Weekend in Canterbury

Narrow cobbled streets, medieval Roman walls and the sweet sound of the flowing river Stour of the beautiful British City of Canterbury will take you back to the fairytale books of your childhood. Awarded as a World Heritage Site, this ancient Kent town is globally acclaimed for its 6th Century Cathedral. In fact, the identity of Canterbury is its antique and bucolic feel. Neighbourhoods all around the main Cathedral dot a huge British shadow with its perfectly manicured gardens, peg tile roofs, brick structures, orchards, and chestnut forests – it is a sheer tranquil atmosphere!

Ideal for a weekend getaway Canterbury’s Cathedral is world-famous. The stunning Cathedral casts a shadow on the entire city – it sees intricate glass paintings on its windows, stone carvings, glorious cloisters displaying superb artistry by creative minds dating back to the 1100s and also people from all corners who visit as a place of pilgrimage. The charm of this city became immortal when classic Geoffrey Chaucer authored the classic Canterbury Tales.


The city of Canterbury is built inside an oval territory which is bordered by the 270-290AD Roman Walls. Standing 16-feet tall, very little of these Walls remain today. Along the walls are 8 gates like the West Gate, Riding Gate, London Gate and so on. The West Gate is the most popular because it is carefully landscaped and looks extremely gorgeous, followed by the lovely stone work of Burgate which is now converted into a Chapel. However short of long a stay, the Roman City Walls of Canterbury are a must-see!

Another activity to exciting to undertake here is a scenic river cruise which will give you a holistic view of the entire city! Hop on to a traditional boat and sail by a fairytale backdrop; you will also be able to capture grand pictures of the Cathedral, a 13th century chapel and St. Francis of Assisi. In fact, the historic architecture is best viewed from these river cruises.

From Malory Towers, to the Marlowe Theatre, to Heritage Museum, to paintball, your itinerary in Canterbury is filled with plenty of options. Travellers ought to know that at Canterbury, you will walk into an old-school world where chivalry and education is respected, houses are impeccably designed, architecture is appreciated and people are treasured.  All in all, just breathe in the essence and take a lifelong snapshot of Canterbury on your escapade.

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