10 Amazing Things to do in India

The sun is always shining in the ancient land called India – everywhere you look you will be fascinated by one characteristic or another. The variety of food tastes, the colourful festivals, the intricate temples and deep-rooted traditions, the modern fast-paced metros yet the laid back rustic rural towns, the Himalayas and the Desert, the beaches and the vast jungles – India is a rich land with a zillion amazing things to do! It is tough, but here is a pick of 10 amazing things to do in India that you absolutely cannot miss out on…

  1. Click a picture in front of the Taj Mahal

Click a picture in front of the Taj Mahal

The symbol of love from the Mughal era and a wonder of the world, the Taj Mahal in Agra will always be on the top of Delhi tourist places list since it is only a three-four hour drive from the capital. The magnificent white structure is probably the most beautiful scene you will see in your entire lifetime. No words can ever describe the beauty and character of this majestic tomb.

  1. Walk the passages of Mysore Palace

Walk the passages of Mysore Palace

The gold and red domes of Mysore Palace were designed by a British architect and took 15 years to complete. Sprawling over large majestic vast gardens, the Mysore Palace sees over 2.7 million visitors annually, especially during the festival of Dusshera. The passages and filled with royal paintings and 14 temples so make sure you take in the brilliance of this Palace.

  1. Ski in Gulmarg

Ski in Gulmarg

Kashmir is known as ‘jannat’ or heaven because of its sheer gorgeousness! The snow-capped mountains covered with dense forests and pure air will sweep you off your feet. Every sight you set your eyes on will marvel you wishing you could stay here forever. When you have had enough of the view (although you never will), pick up some skiing equipment and explore the mountains of Gulmarg.

  1. Hike to the highest Shiva Temple

Shiva Dol in Shivasagar

Assam is famous for its tea plantations and stunning views of the Himalayas, but there is more – the 300-year old Shiva Dol in Shivasagar is perched up on hill which is nothing less than grandiose. This is probably the highest Shiva Temple in the world and hiking up to this pious spot will be a memory of a lifetime.

  1. Take a spiritual journey in Leh Ladakh

5. Take a spiritual journey in Leh Ladakh

The beauty of Leh Ladakh is unparalleled. This region is popular for its age-old Buddhist monasteries and absolutely mystical landscapes. The air is so pure, the scenery is untouched and colourful flags decorating the lanes leave you in awe – we can call Leh Ladakh the doorway to heaven.

  1. Sail the Backwaters of Kerala

Sail the Backwaters of Kerala

If you wish for some authentic India experiences – sailing around the calm backwaters of Kerala fits the bill. The boats are long wooden spaces covered with thatched roofs and mats taking you peacefully on a serenity sail. Team this with some fresh fish dish and your evening fits like a perfect puzzle.

  1. Play Holi in Varanasi

Play Holi in Varanasi

Among all the festivals in India, Holi is one that you must experience – the colour, the energy and the brotherhood around this time is on a complete high. In Varanasi, you will be thrilled (and slightly intimidated at first) with the throw of colour, flow of milk and joy that this day sees!

  1. Witness patriotism at Wagah Border

Witness patriotism at Wagah Border

The critical situation between India and Pakistan seems to be in another world, because when you are at the Wagah Border, the countries are amicable and at peace. Every evening the armies of both countries have a beating ceremony, open gates, lower their flags and shake hands. This gesture brings tears to your eyes and fills your heart with patriotism.

  1. Explore the desert of Rajasthan

Explore the desert of Rajasthan

Once you are done with the mountains and backwaters, head to the desert of Rajasthan. This State maintains its ancient traditions, habits and costumes even today, so wrap yourself in colourful attires, sit on a camel and begin your exploration. Don’t miss out on royal palaces onyour camel ride and some dalbaati churma (an authentic Rajasthani dish) in this part of the country.

  1. Gaze at Bengal Tigers in Sundarbans

Gaze at Bengal Tigers in Sundarbans

The amalgamation of two large rivers Ganga and Brahmaputra in the Sunderbans has resulted in the largest mangrove forest in the world; you explore this on boats and stay at the various spots in the area. The dense forests are a Tiger Reserve of the royal Bengal Tiger and house up to 54 small islands. Surely this is enticing enough to go ahead and unwrap the hidden world in the Sunderbans!

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