Best Weekend Getaways from Johannesburg

The work files will keep piling and home errands will never end; many a times you just wish to shove all this under the table, put up your feet and relax. If you have experienced this syndrome, your prescription says ‘weekend trip.’ Lock up your routines and change your scenery. South Africa is globally renowned for its rivers, plains, tree houses, and valleys so make good use of this opportunity; Here is a look at a few great weekend getaways in and around Joburg, within a distance of one to four hours, that will rejuvenate your body through and thorough.

1. Magaliesburg

Magaliesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa

This is a clear winner of weekend getaways in Johannesburg! An hour to an hour and half drive from the city, Magaliesburg is an adventure wonderland – the destination has an infrastructure for the quad biking, horse riding, hot air balloon rides and kayaking. If you are looking for a lovely romantic getaway in Johannesburg you ought to look up 4 and 5 star properties like Hoek Country Hotel and Valley Lodge, and La Provence D’Afrique. If you are not keen on indulging in adventure, relaxing on the porch of your hotel and gazing into the serene, calming scenery will also be an amazing way to unwind.

2. Pilanesberg

Pilanesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa

If you are up to experience some authentic South African adventure, the resorts in Johannesburg do complete justice. Depending on the extent of adventure you are willing to do, in Pilanesburg you can camp in caravans and safari tents or rent out beautiful chalets. This place is also popular to spot the famous ‘Big Five’ of Africa; so a hot air balloon ride over the national park is a must-see along with a rough safari ride! You can choose from a number of lodges such as Ivory Tree Game Lodge, Mongena Game Lodge, or Bagktala Resort.

3. Dullstroom

Dullstroom, Johannesburg, South Africa

This one of the few towns in the world where you will get a signboard that says ‘Gone fishing!’ A typical slow and quiet country side, fishing for trout is an age-old activity here. Lying amidst the docile Mpumalanga Hills, most hotels here are traditional, yet fashionable. Apart from fishing, you will desire the peaceful walks or horse rides on the green pathways even when you return to schedule.

4. Clarens

Clarens, Johannesburg, South Africa

This quaint little town is a good three-hour drive from the city, but totally worth the journey. Built with brown stone and red sandstone, the infrastructure appears old school. The town is well manicured, with its poplar groves running along the roads complimenting the scenic Maloti Mountains in the backdrop. This place is recommended for a cosy romantic getaway in Johannesburg with its tree-house dinner set ups; you may also hike around the tranquil surroundings and pop into the famous small-town art gallery.

5. Machadodorp

Machadodorp, Johannesburg, South Africa

The Komati River is everything you dream about on a weekend getaway – activities combined with cosy evenings! The region allows you to explore the river side on horseback, hikes, rafts, quad bikes, and canoes. It is truly thrilling to indulge in any of these adventurous games through the day; and when the sun is about to set all you need to walk into any sun-downer bar or relax in your balcony gazing over the rocky river.

6. Hollybrooke Farms

Hollybrooke Farms, Johannesburg, South Africa

Hollybrooke Farms is an authentic cowboy-farm-owner kind of experience. A little more than an hour away from Johannesburg, you will be living on a farm surrounded by cattle and crops. It is a slow paced destination with modest cottages along the Magalies River. Quad biking and horse riding on the red mud is just the beginning of adventure- you can even try your hand at archery and rifle shooting at some of the cottage resorts. At the end of it all, simply soak up the sun by the river bed.

7. Golden Gate Highlands National Park

Golden Gate Highlands National Park, Johannesburg, South Africa

Among the cheap getaways in Johannesburg, comes the Golden Gate Highlands National Park. This destination has something for everyone – a toddler, a couple, a group of friends! Hiking around the paths of this National park is like a picnic away from home. The sunset from here is a view that will lighten you up even during your dark days. The farmhouse facility in the Park is where you should stay for the two nights, because you will not get enough of the starry sky, which is by the way, the only light in the night!


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