Greece: Best Choices for the Holidays

Greece is among of most popular tourist destinations in the world. It has over sixty inhabited islands, pleasant beaches and eminent mountain ranges. Greece is rich in history, has abundance of delicious cuisine, and countless islands, it has been a travel destination that is as popular as it has always been. The land of Greece is infused with ancient mythology history, art, and culture. A trip to this fascinating country is not to be missed. Covered in dainty white buildings, Greece is made up of a islands surrounded by jet blue seas.

Greece is a mosaic of different experiences, right from having bustling cities of Athens to a slower pace of life in villages, it also has world’s largest open air museums. The country’s mystical aura and it boasts of some of the most scenic places on the world tourism map. The country has azure water bodies, sun-kissed beaches, and golden hued warm sunshine. Because of the Greece’s natural beauty and fascinating culture, it is Europe’s prime tourist destinations. Some of the best tourist attractions of Greece are:

  1. Acropolis Museum, Athens: The Acropolis Museum is one of Athens’ most-visited tourist attractions, which is designed by Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi. The museum has an ultra-modern glass and steel structure and is built specifically to display ancient.
  2. Mystras: Located near ancient Sparta, in the 14th and 15th centuries Mystras served as the capital of the Peloponnesus. And it was ruled by relatives of the Byzantine emperor. The site remained colonized throughout the Ottoman period and was abandoned in 1832. It was only left with the breathtaking medieval ruins, standing in a beautiful landscape.
  3. Ancient Theater of Epidaurus: It is located near the charming town of Nafplio in Argolis, Peloponnese. Being the part of the archaeological site of the Sanctuary of God Asclepius, the theater is popular tourist attraction of the country.

Advantages to Staying in a Resort

Whenever we think of a vacation, first thing that comes to our mind is the accommodation. There are different types of accommodation options available and each lodging offers a different experience for your stay. Still, all-inclusive accommodations are the best thing to choose. All-inclusive accommodations are particularly advantageous for travellers who would like to know what they’re spending on their trip. Also, all-inclusive resorts are the best if you are planning a vacation. Resorts are geared towards offering fun adventure and a unique experience. However, it depends on what you’re looking for. It does offer the chance for a worry-free, cash-free vacation. The resort offers food, alcoholic beverages, and entertainment.

A resort is a facility, which provide amenities besides accommodation and dining. Resorts are generally located on sprawling pieces of land with many features and a hotel as the main part of the facility. Resort offers a complete holiday package to the travelers and can be found in the popular holiday destinations across the world. Moreover, if you are taking a vacation with the family members, it might consume the large chunk of budget and in this case resort is the perfect option.

  1. Complimentary airport transportation: When you book with a resort, there are chances that you get the complimentary pick and drop from the airport. Many resorts offer this service, and not only this, you can also book a car for sightseeing.
  2. More fun with family: Staying in a resort together enables you to enjoy with your family. You will get to spend more time with family and experience the joy of watching them have fun.

Holidaying in a resort is a cheap travel idea, which everyone should follow at least once in a year. Moreover, going to a cheap holiday destination not only gives you satisfaction, but you can also get the worth of your money.

Travel Risk Management: Things You Need Know!

Business travel is inherently risky. From terrorism to natural disasters to political tensions to lost passports, road accidents, infectious diseases, and petty crime, anything could happen while an employee is on business trip. Still an employee never says no, so it is the responsibility of an employer to ensure the safety of its travelers when risk factors and travel volumes are on the rise. This is where the travel risk management comes into the role. It is a process in a company to respond promptly to risks faced by its employees during business trips. Travel risk management cannot and should not be taken as an option by company executives flying to war-torn countries.

While on a business trip, an employee could face a host of risks no matter what the destination is and what was the purpose of travel. These risks are not only threat to the personal safety of employees, but also impact the reputation or profitability of the company. First and foremost task of any company is to ensure that their employees are safe wherever they go. That’s why it is important for a company to have a strong travel risk management strategy and approach to the right travel security services are critical elements of any business travel program.

Travel risk management instantly begins the day when an employee is ready to depart on the trip. You have to ensure that he is well-educated about the destination prior to departure. It is important to provide them information about the cultural etiquette, vaccination, safety issues, and climate conditions about the destination they are visiting. It is a much more proactive approach towards averting risk and keeping your employees safe.

Adequate travel security services is an essential part of any travel risk management program so that the business travelers have around-the-clock support and security, no matter where in the world they go.  So, it is better to update the travel policy before anything happens.

Kerala: A Meeting with Nature’s Untouched Beauty

Kerala is a Journey to the Spice Garden of India.  It is a trip engagement with the Mighty Arabian Sea & the Magical Backwaters. Explore the best of God’s Own Country and dive in deeper and soak in the culture of Kerala. Mesmerized by the tour across the beaches of Kerala, by its lush green spice plantations and its wildlife splendor of the untouched forests of Thekkady. Unravel the hypnotic beauty of silent backwaters with a Houseboat Cruise. There are things that Kerala can think of that you would have never imagined.

From spectacular Beaches to its true essence of culture & traditions, God’s own country has many things to offer to you. Kerala is located on the south-western tip of India. You can enjoy its unique geographical features, which make it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Asia.  Because of the tranquil stretches of backwaters, equable climate, serene beaches, lush hill stations and exotic wildlife, it is one of the major attractions. Kerala is named as one of the ten paradises of the world and its unique culture and traditions has made it a unique destination.

Its classical art forms, colorful festivals, exotic cuisine are awaiting for you. It all these doesn’t give you reasons to visit Kerala, these places surely will:

  1. Munnar: One of the most beautiful places of Kerala, Munnar is situated on the Western Ghats, known to be the highest producers of tea on the Indian subcontinent. The view of Munnar will rejuvenate your mind and soul. Munnar a unique getaway from the city life, having palm-fringed backwaters, scenic waterfalls and sunny beaches.
  2. Kumarakom: Located near Kottayam, this place is bird watchers’ paradise. Having 14-acre bird sanctuary, it is a favorite ground for migratory birds. It is the perfect place for everyone who seeks to relax body and mind. Kumarakom is also a spectacular backwater destination to visit.

Discover the Best Time in Croatia

Fulfil your Mediterranean fantasies by visiting Croatia. Relax by sapphire waters in the shade of ancient walled towns, it is the perfect place to turn your dreams into reality. Croatia bridges Central Europe and the Balkans and situated on the eastern side of the Adriatic Sea. Croatia is bordered by Hungary to the north, Serbia to the east, and Montenegro to the south. The extraordinary island of Croatia is indisputably main attraction. Apart from that, there are water-based activities like kayaking, windsurfing, snorkeling, diving, and sailing. Croatia is a small yet highly geographically diverse crescent-shaped country, having Zagreb as the capital, located in the north.

Zagreb is the vibrant capital city having some of the country’s best restaurants, museums, galleries, and shopping. The country has the centuries-old harbor towns that are packed with Venetian-era stone buildings. Croatia’s blissful islands are perfect to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine.

Some of the beautiful attractions of Croatia are:

  1. Dubrovnik’s City Walls: Tour around the Dubrovnik’s City Walls. It will surely offer an best panoramic views of the Adriatic beyond and hillsides behind. You can take the close look at the workmanship of the medieval architects, which is mesmerizing.
  2. Diocletian’s Palace: This extraordinary complex is one of the most imposing ancient Roman structures. This is the city’s living heart and its labyrinthine streets packed with shops, people, bars, and restaurants. Diocletian’s Palace is built as a military fortress, known to be an imperial residence and fortified town. Apart from this, this palace is 215m from north to south and 180 m east to west, which is huge.
  3. Hvar Town: To explore the blissful Dalmatian islands, many tourists visit Croatia. It is the most fashionable city, having some of the country’s top hotels and best seafood restaurants. Hvar Town is popular with yachters and celebrities.

These are some of the attracting cities of Croatia. For more information visit

Philippines: Experience the Excitement

The Philippines is an archipelago of 7000 islands, which lies in the Western Pacific of Southeast Asia. The country is situated at a difficult position that comprises around half the world’s 550 active volcanoes. Also, Philippines itself is a home to 20 active volcanoes. Because the country has active volcanoes, it makes it a country which is rich in reservoirs of minerals and the world’s second largest gold deposit.

Philippines is a country that is melting pot of cultures. It celebrates most of the Muslim, Christian, and Chinese festivals. It is a world’s third largest Catholic Nation and they practice Catholicism strictly. Christmas is their main festival and it is celebrated in a grand way from September to Epiphany. Filipino and English are the official languages here. You can find pristine beaches, magnificent natural wonders to interesting historic sites in this country. Philippines will surely give you once-in-a-lifetime experience. From 7000 islands, some of them have become bustling cosmopolitan cities, such as the City of Cebu and Davao and the capital Manila. The emerald rice fields, shouldering volcanoes, teeming megacities, graffiti-splashed jeepneys, and smiling, happy-go-lucky people defines Philippines perfectly.

Some of the attractions of Philippines are mentioned below:

  1. White Beach, Boracay: There is no shortage of mesmerizing beaches in the Philippines, and White Beach is one of them. Head to White Beach in Boracay to find ample opportunities for boating and other water sports. There are plenty of chairs and hammocks, which are beneath the palm trees to enjoy. Moreover, you can enjoy Snorkeling that is a popular activity at White Beach.
  2. Huma Island, Palawan: If you want to take a break from the crowded cities and places, spend your time at the Human Island Resort. It is a place which is full of indulgence and adventure. The resort is a blend of world-class facilities and cushy accommodations with mouthwatering cuisines.
  3. Manila Ocean Park: Another unmissable attraction of the Philippines is the marine themed park. It showcases thousands of marine animals and one of its main attractions is the Oceanarium. It is the biggest public aquarium in the country.

Costa Rica: Best Travel Destination for Family

Costa Rica is a peaceful soul situated in Central America and is among the most bio-diverse countries in the world. It is a rich coast that has earned its name because of the cutting edge trends such as sustainable tourism, surfing and farm-to-table restaurants. Costa Rica is more than a vacation destination. The country will mesmerize you with its intense array of environmental attractions. Right from the majestic volcanoes to misty cloud forests,  and stunning river valleys,

Costa Rica is everything that one could dream of. It has hundreds of beaches along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. It has a fascinating ecological story, which has been woven into the history of a peaceful and family-oriented culture. Costa Rica is a paradise that has a stable political climate and economic development. More to this, it is providing its visitors with a tranquil setting for their stay. The country and its people are very calm, which makes Costa Rica a perfect destination to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. It a country that you should visit for relaxation, fine cuisine, wildlife, adventure and culture. Costa Rica is a to four World Heritage sites that are certified by UNESCO.

Some of the best visiting places of Costa Rica are mentioned below:

  1. Manuel Antonio National Park:If you love adventure, wildlife and beaches, Manuel Antonio National Park is the perfect place for you. This national park is best-known for its sand, forest, and the wildlife. Also, there are plenty of hotels and restaurants within the easy walking distance of the park. You can find monkeys, sloths, and all kinds of birds in the park.
  2. La Fortuna Waterfall: It is one of the top waterfalls in Costa Rica that has are multiple ways to get to the hiking trail. One such is horseback, or walk down steps to the basin of the waterfall. La Fortuna Waterfall is 230 feet high and its raw power makes it mesmerizing.
  3. Tamarindo: Tamarindo is located along the north Pacific Coast. Its surrounding beaches are easily accessible and one can get easily mesmerized by the crystal clear turquoise blue water and pure weather. Tamarindo is a perfect destination for family as the town has the amenities and serenity of several other places.

If you are making travel plans, you should check out Costa Rica as the destination to go.