Best Cruises in the World

Cruises are where are dreams are set to sail! The endless blue waters and an infinite horizon mixed with magnificent islands and sceneries which are inaccessible by road is quite a special experience. Now, the Mediterranean Coastline, Hawaii Islands and the Caribbean are the popular cruises and rightly so -picturesque Italian and Greek coastal towns, green haven of Hawaiian islands and crystal water of the Caribbean are very exciting for first-time cruises, but try taking one of the offbeat cruises listed below because you are just going to be swept off your feet on these!

  1. Antarctica

The ‘white continent’ cruise will definitely be the trip of your lifetime – the penguin colonies, towering glaciers, and mammoth icebergs will dwarf even the grandest of ships! Unlike other cruises, you will not have a minute-to-minute schedule on this trip; here the weather dictates how your day is going to be. The season for an Antarctica cruise is in the summer season of Southern Hemisphere – November to March. Apart from breathtaking pictures of the black and white friends from the South Pole and magnificent glaciers, you can go out and admire places like Hope Bay, South Shetland and Falkland Islands, Coronation Island and others.  The journey to embark on an Antarctica cruise maybe slightly tedious, but totally worth it!


  1. Australasia

The world knows of the beautiful treasures that reside in Australia and New Zealand; and one of the best ways to get up close to these treasures is hop onto a cruise that takes you on a scenic cruise of these Southern jewels. Visiting cosmopolitan places like Auckland and Melbourne may sound quite regular, but it is the natural sights that make this cruise special – the Great Barrier Reef, the Kimberleys and the Milford Sounds look a hundred times more precious from the ocean. The ship allows you to get as close as possible to these wonders and capture overwhelming photographs! Go on and experience this awesome feeling!

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  1. Baltic Sea

Seeing the Scandinavian countries over waters gives you a 360 degree view of the history, culture and stories of the region. Very little is known about Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. From the busy and important ports of Helenski, St. Petersburg, Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen to glimpses of snow-capped peaks, incredible fjords and untouched, tranquil landscapes your journey is assured to be magical. A cruise across the Baltic will give you a clear perspective on the entire region and of course pictures that you will treasure for a lifetime.

  1. Alaska

Dramatic ice formations, pure white mountain peaks, a unique wildlife and you – Alaska gives a new meaning to ‘awesome!’ On your cruise ride to Alaska explore magnificent ice caves, trek on glaciers and of course walk through the widespread national park. Be prepared to capture pictures of the whale migration and the iconic natural wonder – Mount McKinley. Whether it is hiking, padding, skiing or fishing, you will be living your life to the fullest on this holiday. This adventure to Alaska is a “see it to believe it” kind of experience. So pack your bags for a trip to the North Pole!

  1. South Pacific

A South Pacific cruise is for all the lovebirds and luxury buffs! You will be cruising on perfect ocean blue waters lined with a golden coast and naturally manicured palms touching the flawless islands of the Pacific. You will be blessed to walk on the tropical paradise of Moorea, Bora Bora, Fiji and Tahiti. There isn’t much to say about these magical islands, because a picture speaks a thousand words! So if you truly wish you enter a picture-perfect destination like those in paintings, the South Pacific cruise is for you!

  1. Galapagos

This is a museum of marine life! Situated at the confluence of ocean currents, it is a melting pot of animals unseen before – sea lions, seafaring lizards, short-feathered penguins, and so many more species you have never heard of, are casually spotted on this UNESCO Heritage site. Less exposed to the real world and untouched by pollution, this is probably the purest of all islands.

The best time to sail through this unique jungle of marine animals is in April and May.

  1. Mexican Riviera

This is a warm-weather cruise which best suited for people who are looking to sit back and relax! The laid-back energy on these cruises tricks you into having fun at your own pace and cherish the little joys of life! The main destinations on a Mexican Riviera cruise are Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan. From typical Mexican hospitality to the Mayan ruins to local margaritas, the coast of Mexico is a holiday in its truest form. So when you are in dire need of a vacation, head on a Mexican Riviera cruise for a real treat!

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Remember, cruises have the power to sail to destinations unknown and places untouched. So keep calm and cruise on!

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