Cheap Air Tickets to Africa

Africa is adventure, Africa is excitement, Africa is interesting and Africa is huge! This continent is where mankind incepted – from mountains to deserts, the Pyramids to Moroccan, the wildlife to the adventures, Africa has so much history that you will require an entire lifetime to discover the secrets hidden here. The good news is that a holiday in this continent is not really expensive; what will cost you a bit much is a one way ticket to Africa. When a African travel bug bites you, the first question that comes to your mind is, how much is a plane ticket to Africa? Well, take these tips to book yourself a cheap air ticket to Africa.

1. Book in Advance

Book in Advance

This is the thumb rule for all air travel. Planning is everything! Especially in the case of Africa – there aren’t too many flights that fly to and fro the continent. In comparison to Europe or South-East Asia, airlines that service Africa are quite limited and the seats fill up real quick. If you know that you wish to holiday in Africa this coming Christmas or New Years, make sure your ticket is booked by September or early October. Usually two-three months prior is a good enough time to find cheap air tickets to Africa.

2. Choose your region

Choose your Region

As you have seen on the map, the African continent is enormous – to fly from Cape Town to Cairo it takes up to 9 hours! In Africa, every region has its hubs like East Africa has Kenya and Ethiopia; North Africa has Morocco and Egypt, etc. It is advised to book your international flight to the hub that is most convenient for you because the flight tickets to these hubs comparatively cheaper. Once you have entered the continent, you have the liberty to explore other means of transport as well.

3. Use Frequent Flyer

Use Frequent Flyer

Frequent flyer cards are a blessing when you have to take long and expensive flights. All airlines including the best airlines in Africa have a frequent flyer service. Every flight you take, you earn miles on your card; these miles can be redeemed for a ticked of airline (usually even partner airlines). If you have accumulated many points/miles on your card, it is a smart move to check with your airline how many miles will a ticket to Africa cost you; if the deal seems fair enough, think no further and just book yourself a miles obtained air ticket to Africa.

4. Layover in Dubai

Layover in Dubai

They say that a connection from Dubai to Africa is usually cheaper. Dubai has so many airlines such as Qatar, Emirates, Etihad all offering great deals and reasonable fares. All these airlines have a great network within Africa; so whether it is the Seychelles, Mauritius, Nairobi or Tanzania, Dubai has service to most airports in Africa. So do explore this option further.

5. Smart Travel Agent

Smart Travel Agent

Even though you prefer making your own itinerary, travel agents exist for a good reason. Especially in the case of Africa, opt to take guidance from a travel agent who knows the continent at the back of his hand. Even though these travel agents have umpteen African adventure tours which they will sell to you, you can opt for an ‘only airline’ service. These agents have amazing offers and deals with airlines which will be a blessing to your pocket. Further, in case you are happy with the deal your travel agent has got you, there is no harm in choosing a couple of tours suggested by him/her.


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