
Attention Warriors! Respect The Following Rules:

  • La Tomatina begins at 11.00 am with a starting signal and ends at 12.00 pm. Stop throwing tomatoes when you hear the shot of the second warning firework.
  • Do not use bottles or any objects that may cause an accident or damage to the other people.
  • Do not tear or throw neither yours nor others T-shirts/clothes.
  • Squash the tomatoes before throwing them, the hit will be less painful.
  • Keep a safe distance from the Lorries.
  • Follow the directions of the security staff.

Keep in mind these amazing tips to make your La Tomatina Festival even more memorable:

  • Tomatina Dress code: wear clothes that you don’t mind to throw away after the epic fight. Some people wear white t-shirts, some others wear old clothes. Swimsuit under your clothes is not a bad idea because you’re gonna end up soaked by tomato rain and water hoses.
  • Footwear: if you don’t want to lose your shoes during the fight, avoid flip flops and anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or insecure. But make sure to wear something you won’t regret to ruin it.
  • You can bring your own swimming goggles to avoid itchy eyes due to tomato acid. On the good side, tomato acid is good for your skin!
  • If you want to make a funny video during the battle or take pictures get yourself a waterproof protective case for your device. Otherwise, it won’t survive.
  • Follow the security directions and keep a safe distance from the Lorries.
  • Only bring the things you will need. You will not need passports, laptops, etc.
  • And last but not least, enjoy the party!

Queen of Hills: Shimla

Queen of Hills – ‘Shimla’ is an ever-charming destination of India. Shimla is a magnificent hill station that is covered by snow-capped Himalayan mountain range, beautiful green valleys, scenic hills, and impressive structures. Shimla is a city that will remind you of an aura of regal India that embraces numerous attractions. Shimla looks absolutely stunning in winter and is the present capital of Himachal Pradesh. Few things that make Shimla a top tourist destination is its charming iron lamp posts, grand old buildings, stately Viceregal Lodges, regal bakeries and coffee houses.

Shimla is a picturesque city that is different from other hill stations. It has the most happening Mall road that has different bars, shops, restaurants, clubs, bakeries, and many more. Other reasons to visit Shimla is due to the historic toy train, which links Kalka with Shimla through 105 tunnels. It is a majestic land of snow-capped mountains, having lakes with crystal clear water, and mystical atmosphere. Escape yourself in this beautiful town of Himacha Pradesh to find the solace in the arms of its tranquil nature. Shimla is not just eye-catching landscapes and snow-capped mountains, it is also about the lifestyle of local inhabitants and their culture.

Shimla is a place of peace and pleasure, which offers everything one can ask for. It is a hill station that never fails to amaze its endearing beauty. Shimla, undoubtedly, is a perfect heaven for the ones who are in search of tranquility. Some of the popular destinations of Shimla are mentioned below:

  1. Summer Hills: It is one of the best places to visit in Shima. Summer Hill is a picturesque township that is situated 5 km from the famous ridge of Shimla.
  2. Kufri: From tranquil surroundings to breathtaking and distinct stunning locales, Kufri it is known to be one of the best places to visit in Shimla. Also, it is popularly known as the Switzerland of the East.
  3. Kiala Forest: Located in the valley of Kotkhai, the forest is beautiful with the lush green vegetation as well as many indigenous animals.

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