Tanzania: A Place For Adventurous Souls

Tanzania is an airborne adventure, which is a home to Kilimanjaro, highest mountain of Africa. It is one of the most popular safari destinations of Africa. Having dozens of beautiful white sandy beaches, Where you can find incredible diving opportunities. Renowned as a world-class wildlife destination, Tanzania is the perfect location for a surf-and-turf kind of break. Tanzania is a name, which is wrapped in adventure. From wildlife to beaches to fascinating cultures, Tanzania has everything to offer to a adventure lover. Get Africa tour packages to visit Tanzania. Some of the best tourist attractions of this country are mentioned below

Tanzania 4.jpg

  1. Mount Kilimanjaro: Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the major attractions of Africa. It has a height of 5,892 meters and is the highest snow peaked mountain in Africa. For mountaineers and trekkers, it is the major attraction. However, Mount Meru, Usambara Mountains and Pare Mountains are among other mountains in Tanzania.
  2. House of Wonders: Also referred to as the Palace of Wonders, it is Tanzania’s remarkable structure that overlooks the waterfront of Stone Town. It features huge, carved doors that are said to be one of the largest in East Africa. You will find the National Museum of History and Culture that represents that Swahili culture and the people.
  3. Zanzibar: It is a semi-autonomous region of Tanzania that has got a nickname called spice island. Being a home to white sand beaches and cultural fusion of multiple cultures, Zanzibar is famous destination. Apart from the beaches, Zanzibar the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park that has 40 species of bird and 50 species of butterflies.
  4. Mafia Island: Mafia Island is a marine park that has got over 400 species of fishes. It attracts divers and snorkelers from all around the world and best months for diving are October to March.



Budget Tour: En Route Europe

There are many wonderful ways to experience Europe that too while staying on a budget. For most travelers, it’s a huge milestone for every traveler to backpack in Europe. It is the dream holiday for any traveler to the planet’s most visited continent. But, there is one restriction that keeps people waiting to travel to Europe i.e. budget.  So, if you are also among the people who have put off travel plans to Europe because it’s too expensive, we have got some tips for you. You will be surprised that Europe is possible on a budget too!


  1. Avoid traveling during summer: If you are on budget, this is the worst time to visit Europe as prices are at their peak and everything is booked up. The cities are very crowded and you will hardly get any discount. To get more of a local experience, travel off-season. However, in winters, hotels are on discounts up to 40% so you can get a great deal.
  2. Hostels are better than hotels: Hostels are perfect and budget friendly. It is a place where you can like-minded people, engage yourself in activities, and you get to live it up. Even hostels have private double rooms that are usually much cheaper than hotel rooms.
  3. Search for flights early: Planning and booking early always give you major advantages. It will allow you to scout for the cheapest European cities to fly to. Also, you can keep looking for promotional airfares to European cities where major airlines operate.
  4. Save money on transportation: While on a trip to Europe, if you are crossing more than three European countries, it is better to get yourself a Eurail Pass as it will be much cheaper.

These were some of the tips for traveling to Europe. If you have some other tips to save money, do share with us.