Top Destination to Visit in Hawaii

There is no holiday destination like Hawaii. America’s 50th state, Hawaii is a major attraction worldwide. Hawaii is mostly known as a haven for beach lovers, and it never disappoints travelers. Hawaii is a accumulation of 8 islands, which are situated in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. It is widely appreciated for its white-sand beaches and hula dancing. Hawaii is among the destinations that offers everything from a wide range of attractions to cultural highlights. The Big Island, Maui, Kauai and Molokai are Hawaii’s some of the most-visited islands. Each island has its own distinct character and it has some of the most wonderful places to visit. Hawaii welcomes visitors with the promise of long sunny days and countless hours of relaxation in warm tropical waters.

Some of the most-visited places of Hawaii are mentioned below:

  1. Oahu: In Oahu, visit the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu. It is the top-most destination in the Hawaiian Islands. It is a place where over 2-million U.S. and international visitors visit to see where WWII began for America. WWII Valor is made up with the contribution of 9 historic sites, which are Pacific National Monument situated in Alaska, California, and Hawaii. Five are at Pearl Harbor; USS Utah Memorial, USS Oklahoma Memorial, the USS Arizona Memorial, and areas within Battleship Row and Ford Island.
  • Molokai: Molokai might be less developed, but it is one of the most scenic islands in the state. Molokai has a unique history and it is famous for attractions on the island such as the Kalaupapa National Historical Park. This national park once served as a leper colony. Molokai has pristine that people die to witness. Apart from that you can go hiking in Pala’au State Park, or you can spend the day at Papohaku, which is a beach.
  • Hapuna Beach: A number of gorgeous beaches can be found in the Big Island of Hawaii, and one of the very best is Hapuna Beach. This beach is part of a state park, which is located on the Kohala Coast. It is put within a short driving distance of famous hotel destinations such as Kona and Waikoloa. Hapuna Beach comprises a long stretch of fine, white sand, and it is the best spot away from other beach goers.
  • Honolulu: Honolulu is among the largest city in Hawaii and it is a home to large percentage of the Hawaiian population. Comprising of many historical landmarks, great shopping and nightlife, a vibrant arts scene, and, of course, famous Waikiki beach, Honolulu is the best destination to visit. If you love historical architecture, you can take a tour to the impressive Lolani Palace in downtown Honolulu.
  • Manele Bay: Manele Bay is another amazing getaway. You can swim to at Hulopoe Beach, or golf at the gorgeous Four Seasons Resort or wither choose to explore marine life at the tide pools. It is a family-friendly spot with lot of picnic areas and gentle waters perfect for swimming.

European Holidays: Dream Come True!

Isn’t is a joy to explore Europe? Europe is phenomenal, dazzling, gorgeous, artistic, romantic, historic, splendid, and inspiring destination that has medieval towns, snow-capped Alps, world-class cities, gorgeous beaches, and most delicious food. Destination like Europe is just perfect for the next vacation. Europe has the perfect cities that give perfect inspiration to plan your next trip. Europe cannot be described in words and honestly, there aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe the beauty of Europe. Planning for a Europe trip rejoice everyone.

Talking more about Europe, it is blessed with years of history and culture. And, it comprises some of the best beaches and scenery in the world. Europe is, undoubtedly, an ultimate holiday destination. This destination a mixture of languages, cultures, heritage, architecture, so, below mentioned are some of the finest cities to visit in Europe.

  1. San Sebastián, Spain: San Sebastián is situated in Spain’s majestic Basque country, which has no shortage of activities for travelers. Right from touring the Parte Vieja to surfing at Playa de Gros, this city is perfect. San Sebastián is undisputed culinary capital that has some of the best restaurants in the world.
  1. Paris, France: Listing Paris here in this list may seem cliché, but it will always remain one of the most beautiful cities in Europe to us. No wonder why people keep coming back to the City of Lights and gaze upon it with awe. Paris has it all, food, culture, history, art, and beauty, everything!
  1. Plovdiv, Bulgaria: Bulgaria, Plovdiv is the second largest city, which has been named as one of two European Capitals. The city is perfect to celebrate exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances, and more throughout the year. You can also explore the artsy neighborhood of Kapana. The neighborhood is well-preserved with original artistic spirit, and its numerous cobblestone streets.
  1. London, England: The best cities among Europe is London. London is a great mix of foreign culture. And, this is what makes it an ideal first stop for European tour. London is among the most multi-cultural cities in the world. London has excellent museums and sights, which has distinct neighborhoods that provide plenty of areas to explore.
  1. Zurich: Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and its cultural capital. Zurich is all about elegance and no doubt, why it is ranked high in the most beautiful place to visit in Europe. Also, Zurich Zoo and the iconic Lake Zurich is considered the best in Europe.
  1. Rome: Rome is known for mild Mediterranean climate that seems persuasive to draw visitors from the cool north. Rome has a great neighborhood trattorias, quirky shops and a buzzing aperitivo scene. Churches, archaeological sites, piazzas and paintings are some of the best things to see.
  1. Cologne, Germany:Cologne is generally overshadowed by Berlin and Munich. It is the 2,000-year-old city, which sits on the banks of the Rhine River. You will enjoy Gothic architecture, annual literary festivals, 12 Romanesque churches, and the Museum Ludwig.

Tips for Booking Best Holiday Packages

One thing that you need to know is that splurging cash can’t guarantee a perfect holiday. You have time, you have money, you have list of activities ready for the destination, what you are lack of a best holiday package that could offer you the best time. The thing with going on vacation is that you simply cannot plan for everything. Going on a vacation is always a tricky affair and there are a lot of things that could go wrong. We all know planning is the hardest part of taking a vacation. So, the best thing to do is to book holiday package. Holiday packages are one of the best options to ensure that your vacation doesn’t veer off into disaster. Of course, we all know that there would be some unavoidable mishaps and to ensure that doesn’t happen you book a holiday package.

We all understand the fact that planning the perfect holiday is not as easy as it seems. It includes a number of factors like the duration of the holiday, destinations to visit, accommodation, sightseeing and many more. Some of the tips to book holiday package are mentioned below:

  1. Plan Ahead and book holiday package: Planning an booking on the holiday packages should be ideally done a month in advance to ensure easy availability of tickets, smooth visa processing, and accommodation.
  2. Select the right operator for booking holiday package: There are special tour operators everywhere. Before booking with the tour operators, make sure check their background. Knowing from how long they are operating and what reviews about them. Moreover, make a little research on the third-party websites to know better about them.
  3. Be flexible: You can get the best holiday deals, when you are flexible with the dates and flight timings. Remember, patience is extremely important when travelling!
  4. Choose your destination wisely: Choosing a destination correctly is important as you have to make sure it is according to the likes every member of family, if it is a family vacation.
  5. Set a reasonable budget: Booking a holiday package without researching the cost of the place can cost you tons. Before booking, search about the hotels that they are offering and what extra they are offering. Be honest with yourself and set a reasonable budget that will help you manage expectations.

These are some of the tips that will you help you to book the best holiday package in budget. If you have some other ideas, do share with us. Write us onto

Planning a Vacation: Cheap destinations to fly to in 2019!

Planning for a vacation and don’t know where to go? Well, 2019 has started with a bang and this year allows us to plan the trip and destination perfectly. 2019 is setting to be a great year for travelling. The economy is strong and pretty stable; and it surely has reflected on the travel industry in a positive way. This means you can easily come across the various discounts and offers that airlines, travel sites and hotels are giving away. So, isn’t 2019 the best year to plan a great vacation and set out to experience the beauty around the world?

Here we have explored and listed down the best and cheap destinations that you should try this year for a memorable vacation.

  1. South Africa: For the nature lovers there is nothing better than South Africa! South Africa has steadily grown as a tourist destination over the years, and today it attracts wildlife lovers from around the world.  The local transportation and hotel stay are pretty decent and cheap. You can easily book your flights, hotel stay and transportation through the various travel websites. Apart from that you can also check for complete itineraries.
  2. Mexico: Mexico is one of the most affordable destinations that you need to try this year. No doubt it is a beautiful place but also it is a great place for food lovers. It is a food paradise and displays some of the best flavors and interesting dishes. The hotels are cheap and you find a good number of hotels and restaurants in any part of the place. Don’t forget to go around the local streets and shops.
  3. Puerto Rico: Travel between April and December to the Caribbean to avail the best prices. Puerto Rico is by far one of the best places, and it will easily fit in everyone’s pocket. It is a great place for sightseeing and shopping. The hotels also don’t cost much so you can easily get a hand on a cheap hotels. The food is also great making it a must visit place.

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Happy Traveling!

Barcelona: Take a Trip to a Fabulous City

Barcelona, one of the most populous and loved cities in the Kingdom of Spain, stands as one of the top choices of tourists who come to Spain. Barcelona is among the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea and it displays some of the most scenic mountain ranges and surroundings.

Located on the eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula, Barcelona exhibits s a Mediterranean climate. It is never too cold and you can always enjoy beach time during the summers. Platja de Sant Sebastià, Platja Nova Icaria and Barceloneta Beach are some of the most popular beaches that offer great boardwalks, cafés/bars and a lot of fun beach time with friends and family.

  1. Montserrat Mountain: The Montserrat Mountain shares a long and strong connection with the Catalan community and their long history. The place is scenic and breathtaking. Santa Maria de Montserrat is the local monastery which is home to La Moreneta, also referred as black Madonna. Apart from its amazing architectures and history you can enjoy the performance of various choirs. Some of the best children’s choirs around the world are from here and it surely is a must experience when in Barcelona. You can reach Montserrat from Espanya rail station, they are fast and don’t cost much.
  2. Dali Theatre and Museum: The Dali Theatre-Museum is one of the most visited sites and it was originally a local theatre, which was destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. Later this was restored as a museum with a quirky design and interior that reflects Dali’s iconic style and it displays a lot of his personal collections. Also, Dali was buried and remains in a crypt in the basement of the theatre, hence it attracts a lot of his followers and art lovers from around the world. From Barcelona to Dali Theatre-Museum is approximately 140 km. You can either book a cab for yourself or use the train facility.
  3. Tarragona: It is definitely worth a visit as it stands as a gem of archaeological remains dating back from Roman times. Tarragona is designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Old walls and buildings are simply stunning, they will take to some other dimension ad time.
  4. Tower of the Scipios: If you love history Tarragona is a place you should visit. There are various churches and 12th century Cathedral that are worth visiting. Barcelona to Tarragona is approximately 110 km, it is a well-recognized place so you can easily avail local transportation. You can opt for the Avant train that takes only 36 minutes.
  5. Sitges: A perfect family time is what you can experience in Sitges. Located only 30 miles south of Barcelona you can enjoy on over 17 different sandy beaches in the town. No doubt it stay a major tourist resort since the 1970s. You can party as long as you want, dine in some of the best restaurants and taste plenty of local wines. The local Sitges wine is sweet called as Malvasia. 
  6. Andorra la Vella: Andorra the City or Andorra la Vella beautiful valley that sits high in the Pyrenees between Spain and France. It is modern city that holds beautiful surroundings. The majority of population is Catalan. The place is tax havens drawing ample business and banks. You can go around shopping great deals and brands. Travel thought shuttle bus services and keep your camera ready for mesmerizing scenes.  

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Addis Ababa: The Political Centre of Africa

Addis Ababa is Africa’s one of the most important cities and is home to nearly 3.5 million people. The city sprawls over more than 200 square miles and sitting atop the highlands next to the Great Rift Valley. It is a city that has startling assortment of historical and cultural attractions. Addis Ababa comprises monumental architecture and has all of the grandeur that can be anticipated from any national capital. Be it great churches, mosques, or the spectacular museums, it inspires the travelers from every corner of the world. Moreover, the traditional Ethiopian food and dance is displayed throughout the city, which will steal your heart. If you think this city can mesmerize you only with its history, its art, or its cuisine, then you are wrong, there are plenty of surprises waiting for you here.

Addis Ababa always seem like a magical gateway an ancient and mystical world. Addis is one of the finest places in the country to taste Ethiopian food, and it has some of the most wonderful museums and places to stay. The city has become a hub for diplomatic missions in the recent years. Apart from that, it has developed restaurants, upscale hotels, and a forthcoming light rail are sprouting up.

Here are some more reasons to visit Ethiopia:

  1. Lalibela’s rock-hewn churches: Addis Ababa is situated on the high mountains, 650 kilometres north of the capital. It is a small town that is full of religious sites. One such is rock-hewn Orthodox churches of Lalibela. The cross-shaped Bet Giyorgis, which is devoted to Saint George is considered to be the star of this World Heritage pilgrimage site.
  2. Local art and fashion: Ethiopia has an expanding art scene which is aptly demonstrated at Makush Art Gallery off Bole Road. Another good spot to know about Ababa is Asni Gallery and Café in Kebena.

Abu Dhabi: The Modern and Cosmopolitan City

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is an industrious city. Abu Dhabi has transferred into the modern city, which is now a bustling center of government and business. It is a city, which has awesome skyscrapers, reflecting the bustle of daily life. Abu Dhabi is a place with magnificent buildings that includes the Emirates Palace. Abu Dhabi is a city of outstanding contrasts because it’s excellent international restaurants, and long stretches of white beaches. The pounding heart of the city lies on an island linked to the mainland by the Al Maqtaa Bridge and Mussafah Bridge. It is a home to the Al Hosn Palace museum, along with numerous venues for the arts. Abu Dhabi is undoubtedly is the wealthy city that is cultural as well as the commercial hub of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi is the UAE’s forward-thinking cultural heart, which is proudly modern and cosmopolitan. Abu Dhabi is the UAE’s cultural heart where nothing stands still. Abu Dhabi is basically an earthier version of its flaunty cousin Dubai. It is a city that is perfect bend of tradition and modernism. Right from exuberant hotels to posh beach resorts and never ending desert, Abu Dhabi has everything to flaunt. One of the best reasons to visit Abu Dhabi is that it is gorgeous. Some of the other reasons are mentioned below:

  1. The city: Abu Dhabi was transformed from a desert landscape into the fabulous city. The city has wide open spaces and boulevards, it is the second largest city in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates. The hotels and restaurants cater for every taste, while shopping malls are full of designer fashions.
  2. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: It is known to be a pleasing white structure and a known place in Abu Dhabi. This mosque was built to incorporate architectural influences from around the world. Some of the styles such as Italian, 2. Moroccan, Chinese and UAE can be detected here. The mosque has over 1,000 columns and 80 domes, which are designed using marble and semi-precious stones.