Christmas is here! Which destinations you are planning to visit?

shutterstock_767700973.jpgHow nice it would be if the year, which is nearly at the finish year can be finished with a memorable vacation to a destination that has been on our bucket list for so long? However, if you are still thinking of a destination to visit, it is not easy. There are much better ways than spinning a big globe, this is searching on the internet. December is a month full of celebration and festive spirit that happens all across the world. Hence, it is also the month that has no better time than exploring places to go on vacation in the world.

Our world is such a fascinating place. In the same month of December, the northern half will be pulling on their warmest knits while sitting in front of crackling fires. On the other hand, South will be flaunting short sleeves, enjoying longer days and warm weather. So, before choosing a destination decide what you want. There is an irresistible list of places to visit in the month of December in the world. Search world best sites to visit and you will know. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Germany: Germany is one of the finest places best places to visit this Christmas. There are greatest number of Christmas markets in various cities of the country. Adorned by various themed Christmas Markets, Germany has best handcrafted items too. Some of them are gingerbread from Pulsnitz, blown glass from Lauscha and pottery from Lusatia.
  2. Auckland: Auckland is the New Zealand’s biggest city and known to be the king of the country’s North Island. It is a busy metropolis and has lot of attractions to look. With lot of fine dining amid the chic restaurants, the city also offers ferry to Waiheke Island for wonderful wineries. Auckland is among the best destinations to go on vacation.


Travel Packages: Big Savings and Convenience

shutterstock_1045107625Over the recent past, if you see, international travel packages have become quite popular because of their all-inclusive deals and cheap prices as compared to book individually. Also, travel packages have made it easier for travellers to complete their elusive dream because of convenience and no efforts. However, it won’t be wrong to say that the world has truly shrunk and has become one global village. This has happened because the distances don’t seem that long anymore.

The dream of travelling abroad, which used to be a dream once is no longer a big deal because the scenario has changed completely with liberalisation taking place. Moreover, the business opportunities are opening up worldwide and this has made possible to travel both on business as well as on vacation to any part of the world. One problem that we face every time while travelling to a foreign country is rising travel costs. The prices of accommodation, transportation, sightseeing and meals totals up to make a lump sum amount. To avoid this, it is better to book summer holiday packages that have inclusions for everything. Also, holiday packages helps you to save on your hard-earned money, which is a paramount source to find a secure and best value deals for your entire trip.

Honestly, travel packages are the solution to all your concerns. These packages are much efficient and usually comes at discounted prices for an incredible range of destinations. So, even if you are planning to visit far away places consider buying a discount travel package with flights, hotel stays and other perks. Apart from this, if you are planning to buy a travel package, spend little bit of time in researching about the packages on different websites to get cheapest deals. Of course, who who doesn’t want discounts and other free inclusions in the package.

Reasons to Book Holidays Online

shutterstock_716621464 (1).jpgBefore the access to the internet, I remember how difficult it was to book holiday. In many senses, things used to be so much more difficult back then. Most of us would make our way to a local travel agent, stand in queues and wait for our turn to come. Because that was the only way to make our holiday bookings. Not only this, the brochures used to contain very less information about the location and the hotels, which make us confuse so much. As a result, we used to make our holiday decisions based on small amount of knowledge. But, those days are gone, now we have the Internet for our assistance. It has transformed the way we used to think and make our holiday bookings. Internet gives us an opportunity to carry out enormous research before we make decision to make a booking. So, here are the reasons to book holiday package online:

  1. You can save lot of money: The travel industry gives you offers and deals, when you book with them, so this means you could save a lot on your trip by booking a holiday package. Also, they would like you to plan ahead of time in order to give you the best experience possible.
  2. You can research the area to avoid extra pricing: We all know that holidays could be expensive, especially during peak times. So, internet gives you advantage of booking them after researching about the prices. So, it is better to do some research on your destination before making reservations to find out the ongoing prices.
  3. Changes and cancellations: If there are any changes or cancellations in your plans, it is extremely easy to modify with online booking. Online booking has made it easy with just one click, you don’t have to wait for a customer service representative to help you. You can do it yourself.

South Korea: A Traveler’s Paradise

shutterstock_1055092949South Korea is split by a hair-trigger border, and is known for traveller’s paradise because of its attractions. The Korean Peninsula is eminent to offer the traveller an impressive range of experiences, magnificent landscapes and 5000 years of culture and history. However, South Korea has recently became popular because of the Korean culture, often known as the Korean Wave. It is the reason behind the increased tourist arrivals in the country apart from Seoul, which is the principal tourist destination for visitors. Get best holiday deals for South Korea now.

Not only for tourism purposes, South Korea is proficient in providing great business opportunities for ambitious MICE planners, tour operators, travel consultants, travel writers and other travel industry professionals. South Korean tourism industry has reached greater heights by providing these opportunities to the people. So, get best holiday packages for this country without waiting further.

Some of the major attractions of South Korea are mentioned below:

  1. Gyeongbokgung Palace: Gyeongbokgung Palace was built in 1395, and is commonly known as the Northern Palace because its location is furthest north. Gyeongbokgung Palace is the most beautiful, and is the largest among other five palaces. This palace was the legal residence of the royal family during the Joseon Dynasty. Built during the Joseon Dynasty, this palace is unique because of its vast area and harmony of buildings.
  2. Seoul: The dazzling capital city of South Korea Seoul is just perfect for nightlife, shopping, culture and architecture. The place will impress you with its dizzying amalgamation of party vibes, modern architecture, beautiful parks, pop culture & glittering promenades. Apart from just being a buzzing urban hub, it is also rich in history and culture. It has numerous gorgeous palaces, chic restaurants and stylish boutiques.

Don’t you feel by reading about the above places, South Korea looks like an awesome destination for a holiday? So, what are you thinking, book best priced holidays for South Korea now.

Make your Way to Norway!

shutterstock_759295369Situated in Northern Europe, Norway shares a long land border with three different countries that include Sweden in the East and with Finland and Russia in the Northeast. Norway is mesmerising and is a home to stunning fjords, heartwarming landscapes, majestic glaciers, and beauty in all its bounty. Oslo is the capital of Norway, which is extremely cosmopolitan and a developed city. Being an upcoming trade capital, it boasts of a truly enthusiastic nightlife.

If you wish to indulge in the wonder of the Northern lights, make a visit to Norway by booking travel packages. More often called as a land of the Midnight Sun, Norway gives you with ample opportunities for recreation. Whether you want to go on a hiking trail or just want to witness the beauty of nature, the country is just perfect and divided into multiple small regions that are providing distinct flavor of its own.

Talking about the architecture, it is a calming amalgamation of old world charm with modern technology. You can find places with traces of 12th century architecture to places that have hi –tech structures. Having different climate zones, the essence of Norway is remarkably simple. Norway, undoubtedly, is among the most beautiful countries on earth, which has extraordinary beauty. This country is an incredible mix of cultural and natural wonders, leaving endless choices for travellers to witness some of the greatest phenomenon. The midnight sun and stunning northern lights, the fjords, and quiet national parks are some of the highlights of this serene country. Not only this, Norway has picturesque waterfronts, well-preserved wooden churches and great hiking trails.

Also, for wildlife enthusiasts, Norway is the destination. From moose, reindeer, deer to lynx and foxes, all roam around freely in the country. You can also find wolves, black bears in the Pasvik Valley in Finnmark and Polar bears on Svalbard. Being home to two of the world’s best bird cliffs, Røst and Runde, Norway tops the list for wildlife lovers.

Belgium: How about a vacation at this destination?

Belgium is a sovereign state and is among the six founding countries of the European Union. Being a developed country, Belgium has an advanced high-income economy. Belgium has interesting facts about its economy, people, culture, history and geography. Belgium is a small country in size, but has various international scenes and continuously ranks among the top places.

Belgium has many top attractions in spades and is famous for chocolate, fries, Tintin, and beer. Belgium is an effortless blend of the new and the historic to give it an elegant old-world charm. Belgium is a country, which is renowned for its various castles and landscaped gardens. It has different varieties of art museums and cafes. Not only this, the country has mouth-watering cuisine that consists of steaming mussels, steak, french fries, waffles, chocolates, and famous beer. Some of the attractions that are worth seeing in Belgium are mentioned below:

  1. The Canals and Belfry of Bruges: Bruges is beautiful reminders of its history. The place is so beautiful that cruising or walking along them is the popular things to do in Belgium. You can book international holiday packages to Belgium to get the beautiful views of beautiful bridges and sight into hidden gardens. The beautiful belfry and Halle is among the most identifiable views in Belgium, which dominates the main square of Bruges.
  2. Leuven Town Hall: This hall looks more like a cathedral. It is actually a seat of government with 236 statues that adorn it are set in religious scenes. This Gothic style town hall was built in the mid-15th century and is much embellished, seems almost like lace.
  3. Brussels’s Grand-Place: Brussels’s Grand-Place is hidden from view and can only be accessible with one of six spindly cobbled alleys. However, it is sure that it will overwhelm with dozens of baroque guild houses.

Holiday Destinations for Couples: Have a Look!

shutterstock_157230539Travelling as a couple is very exciting and wonderful. From exploring ancient sights to sprawling cities, you would want to party all night, or just want to spend time together at a serene place. Yes, there is a whole world out there waiting to be explored. With Christmas almost coming, it is the time of the year, when you want to spend your significant other with love and a promise of togetherness. It is the time to rekindle the romance with your partner with some exhilarating getaways. To be honest, travel is an inalienable part of romance especially for couples. Travelling gives you break from daily routine and ensures that you spend time together.

So, to help you travel to a romantic holiday destination, we’ve listed some of the top cheap holiday destinations for couples. Read below to find out:

  1. Bali, Indonesia: Bali is among the most picturesque destinations situated in Southeast Asia. Not only for beauty, this island is greatly known for its culture and traditions. that keep travellers coming back year after year. This is the reason why travellers keep coming back from time to time. You can visit 15th Century temples and beautiful waterfalls or just simply can relax together enjoying splendid sunsets over clear blue waters.
  1. Barbados: Barbados, situated in Caribbean, is one of the most beautiful countries that offers Caribbean luxury at its finest. From quiet secluded beaches to mesmerising view, you can enjoy the atmosphere and culture like no other place on earth.
  1. Bangkok, Thailand: Thailand is one of the cheap holiday destinations for couples that has incredible beaches and attractions. Not only this, you can check out the Damnoen Saduak (a floating market) by day, and spend the rest of your trip lazing around beaches.

Choose among these destinations for best package for couples to enjoy your time together.