Here Are The Cheap Places Listed For You To Travel This Year

Everyone wants to travel but, the ever-growing travel wish list can put pressure on the pocket. For some people, it is a way of life, a need in order to survive the everyday drudgery. No matter how important a vacation is for us, the most crucial thing is the budget. Everything depends on the budget, whether it is national or international. However, International travel has its share own thrill, delight, and adventure.


Traveling budget entirely depends on the country you choose. There are chances that you can find a destination to travel in foreign on the same budget as domestic. Although, to do that it requires smart planning, thorough research, advance booking, and an adventurous soul, who is ready to face all the challenges for the fun. So, read on to know a below-mentioned list of budget travel holiday trips for exotic experiences:

  • Thailand: Thailand remains one of the most popular destinations with backpackers. Because of its beach-huts aplenty, idyllic islands, rich culture, tantalizing cuisine and adventures galore, Thailand tops the list. And, believe it or not, everything is available at staggeringly low prices.
  • Nepal: Resting amidst the mighty Himalayas, Nepal is a breathtakingly beautiful country. From the snow peaks and streams to yaks and yetis, Nepal is known for monasteries and magic. If you want to take a break from routine life, Nepal is a budget-friendly option.
  • Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka is a country, which is dotted with quaint places, hill stations, historical monuments, mesmeric beaches, bustling cities, and mouth-watering seafood. Sri Lanka is positioned in the Indian Ocean and has some of the world’s best shorelines and numerous varieties of delicious seafood.

These are some of the budget-friendly destinations around the world, which won’t cost you much and let you be a wanderlust.


Tips For Your Weekend Getaway

Travel planning is a daunting task and can be overwhelming and time-consuming. When it comes to overseas travel, the task seems much more difficult. There are many travel websites that will help you how to plan a vacation, when booking hotels, flights, tours, and attractions. No matter if you are traveling alone or planning a family vacation, a great weekend getaway is all you deserve. It is the best way to go away and create priceless memories without having too much stress during the trip planning process. Everything from airfare to hotel accommodations and rental cars has to be taken care of. Planning a smooth and headache-free trip requires a lot of research about the destination.


A weekend trip is what needed to have a fun, and rejuvenating experience and get a break from routine life. Getting away for the weekend is exciting and but, you have to adhere to a few tips:

  • Enjoy a lot as possible: If you are going on a long weekend break, take time alone. Go to the gym, get a spa treatment or even you can take a walk down on a beach. Just have fun and relax as much as possible.
  • Confirm all reservations: Even if it is a short weekend trip, make sure you confirm all your reservations. Do ensure to double-check your bookings for the hotel, car rental, restaurants, and attractions. This will help you in not getting any surprises at a check-in counter. For more easy way, write down confirmation numbers on a paper so that they are accessible in your wallet.
  • Research Your Costs: Now as you know what is the duration of your trip, where you are going, you can nail down how much money you need. This is a very important part of your trip as this will decide the budget for your trip.

Plan Your Honeymoon For Less: Read to know how?

We all know that weddings mean huge expenses and once you have survived its stress, the one last thing that you want perfect is a honeymoon that too by not spending too much on it. And, the honeymoon is a much-needed break respite after months of wedding preparation. However, to most of the couples, it is the trip of a lifetime, the first long, exotic trip that they would take together. Although, it is not heavenly as it sounds as the task of honeymoon planning is very stressful. The secret to getting most of your honeymoon expenditure is thorough research and planning ahead of time. If you are researching for best honeymoon deal packages, there are many enticing offers of dream vacations, which await you.


Here are the ways to plan your honeymoon that is low in stress and high on savings:

  • Plan ahead to get the best prices: If you are wondering when to book a honeymoon, the ideal would be six to eight months prior to your planned date of travel. Especially, if you are planning to go to a specialized resort, it is very important.
  • Price out airfare first: Also, before settling a honeymoon destination, the major factor that comes in after the comparison of destination is the airfare. You have to decide if you are seriously willing to pay more for another travel baggage and make it an extra expense of your spending plan.
  • Set your priorities: Decide on the goals of your trip and exactly what want to do on the trip. Use the amount of your budget on the thing which you always wanted to explore.
  • Be flexible with dates: If budget is the important factor for you, remain flexible with the date and time of the traveling. Not only this, be flexible with the destination also.

Tourist Destination Near Tanzania

From a vast wilderness to lush green islands, Tanzania is home to a vast assortment of tourist attractions. Tanzania is home to some of the most famous places such as marine parks, national parks, museums, beaches and islands, and a diverse history evidenced in its architecture and food. Not only this, Big 5 resides in Tanzania, it is a game to colorful corals, and known for its brilliant wildlife, and rich aquatic life.


Having many islands, and monumental constructions, Tanzania also boasts of most exciting adventure sports. This country is rich in natural and cultural diversity, featuring unimaginable landscapes, breathtaking scenery, and wonderful diversity of wildlife for an exciting safari adventure. For people, who want to take a break and spend some time relaxing on the beautiful beaches, Tanzania is a place for you. From Africa’s most famous national parks to the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, you can spend days viewing wildlife adventures.

Some of the famous tourist destinations of Tanzania are:

  • The Serengeti, Northern Tanzania: For an absolute classic African safari setting, The Serengeti National Park. Here you can see the migration of millions of wildebeest and zebra. The grasslands of Serengeti gives a fantastic view for spotting lion because it is easier to see the whole spectacle clearly.
  • Mnemba Island: Mnemba Island is located in the Zanzibar Archipelago and is just a 90-minute drive from the Stone Town. It is a private island and is among one of the best places to visit in Tanzania for a luxury retreat.
  • Zanzibar & Scuba Diving: The first and foremost tourist attraction in Tanzania is a safari that ends with Zanzibar. There are not too many places in the world like Tanzania, where you can find incredible diving opportunities. Also, you can look for the historic area called Stone Town to know a little history.