Tips for Exploring a New City

A new city, a new excitement, a new memory – exploring a new land is such an enriching experience that it may be as wonderful as overwhelming. Since you are travelling outside of your comfort zone (and spending your hard earned money) make the most of it without leaving a nuance of hesitation.  Here is a short pep talk that will guide you on how to explore a new city –

  1. Wear comfy shoes

Experiences and memories are not always made with dressy outfits and great hair dos. In fact most of your outstanding incidents come at unexpected times, irrespective of what clothes or shoes you have on. Remember, you have gone to discover the city, know about the famous monuments, eat local dishes and soak in a new culture and your best buddy in this time is a comfortable pair of shoes.

  1. Walk it, bike it, bus it

Walking and cycling on the streets of a new city will introduce you to gems that nobody told you about! Bus or trams are also recommended for a complete homely feel. It is best to research about the local transport before reaching your destination so that you don’t miss out on any special episodes. For example, travelling in the trams of San Francisco is a must-do travel experience.

tips for exploring new city

  1. Discover the local market

Any local market is the lifeline of a city. Be it a vegetable bazaar, seafood market or night market, when you stroll by a local market you will understand what the lifestyle is like. The kind of food, the kind of people, the music, the hustle and bustle all speak a lot about the culture of the city, so discover the most authentic experience on this outing.

  1. Use the internet smartly

The internet is a complete revolution! There are endless apps that will guide you through the city; whether it is local concerts or shows, the most popular eating joints, or information about sightseeing venues it is all available on a silver platter on the internet and via apps. Do look up helpful apps before you leave your home.

  1. Learn basics of the local language

Language can become the biggest barrier in a new place, so some background research is a great idea before you catch your flight. Even if you don’t do an entire course, at least learn the basics which will all get you through the day. For instance “How are you?” “Where is this?” “What is your name?” and “How much?”

  1. Read about the city

Don’t be ignorant about the place you are visiting; be aware of the history of the city. Read history books, research on Google and follow blogs – all the information you acquire from these platforms will add the extra cherry to your trip.

  1. Act smart, even when in doubt

Locals can easily spot a new person in the city and however friendly or safe the city is, you must not get carried away. Tourists are the easiest targets for any mischief so always be confident and act smart! Even when you are unsure or completely ignorant, never show it on your face or actions.

  1. Write about your stay

Maintain a diary and note down a daily account of episodes that touched your heart. You can also write a blog and create your very own travel story. This not only keeps records of your several travel accounts which you can read years later, but also helps creating a reputed profile in the blogging community.

  1. Be a tourist!

At the end of the day you are a tourist, so don’t be shy about behaving like one. Click all those touristy-pictures, ask questions to locals, and keep an open mind always. Above all, don’t be conscious and remember to have the time of your life!

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