Best Beaches of Cape Town You Cannot Miss Out On!

South Africa is renowned for its picture-perfect aura and unique appeal. The amalgamation of the icy Atlantic and warm Indian Ocean gives this southernmost tip of the northern hemisphere its charm. In fact, in 2015 National Geographic awarded Cape Town with the title of the World’s Second Best Beaches ahead of Nice (France), Honululu (Hawaii), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and other impressive beach destinations. So let’s take a look at the best beaches of Cape Town that pip the likes of Nice and Hawaii to become the best beaches in the world.

1. False Bay and Muzienberg

alse Bay and Muzienberg, Cape Town, South Africa

The warmer side of Cape Town is where False Bay lies. Stretching from Cape Point across to the Cape Peninsula this is considered to be ground zero of swimming and surfing. The Bay has a Victorian style influence and sees crowds handing around in colourful shacks all day long. The most popular beach is Muzienberg which is dotted with yellow, red, blue and green roof beach shacks. This is also a great beach for amateur surfers as the tidal waves assist perfectly in learning this water sport. Do walk the stretch of the entire Bay to sink into the true beauty of False Bay and explore gems like the Windmill Beach.

2. Clifton Beaches

Clifton Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

The beauty of Clifton Bay is simply unbelievable! Famous for posh beach homes and a spectacular sunset-point, Clifton is unquestionably the beach destination to be at in Cape Town. There are four beaches at Clifton each attracting a different kind a crowd like teenagers, models, the gay community and dog lovers. The sea has extremely chilly water, but the beaches are always bustling with volleyball games, beach parties and sun bathing. All in all, Clifton is like the playground of the rich in South Africa and will make for one of the best beach vacations in a long time.

3. Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

Among the most beautiful beaches in the world comes the unusual Boulder Beach; reason being the endangered African penguin society. Lying towards the Indian Ocean, the sea water here is warm and allows you to swim a few feet closer to the Penguin society. Quite obviously these penguins have become the celebrities of the area, but do not try to feed them or get too close as they may bite. Boulder Beach is an ideal picnic spot for families as swimming here is safe and there are other activities like snorkelling too.

4. Camps Bay

Camps bay, Cape Town, South Africa

The dramatic view of the lion’s head and Twelve Apostles is what makes Camps Bay the most popular of Cape Town beaches among tourists as well as locals. Trendy and glitzy restaurants are lined on the Bay spilling into the ocean. Raving music and flowing cocktails makes it the most happening place to be in Camps Bay. You will also find dog walkers enjoying soft sandy walks, competitive volleyball games and lazy sun bathers lying on the white beach. The energy and aura at Camps Bay will lift your spirits and give a glimpse of a typical South African lifestyle.

5. Llandudno

llandudno Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

Of all the pretty beaches in Cape Town, Llandudno is a local favourite. It is a picture perfect spot with its narrow winding approach and exclusive hillside with children building sandstones along the way. The shallow waters and wide spaces make Llandudno a top choice for seasoned and expert surfers to visit this beach. The sand is sugar soft and the typical residential neighbourhood will be an interesting sight.

6. Long Beach

Long Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

Beaches are synonyms for romance! Long beach is ideal for couples who want to spend some quality time and get lost in a world of their own. The powdery sand, fiery sunset and sound of casual waves is an ultimate soothing experience. You may even ride a horse and make this a straight-from-the-movies kind of set up for you and your partner.

The next time you intend on a beach holiday destination, make sure to explore your options in South Africa and particularly Cape Town. The shades of blue oceans, blazing sunsets and dramatic natural sceneries are bound to take your breath away! scenery


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