Things to do in the Magical Land of Bali

Bali is a magical land… Beholding a deep history and culture, travelling to Bali is like finding an all new meaning to life. You will be amazed by the magnificent structures and landscapes – from oceans to mountains, from forests to volcanoes, Bali is a box filled with surprises! Here are some things you cannot miss out on your visit to Bali…

  1. Rice fields of Tegallalang

Rice fields of Bali give a new meaning to green landscapes. Situated close to Ubud, the steps of rice paddies built on hills are indeed a magnificent sight. A popular tourist spot, the entire valley looks like a stairway to heaven!


  1. Tanah Lot Temple

Bali has such a rich heritage! One such legacy witnessed here is at the Tanah Lot Temple on the coast of Beraban. Built on a 3-acre rock with waves gushing against it time and again, this is the oldest Hindu temple in the vicinity. Along with visiting a shrine amidst the ocean, the sunset from Tanah Lot Temple is what attracts millions of visitors.

Ocean Temple

  1. Uluwatu temple

Perched on the tip of a hill, the Uluwatu temple offers amazing views of the ocean and the sunset from every nook and corner! The archaeology of this temple goes way back to the 16th century; so you will find artistic stone structure similar to the sarcophagus. On this extensive holy place, you will also get an opportunity to watch a traditional Balinese dance as well.

  1. Kintamani and Mount Bakur -Volcano mountain

A serene blue Batur lake kissing a small mountain that houses a live volcanic crater is what Kintamani presents to its visitors. The pure mountain air and extensive scenic beauty of this picture calms you down like no other. You can simply opt to relish some authentic Balinese food while facing the water and mountain embracing each other with poise!


  1. Monkey Forest

The Scared Monkey Forest Sanctuary is a comfortable home to hundreds of grey-haired and long tail macaques that may not always be as innocent as the doe-eyed monkeys you see otherwise. A dense jungle, you will find many species of trees and flowers on exploration. It is an interesting place of people to enjoy the serenity of nature.

  1. Elephant Safari

The Elephant Safari park is an extensive land which allows you to get up close and personal with these massive, yet elegant animals. Surrounded by botanical gardens, you can enjoy your time feeding, riding, and observing elephants relax in their home land. Reputed as the world’s best Elephant Park, you will be pampered with other recreational activities here as well.

  1. Kuta night life

Kuta is the most renowned place of Bali. Lined with resorts that cater to all kinds of requirements, you will find a large choice of resorts to pick from. What makes this area a hot favourite is the bars and pubs that offer an amazing nightlife. So don’t miss out a great bar-hopping adventure in Kuta!

  1. Dolphin watching

Watching isn’t the only thing you will be doing on a dolphin watching cruise in Bali. If you really wish to get up close with these adorable mammals, start early and head into the ocean; Bali gives you an opportunity to hug, pet, kiss and play with a dolphin! Yes, you heard right. So wake up before sunrise for this activity, because it is totally worth it!

  1. Dip in holy waters

Built in 692, the Pura Tirta Empul is an ancient Hindu Temple where scared water flows in; this water is used to cleansing rituals. Inside the temple walls, there is pond that has a spring which gives out fresh water – this water is considered holy with the locals. Travellers can also take a dip in these waters and offer their prayers.

  1. Explore a hidden beach

Bali undoubtedly has some incredible beaches, most of which are unknown and unexplored. All travellers should go out and explore all corners of this island to find a tranquil spot of white sand and crystal clear water. Since these may not be commercially developed beaches, you will feel blessed to get one with nature sans any distractions!


  1. Take a Balinese massage

The whole point of visiting Bali is to relax and rejuvenate! Trained with ancient techniques, the masseurs know the exact points that will leave you walking out with a new feeling altogether. So amongst the calm sound of waves, and green and clean air, spoil yourself with a massage that is to-die for!

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