10 Most Amazing Treehouses in the World

As kids, some of us built our secret hide-out – a tree house, or at least dreamt of one. As years past, many people held onto this dream desiring to lose oneself amidst green foliage and calming forests. Research says that people who immerse with trees and nature and mentally and physically healthier. So, whenever you get a chance to take a break from your hectic city life, think of a quick, quiet getaway of any of these amazing tree houses – they are among the world’s top ten.

1. Teahouse Tetsu, Yamanashi (Japan)

Teahouse Tetsu, Yamanashi, Japan

Japanese cherry blossoms give you the perfect fairytale feel. So imagine a stay in a treehouse among these blossoms – built in the middle of cherry blossoms in Hokuto City, the interiors of the treehouse are just like a regular tea house, but the exterior is what takes your breath away!

2. The Mirror Cube, Sweden

The Mirror Cube, Sweden

This is like an invisible abode – a hideout from the bustling city, from chattering people and even chirping birds. With exteriors of mirrors, it reflects the surrounding tall trees and serenity of northern Sweden. The Mirror Cube is just extraordinary!

3. The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant, Auckland (New Zealand)

The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant, Auckland, New Zealand

Carefully constructed around a 40-metre tall redwood tree, the Yellow Treehouse is a wonderful idea for a special occasion. A hot air balloon shaped structure; it glows magically around the tall trees and tranquillity.

4. Soneva Kiri Resort, Thailand

Soneva Kiri Resort, Thailand

Surrounded by the serene, crystal clear, aqua ocean of Koh Kood, this is more of a tree-pod. One of its kind, visitors seat themselves in the pod and are then hoisted among tall trees and its branches, while a waiter, more like a cool stud, serves meals via a zipline. Sounds like quite an adventure, don’t you think?

5. Minister’s Treehouse, Tennessee (USA)

Minister’s Treehouse, Tennessee, USA

More than 80 rooms, a little short of 100feet tall (97feet to be precise), welcome to the probably the largest tree house of the world! Built on the support of seven oak trees, Minister Horace Burgess took more than 10 years to build it and it is still under construction. Also a church, the magnitude of tree house is simply baffling!

6. Free Spirit Spheres, British Columbia (Canada)

Free Spirit Spheres, British Columbia, Canada

Canadian forests are a surprise box of tree houses; one such exceptional gift of treehouse accommodation lies on the Vancouver Island in British Columbia is the Sphere. Suspended by synthetic ropes, the spherical rooms hang from the trees! The whole idea of a spherical shape is to merge with the forest setting, rather than seeming like a black blob in the middle of a scenic picture.

7. Monferrato Aroma (n) Tica Treehouse, Alessandria (Italy)

Monferrato Aroma (n) Tica Treehouse, Alessandria, Italy

If luxury treehouses is what is playing on your mind, think of an all-you-dream about Monferrato Aroma(n) Rica tree house! A cosy European style wooden dwelling with a swimming pool perched up a tree giving panoramic views of open green landscapes spluttered with aromatic trees such as magnolia, hollies and Lebanon and a picturesque mountain range – this is an awe-inspiring picture-perfect scenery!

8. The Hemloft, Whistler (Canada)

The Hemloft, Whistler, Canada

A 26-year old retired software engineer-turned carpenter built a mini-home of recycled and natural material. Joel Allen and his architect friends took up this personal project and constructed an egg-shaped home hoisted in the trees with nifty windows for ideal ventilation and light. The approach, actually the entire tree house, is absolutely “cool” and has even featured in many international magazines.

9. Monbazillac Tree house, France

Monbazillac Tree house, France

The chateaux treehouse is typical French in many ways – a royal-like majestic miniature castle of wood sitting pretty among dense forest trees. It is cosy in every sense and luxurious with a wide deck sporting an open-air Jacuzzi and a swimming pool too. So if some romantic quality time is what is on your charts, the Monbazillac Tree House in sounds ideal!

10. Plane Tree house, Cost Rica, USA

Plane Tree house, Cost Rica, USA

Flying into the woods – that is what a stay at the Plane tree house will literally feel like. A Boeing 747 renovated into an Executive 727 tree house is what is so incredible about this whole set up. Carefully planned and built, a stay here will certainly be experimentally adventurous!

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