Kathmandu: The City of Peace

Kathmandu is under Buddha’s watchful gaze. It is known as the city of city of peace and truly it to this description. Kathmandu city is busy, bustling, charming, serene, alive and asleep. Being the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu is the most approachable and only metropolitan city of the country.  Kathmandu is truly a place and an emotion. It is undertaking into the untamed wild in National Parks and going where nature takes you on hikes and trails.

The city will set your senses ablaze with its booming nightlife. Right from conquering the pouring waters on rafts, to rediscovering in the tranquility of the mountains, you can do all at once in Kathmandu. Visit the city to detoxify your system with the fresh air and find your spirituality. Kathmandu has medieval temples and dodging trekking touts, it can be an intoxicating, amazing and exhausting place.

Below mentioned are some of the places to visit in Kathmandu:

  1. Durbar Square Kathmandu: Visit Durbar Square in Kathmandu to explore the culture and history. It is situated in front of the former Kathmandu Palace Kingdom, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for vivid showcases of artists and craftsmen.
  2. Boudhanath Stupa: Situated at 7 kilometres from the centre of Thamel, Boudhnath is one of the most stunning tourist places in Kathmandu. Also, it is one of the largest stupas in Asia, where thousands of pilgrims and tourists come. It was said to be built around 600AD and has survived the horrendous 2015 earthquake with very little damage.
  3. Nagarkot: Nagarkot provides breathtaking views of the mountains and it is widely famous for its sunrise views over the mountains. It is located 32 km east of Kathmandu at an elevation of 2,185ms. Nagarkot is the site of an ancient fort, which is built to monitor the

The vacation rental: Can it be a Suitable Accommodation?

Over the years, people have changed the way that they used to travel. When we talk about the past, accommodation for travelers used to be hotels that were separated into different tiers. In recent years, we have noticed a term ‘vacation rental’ to pop up as an alternative form of accommodation for travelers. A vacation rental could be an cottage, apartment, house, or resort-condominium, which is fully-furnished, professionally managed and can be rented out on a temporary basis.

If you’re also planning for an upcoming holiday and if it is becoming difficult for you to decide between a hotel or a vacation rental, we would suggest you to go for vacation rental as it will better suit your needs. Know the differences between both and you’ll be better able to make your decision. However, there are many factors that affects the decision. Factors that can influence your decision depends on how much you are willing to spend for the night or how many members are traveling or what type of amenities are you expecting.

Their is no doubt in that both vacation rentals and hotels come with their own set of pros and cons. There are some important factors that go into deciding which would be better suited to your vacation needs. Depending how flexible are you on your vacation budget and which place you are looking to stay for a few nights, you are able to decide between a hotel or a vacation rental. A vacation rental is a good pick, if you’re looking for something, which is little more cost-effective, while you are traveling with a group of friends or entire family. More to this, if you are deciding to go with a vacation rental, it’s important to be alert with the rental that you have decided for yourself. With sufficient research it is possible for you to be on your way to finding your dream vacation rental.

London Dreams: Have you Fulfilled them?

There is nothing that one could mention about London. It is one of the most iconic destinations to visit in the United Kingdom. Apart from having rich and unique history, London has an astonishingly preserved culture of Britishers. This city is considered to be one of the most expensive ones in the world and is acclaimed for its luxurious shopping malls and hotels. Some of the top department stores that are renowned in the world are from London like Liberty, John Lewis, Fortnum & Mason, Harrods, House of Fraser, and Selfridges. You can have an unparalleled shopping experience in London and its attractions will mesmerize you beyond just shopping.

London is a greatest city, which offers planet’s greatest concentrations of cultural attractions. Be it a royal palace or people’s parliament, the museums or the churches, one can spend endless days while exploring the London’s sites without ever running out of unique things. London will give you hundreds of the reasons to visit, it has something for everyone. Although, London has the reputation of being one of the most expensive cities, but it does have an array of attractions that are free to visit. Some of the popular attractions of London are mentioned below:

  1. Warner Bros. Studio Tour: Warner Bros. Studio Tour offers a mesmerizing opportunity to explore the magic of the Harry Potter films. Being one of the most successful film series of all time, the unique walking tour will take you behind-the-scenes and will showcase beautiful sets, costumes and props.
  2. Buckingham Palace: This is an iconic place that is worth visiting in London. It’s the official dwelling place of the Queen of England, which has about 774 rooms and holds thousands of guests each year for great royal events, ceremonies, and garden parties. Every wall of this royal palace has beautiful art work.

Norway: Simple yet Beautiful

Norway is a vast adventure playground. It is a country of northern Europe that has occupied the western half of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Two-third of the Norway is mountainous, and resembles the ramparts of so many natural fortresses. Norway is a country, where landscapes serve as an entourage for some of the Europe’s prettiest villages. Bordered by Sweden, Finland, and Russia, Norway also share maritime border with the Iceland, United Kingdom, and Denmark. Oslo is the capital and largest city of Norway and most spoken language is Norwegian, which is a North Germanic language.

The country is best to offer its tourists an unbelievable amalgamation of cultural and natural wonders. The cosmopolitan Oslo and its endless snow-capped mountain peaks, there are so many things offered by Norway. You would have plenty of choices in the country of midnight sun and stunning northern lights. Because of the country’s top-notch transit system, getting around is very easy. Being one of the prosperous nations, Norway has lot of attractions to watch. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen): Pulpit Rock is nevertheless one of the most popular sights of Norway, thanks to the arduous journey. It is a perfectly flat-topped cliff that looks over Lysefjord. It is more than 600 meters above the water. Also, you can stop by the surprisingly mesmerizing Norwegian Canning Museum, which is set up as the cannery during WWII.
  2. Jostedalsbreen Glacier: Jostedalsbreen Glacier cannot be described in words. Icy and scenic could be two apt words to say about the largest glacier in Europe. The glacier is surrounded by National Park and is located in southern Norway.
  3. The Stavanger region: Norway’s oil capital hasn’t spoiled the charm of this seaside city. Apart from this, it has changed the fact that the region has some of Norway’s main hiking attractions. There is lot to explore in this region like the Lysefjord area and famous mountains plateaus like Preikestolen.

California: Fuel your Dreams

If you are a kind of person, who love beaches, amusement parks, vibrant cities, and natural wonders, California is the best place for you. California is an intriguing land of possibilities for travelers to explore and discover. California offers a lifetime of vacations as it has broad heartland and granite Sierra peaks. Undoubtedly, California is such big and diverse place, where there is truly something for everyone. However, how much you try there would be plenty left over to keep you coming back.

California is a dazzling city, which is filled with culture, entertainment, sunny beaches and surfers in the waves. It has jaw-dropping park lands and vistas that are worthy to be in anyone’s bucket list. With incomparable star quality, California is a place that has superb theme parks, some of the best food and wine experiences, which you could only experience here in the world. Having so many man-made attractions, and dramatic landscapes, no wonder that California has attracted millions of tourists from all over the globe.

Some of the finest attractions of California that people love to travel are mentioned below:

  1. Redwood National Park: Redwood National Park is more than just tall trees. It is rivers and miles of spectacular coastline and huge parkland of woodlands. Moreover, this national park has several interesting exhibits, guided walks and nature programs. Some of the activities include fishing for salmon and rainbow trout, horse riding and mountain biking and kayaking down the trickling rivers.
  2. Disneyland: Located in Anaheim, Disneyland is California’s premier family destination. It is a massive amusement park, which is home to various rides, shows, games, and entertainment. Disneyland is designed for both children and adults, there is something for everyone in the family.

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