Singapore: Best Family Holiday Destination

Choosing the perfect holiday destination for your family can be difficult. There are so many things to look out for like fun things to do with kids, somewhere safe and clean, easy to travel around etc. but, Singapore is the city that covers all the needs. Singapore is the convenient family holiday destination in itself. It provides a unique glimpse of Asia and is a safe, clean and a cosmopolitan city with plenty of cultural experiences. Singapore is well designed, having an exceptionally low crime rate, it suits the holiday needs of families. While being safe, they can enjoy the excellent colonial Asian environment.


Singapore is highly safe, friendly and compact, hi-tech yet exotic country, which is easy to get around and filled with various attractions. There is no problem for ground transportation too as there is efficient metro connectivity and cheap taxi service around in the city. No only this, dining is diverse and delicious. Everything from cheeseburgers to traditional cuisines, you can get there. So, in short, Singapore has world’s most convenient public transport system, best-in-class accommodation, heritage buildings, shopping and world-class attractions.

Some of the reasons to visit Singapore are mentioned below:

  • The food: Yes, the local food is amazing and there’s plenty to drool over. From fine dining restaurants to hawker centres, you will find pretty much everything in the city.
  • Architecture of the city: The city’s architecture is quite famous. You will find Raffles Hotel from colonial-era to hyper modern futuristic condos. Get family holiday tour packages to experience the city’s architectural delight.
  • Good temperature all year around: Singapore has never a bad time to visit. The hottest month is February, with temperature of 27°C and the coldest month is January with 26°C temperature. There is no fluctuation in temperature throughout the year, which makes planning a lot more easy.



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