Budget Destinations To Travel In Africa

Travel is quite inexpensive in many popular cities of Africa. Traveling in the African continent is in itself an experience. From gorilla trekking to luxury safaris, you will find everything in Africa, it has lot to offer to its visitors. Africa is a combination of exotic locations, incredible sights, diverse culture, and areas of stunning natural beauty. Apart from this, Africa is home to a broad range of beautiful wildlife and amazing natural wonders.


If you are among people searching for budget travel holiday deals, Africa is for you. The thing with this continent is the more you travel, the more you want to explore. It is kind of of thread with no end. To experience great lakes, crystal blue beaches, jaw-dropping flora, pearly white sands and majestic wildlife and mountains, visit some of the places in Africa on holidays in low budget.

  1. Kigali, Rwanda: Rwanda has a tragic past, incredible wildlife and rich culture, which makes it one of the most intriguing cities to travel to in Africa. However, Kigali in Rwanda is the pulse of the country’s cultural attractions as it as genocide memorials and thriving art scene. Kigali is among the cheapest African cities to experience the country’s natural beauty.
  2. Cairo, Egypt: Yes, Egypt is actually a part of African Continent, many people fail to realize that. On the other hand, Cairo has been known as an incredible city to visit. Having Pyramids and other world-class attractions, Egypt is a must visit country and comes under budget destinations.
  3. Seychelles: Scenic beaches and relaxing atmosphere is all what Seychelles is renowned for. Seychelles is the island, which is sprinkled with massive boulders, stretches of sand, beautiful beach resorts and exciting attractions.

These were some of the low budget attractions of Africa. If you also have some in your list, share with us.


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