The Best Hotels of Europe

Europe will undoubtedly earn the award of the Universe’s most beautiful land! This continent is an ideal blend of pretty topography, preserved history and extreme elegance. When you are travelling to this unprecedented destination, there are hotels you must check out because of its sheer brilliance. Mind you, the tariffs at some of these are sky high, but there is no harm in sipping a cup of tea at these hotels – ultimately it is about the experience!

  1. Le Maurice, Paris

Le Maurice holds a legacy dating way back to the 1800s – Classical and grand, yet not crammed this hotel is located ideally for art and history lovers. With chandeliers, marble and furnishings galore, this hotel has managed to bring in some chic and modernity in its ambience.

  1. The Connaught, UK

London is the perfect orator of elegance and poise, so is this hotel in the plush neighbourhood of Mayfair since the late 1800s. Every corner of The Connaught has some history; in fact the hotel was named in honour of Queen Victoria’s son, Arthur, the Duke of Connaught at that time. The suits are designed by globally acclaimed designers, while the swanky Bar, wellness Spa and Michelin-star restaurant are ever ready to serve their customers with complete British hospitality.


  1. Four Seasons, Prague

A typical Prague red roof connecting three buildings built in the 17th and 18th century is what comprises of the Four Seasons walls in the city. Preserving the traditional Renaissance and neo-classical architecture, this luxury hotel chain has maintained the very essence of the Hungarian and European culture. The service is impeccable and the interiors simply make you feel regal.

four season

  1. Regis, Florence

Overlooking the Arno River, St. Regis is unimaginably enchanting! This hotel used to be a palace designed by the world famous Filippo Bruenelleschi with interiors that tastefully display royalty. From the marble bathrooms, to the frescos and balconies to the Tuscan cuisine restaurant, St. Regis offers an immaculate stay!

  1. Blue Palace Resort, Crete

Crete is all about the expansive blue oceanic scenes, white walls and absolute luxury! The Blue Palace offers an unrivalled island experience with an infinity pool that everyone dreams of set in the midst of crystal clear waters and wilderness.

  1. Gleneagles Hotel, Scotland

Standing proudly on 850 acres of greenery, the Gleneagles Hotel is a dream-come-true for outdoor addicts. It has three world class golf courses along with development of archery, horse-riding and off-road driving. Staying at this magnanimous stone structure is simply magnificent.

  1. Hotel d’Angleterre, Geneva

Switzerland is a fairytale land anyway, so this hotel invariably guarantees an extraordinary experience! Built over the scene Lake Leman, this is a family-run hotel which offers amazing views of Switzerland’s largest fountain, Jet d’Eau, along with the Lake. Brilliant fabrics, whiskeys, caviar and recreation overlooking the view make your stay nothing less than magical!

  1. Palazzo Avino, Ravello, Italy

A 12th century and baroque architectural delight, the Palazzo Avino takes you into a world of the past. The handcrafted tiles, ancient Italian artefacts and brass accessories remind you of an opulent scene from a movie from the 60s. In fact, living in this Italian property is no less glamorous than a movie!

  1. Le Sirenuse, Positano, Italy

Positano’s air has a certain appeal which entices people from world over and Le Sirenuse gives you a perfect exposure to Italian magic. An 18th century villa, you will be pleasingly surprised to find hand-painted ceramic tile floors and beautiful antiques around the hotel. Overlooking the bay, there is vintage speedboat that takes you to and fro the coast. Delightful, isn’t it?

  • Parador Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Sitting elegantly in the heart of the Old Town since the 1400s, this is the oldest hotel in the world. There are intricately carved cloisters, elegant rooms and extensive hallways here walking you through an ancient hallways.

  1. Four Seasons, Istanbul

Rated as one of the top five hotels in Europe, the Four Seasons in Istanbul stylishly sits over the Bosphorus Strait. It has a magnificent view of the hills of Asia with and interiors of beige, taupe and aqua. For a complete royal experience, a stay here is ultimate!

  1. The Yeatman Hotel, Portugal

In the heart of the historic centre of Porto and overlooking the Douro River, the Yeatman Hotel is simply breathtaking! The highlight is of course the decanter shaped pool along with a wine cellar which houses 25,000 bottles. This is definitely tempting enough!

yeatman hotel

  1. Mandarin Oriental, Prague

A monastery once upon a time, this fourteenth century structure is a heavenly property! The rooms are custom-made in order to maintain the history, yet introduce some modernity – parquet floors, vaulted ceilings and glass floors that reveal ruins of a Chapel below is something that will amaze you!




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