Make your Way to Norway!

shutterstock_759295369Situated in Northern Europe, Norway shares a long land border with three different countries that include Sweden in the East and with Finland and Russia in the Northeast. Norway is mesmerising and is a home to stunning fjords, heartwarming landscapes, majestic glaciers, and beauty in all its bounty. Oslo is the capital of Norway, which is extremely cosmopolitan and a developed city. Being an upcoming trade capital, it boasts of a truly enthusiastic nightlife.

If you wish to indulge in the wonder of the Northern lights, make a visit to Norway by booking travel packages. More often called as a land of the Midnight Sun, Norway gives you with ample opportunities for recreation. Whether you want to go on a hiking trail or just want to witness the beauty of nature, the country is just perfect and divided into multiple small regions that are providing distinct flavor of its own.

Talking about the architecture, it is a calming amalgamation of old world charm with modern technology. You can find places with traces of 12th century architecture to places that have hi –tech structures. Having different climate zones, the essence of Norway is remarkably simple. Norway, undoubtedly, is among the most beautiful countries on earth, which has extraordinary beauty. This country is an incredible mix of cultural and natural wonders, leaving endless choices for travellers to witness some of the greatest phenomenon. The midnight sun and stunning northern lights, the fjords, and quiet national parks are some of the highlights of this serene country. Not only this, Norway has picturesque waterfronts, well-preserved wooden churches and great hiking trails.

Also, for wildlife enthusiasts, Norway is the destination. From moose, reindeer, deer to lynx and foxes, all roam around freely in the country. You can also find wolves, black bears in the Pasvik Valley in Finnmark and Polar bears on Svalbard. Being home to two of the world’s best bird cliffs, Røst and Runde, Norway tops the list for wildlife lovers.


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