Best Family Destinations

The man of the house wishes to relish some local beer, whiskey or wine and food; the woman of the house wishes for some great shopping and information about the palaces/ancient monuments of the place; both of them together wish for interesting entertainment for their kids. Now, that is how family holiday destinations are picked – something for everyone (but most people are partial towards the kids, of course!) So here is a list of places you could visit with your family –

  1. Entertainment Beyond Barriers in Dubai

This Emirate jewel surely shows immaculate hospitality towards its guests! You will be spoilt for choice with the countless hotels that cater to all budgets, and give you world-class service. When it comes to entertainment, Dubai remains the most superior – make sure you have time to explore the 65,000 marine species at the Palm, go skiing in the mall, take a rugged desert safari, get thrilled at Ferrari World, play around at the Wadi and so much more! If you are lucky, you may even get to watch an F1 race here! The Arabic food, Michellin Star restaurants and world’s best malls here already are globally recognized. So the laughter and light moments spent here will never be forgotten.


  1. A Treat For Everyone in Singapore

A clean and safe country is where you would imagine walking around in with your family. Well then, Singapore is your pick. Singapore’s streets are filled with great shopping options and its quays are lined with restaurants serving South-Asian cuisine as well as continental. Children will be thrilled to walk around the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. They will be on cloud 9 when you take them to the movie world of Universal Studios and the Singaporean landmark, Sentosa Island. Looks like everyone gets their share of joy here!

  1. Options Unlimited in Australia

From mountains to beaches, from national parks to deserts – Australia is one-of-a-kind! If you wish to treat your family wholeheartedly, OZ is the place to be. You will get to expose your kids to the exceptional Great Barrier Reef, kangaroos and unique species of birds at sanctuaries, water sports and snorkelling on the pristine beaches of South Wales, skiing on Mt. Hotham, and be a part of ranger clubs at theme parks in Queensland and other places… The number of activities and experiences in Australia are literally myriad. The ideal way to explore this blessed country would be driving around in a caravan! Now that’s a complete family holiday package, isn’t it?


  1. Adventure at its Best in Nambia, Africa

Africa is known for its national parks and animal kingdom, so most places on this continent make a great holiday deal. Yet, Nambia houses the famed Victoria Falls where you can unwrap the water world to your family – rafting, bunjee jumping, bridge swinging, kayaking and snorkelling in clear waters of the lake, and of course serenity in the air. Team this with another exciting experience of encountering the Big 5 on a wildlife safari to National parks and you have adrenaline rush served on a platter! This will be a different kind of holiday which will leave an imprint in your lives forever!

  1. A Comfortable Ride in America

There may not be historic palaces and monuments in USA, but there will definitely be top-class entertainment parks, umpteen stores for shopping, mouth-watering food, latest trends and friendly hospitality! Travel around Washington DC to meet the President (not literally), take a tour of the Hershey’s Chocolate factory, walk around the national parks and fly over the Grand Canyon, soak up the sun on the beaches of LA, and be amazed by the massive Golden Gate Bridge! If you wish to take up some adventure like cycling, hiking, surfing or golfing, you can pick it up anywhere in this country as people here are adventure lovers. America is known for its friendly nature and comfortable service, so whether it is Disneyland, New York, Universal Studios, one of the many amusement parks or simply some adventure, this country has it all!

  1. Bonding with cultures in Scotland

Scotland is not only about sightseeing around centuries-old castles and whiskey, but also a million to-die-for sights around the coast. If you like some adventure, do a road trip around this country and explore the lesser known spots like the Loch Ness and some deserted beaches. You and your family can also enjoy a lovely time among marine animals like seals, puffins and dolphins on ferries. Scottish people are known for strong bonds and brotherhood – they have many festivals like the Fringe Festival among others that bring the whole community together to celebrate. So if you are interested in experiencing the Scottish bagpipe culture, try making a trip around the time of a festival.

  1. Dancing with the Northern Lights in Finland

All children know about Santa Claus and his ride on a sleigh. Why not treat your family by taking them to Finland to visit our jovial white-beard grandpa and see some splendid sights! This may be a slightly expensive trip, but completely worth it. In the winter you may go say Hi to Santa Claus in his own village, walk around Snow Castle and explore the place with reindeers pulling your sleigh! If it is summer time, enjoy camping in the 30+ national parks and exploring habitat of Scandinavia.  Also make it a point to see the magical Aurora borealis since you have travelled so far. The pictures your family see here will be a landmark of their entire lifetime. Happy Holidays!


Family holidays always take a turn you would have never imagined. Bonds, moments, inside jokes and unveiling deepest fears is what quality time with your blood relations give you. So, make it special for them, because you will all value it more than anything in this universe! And mind you, if you have already travelled to a country/city before, don’t hesitate to go back -you will definitely see it in a different light with this gang!


Top 5 Hotels of Dubai

Luxury is the second name of this City. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that Dubai is the luxury capital of the world. From tallest skyscrapers, to man-made islands, to one-in-a-million malls, to extravagant water parks and of course, skiing in a desert-city – this United Arab jewel creates the impossible. If you and luxury are buddies, check out the list of hotels that will interest you in this extravagant city…

  1. Burj Al Arab

Opulence is also an understatement for this seven-star property! The exterior which is seen from most corners of the City, the interiors boasting for pure royalty and vibe that shouts out luxury is what you will experience when you walk in.  You will have assistance at the drop of a pin, literally. Each floor has its own reception desk that takes care of your room service, serves you world-renowned food (including Caspian caviar and Atlantic lobster), arranges unique entertainment, and what not! They even have a pillow menu here! And when you want to take a tour Dubai, you will be chauffeured around in a Rolls Royce. Now that’s luxury at its best.



  1. Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara

What is Dubai if you don’t take in expansive views of the endless sand dunes! The Qasr Al Sarab Desert resort, decorated in earthy ambience is like a mirage in the middle of the desert. You may feast on some really authentic Arabian cuisine cooked to its best, cool yourself in the pool or simply pamper yourself the Spa options. Away from the hustle and bustle, you will wake up to precious scenes of the sand. So, go ahead and daze away in this rare experience!

  1. Atlantis, The Palm

A landmark on the Palm and also on Dubai’s map, the exuberance of the Atlantis is unbeaten! This hotel is much longer than the Great Wall of China, has over 20 restaurants, a spectacular take on marine life, a water park and rooms designed with perfect views of the azure Arabian Sea as well as Dubai’s skyline. Atlantis nurtures over 65,000 marine animals and allows it guests to explore the 11 million litres of sea water inside. There is shopping, a spa and staff attending to the minutest details. With everything under this massive structure built over 46 hectares, you are living in your own kingdom here!

download (3)


  1. JW Marriott Marquis

If you are renting a room at the world’s tallest hotel, you are most likely to wake up in the clouds! This holds true at the Marquis. Standing elegantly at 1164 feet, JW Marriott Marquis is the latest luxury item on Dubai’s menu. However, apart from the height, the hotel sits quite sophisticatedly in its extravagant surroundings. You will be treated with some excellent tasting dishes cooked by Michellin-star chefs. So if you like luxury minus the flash, Marquis should be your pick!

  1. Raffles

What entices tourists to this hotel is the iconic pyramid shape. In fact, this has become Dubai’s most-loved landmark. To make things better, it is close to the airport, business centre and all the shopping Dubai has to offer. The interiors are a culmination of Asian and Egyptian influences with an immaculate Arabic hospitality. Housing all five star amenities, Raffles’ eight restaurants and bars have a reputation of exclusivity.

These hotels just have taken up the notch of opulence offering its guests services and visuals they never even dreamt about. The air you breathe in Dubai has hints of richness in it; whatever you do here is ought to be superlative! So, go ahead and roll in some extreme lavishness!


Top 10 things to-do in Dublin

Once the second City of the British Empire, Dublin is oozing with legacy! There may be few cities of Europe that hold such supremacy as the Irish Capital; the architecture, literature, history and traditions seen in Dublin are unrivalled. Even though all of Dublin has some significance and uniqueness, here is a list of the 10 things you ought to do here –

  1. Guinness Beer Store

The identity of Guinness Beer is Dublin! Home to the black liquid since the 1700s, this is a seven-storey building shaped like a pint glass. You will walk through every step of brewing the world-famous Guinness Beer and reach the Gravity Bar on the top floor where you will get a complimentary glass of beer. Cheers to that!

download (1)

  1. Trinity College

Right in the heart of the city, you will fall in love with the oldest College of Ireland which was founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592. The cobbled streets, classical architecture and green landscapes spread over 40 acres is like being a part of another century altogether. Don’t miss the library which features extensive and extremely rare collection of books. After all, it is not known as the ‘City of Literature,’ for no reason.

  1. Patrick’s Cathedral

This 12th century wonder is exhibits Dublin’s character, so you cannot miss this place however short your stay is. The interiors sport Gothic style architecture on towering ceilings; it is simply wonderful! Another reason the St. Patrick’s Cathedral attracts over 50,000 visitors very year is to see the world-famous Gulliver’s Travel’s author, Jonathan Swift’s tomb. (Swift was the dean of this Cathedral for 35years.)

  1. Kilmainham Gaol

Under British rule for 700 years, Ireland has a great freedom struggle history. This jail gives a little insight of the dark times the Irish faced during their struggle. Guided tours speak in-depth about the history from 1764-1924, sending shivers up your spine when you hear about the gruesome fate about the fighters.

  1. Stephens Green

Used as site for public punishment centuries ago, ‘The Green’ (commonly known by locals), is a splendid 27-acre park housing close to 18 monuments. This is like an oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, where you can bask in some Irish culture, have a picnic lunch, play some football or Frisbees, and simply unwind!

  1. Dublin Castle & Chester Beatty Library

How can you miss the shrine of Irish culture and tradition? Built over years, the oldest section of this castle dates back to the 13th century. The fortress, courtyard and vicinity speak so immaculately about ancient times that you will be left in awe. In present times, this castle is used for significant ceremonies, exhibitions and concerts. The highlight here is the Chester Beatty Library – a collection of centuries-old oriental art and collections of manuscripts.


  1. Temple Bar

Pub culture is so strong in Ireland, so you ought to experience it! This is a neighbourhood of all the popular party places as well as galleries storing some exquisite artefacts. Visit Temple bar in the evening, sip on some Guinness or Whiskey and enjoy a night in true Irish spirit.

  1. Irish Parliament

Constructed in the 1700s, is popularly known to the locals as Kildare House and Leinster House thanks to the deep Irish history. This is an archaeological wonder, displaying the detailing of our ancestral artistry. The stone and magnitude of this structure will sweep you off your feet. If you wish to take a tour it is best to get in touch with your embassy for permission.

  1. Irish Whiskey Museum

The Irish treat whiskey as water. In fact, whiskey in Irish is called ‘uisce beatha’ which translates to ‘water of life.’ So you ought to check out what is so special about Irish whiskey. At Old Jameson distillery, you will be taken through an informative tour on how this drink is made along with free tastings. Like they say, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do!’


  • Grafton Street

When you need a breather from all the historic sites, take a walk on Grafton Street. You will be mesmerized by the musicians and entertainers doing their bit on this cobbled street. Get your hands on some shopping too; Grafton Street has a reputation of premier boutiques, jewellers and departmental stores.

Every nook and corner of Dublin displays some sort of awesome history. You must walk around the city to understand the profundity of Ireland, only then will

Must-Have Travel Apps

Thanks to the internet revolution, travelling is so much fun! Travellers are able to plan holidays well, be smart in spending, indulge in some authentic food and travel like a local! There is no dearth of apps that will make your travel comfy; but browsing through these countless apps will leave you baffled. So, here is a list of some apps that travellers around the world swear by –


Looking to stay in a castle, resort, apartment, shack or even a van, Airbnb is your go-to site for accommodation. The directory of Airbnb consists of more than 1 million listings and this number is growing by the day. Similar to hotel bookings, you will have to undergo security identification while using this app. This seems to be a neat arrangement, because like many users say, it is safer than many other rental sites.


Reining the travel app world, TripIt is a brilliant innovation. All bookings – flight tickets, hotel confirmations, tour vouchers, etc, get lost in your inbox because of the endless emails you receive. What TripIt is does is, it collects all your travel related documents and stores it in one place. Further, it has the capacity to check the dates and arrange these documents in chronological order. The end result is a personal itinerary in your hand!

 Google maps

Surely you already have this app on your phone. Google is your answer to everything, literally! Make sure you optimise the satellite technology and switch on Google Maps to get to where you want, anywhere in the world.

 XE Currency

Currency convertors are a necessity while travelling in foreign land. Fluctuations in currency and multiplication while shopping are kind of harassing while on a leisure trip. By downloading a simple currency convertor app like XE currency, your expenditure experience will be clear and smart. Having over 20 million users, XE Currency also supports you when you are out of internet service, saving the last updated rates.


When you crave for that hamburger or fish and chips, you really want it! This app is your survivor at such times, as it leads you to the dish you wish for. The restaurant and food recommendations are posted by normal people and travellers like you, which means that these are not paid reviews or advertisements. So indulge is some appetizing local favourites with Foodspotting.


 Like A Local

As the name suggests, you will explore the city like a local with this app. If you are uninterested in doing the regular tourist-y things, simply download this app and know what the latest local favourite is. You will know the oldest spots, newest restaurants and most happening pockets to be at with the app. Also, you will get a true local’s review and judgement on the places recommended by previous visitors. Sounds so authentic!

 Google translator

Like always, Google comes to your rescue! This time in communication… Foreign languages are tough to comprehend, but not if you have Google Translator. To understand a local speaking, simply switch on your Google translator and the job is done. It can’t get simpler than pressing a button!


If fitness is like the morning newspaper for you, this app will become your best holiday buddy! WalkJogRun maps the safest routes to go for a jog/run. If you are just a wanderer, simply follow the routes on this app and you will explore the city, while being safe.


If you are wondering where the locals hangout and have their share of fun, Goby will tell you. This app not only points out famous eateries and museums, but shows you the way to concerts, plays and stand-up comedy events that are taking place in the foreign city you are in. Sounds genius, doesn’t it?

World’s Best Islands

Untouched pockets of our planet, clear waters, powder-like sand and the golden ball bidding good-bye to complete this landscape! If you picture yourself sitting and gazing at such picture-perfect scenery, then you are definitely an island person. Here is a list of islands to add onto your holiday bucket list –

  1. Santorini

So much is said about this shrine of romance! The deep blue water and white buildings are truly a blessed view. Perched on top of the mountain, the sunset you see from this point is probably the best in the world; you will find professional photographers preparing hours to capture the orange-purple sky while the ball disappear beyond the horizon. The simplicity surrounding the town, yet the exotic hotels is what sets Santorini apart from the rest.


  1. Seychelles

Comfortably situated on the equator, Seychelles has a sensuous aura to itself. The fawn-coloured sand, boulders, serene waters lined with coconut trees has become the identity of this pretty land close to the African coast. If you are looking for some me-time or couple-time, Seychelles’ limited crowd will permit you some peace of mind as you walk around, awed by its beauty.



  1. Bora Bora

Honeymooner’s ideal destination, and rightly so, Bora Bora is “the one” of all the islands. Coined as the ‘pearl of the Pacific,’ Bora Bora’s volcano mountains spread out in a fan of jungle mingling with aquamarine waters at the bottom. With not many beaches (only one real beach), this is more like a lagoon. The over-the-sea resort rooms take your breath away in this place. Like they say, Bora Bora is overflowing with gorgeousness and there are no words to describe its beauty.


  1. Kauai, Hawaii

The greenest island of Hawaii, Kauai is like walking into a scene from a 60s or 70s movie. It is the oldest island of the Hawaiian chain catering to true island seekers; there are no luxurious resorts between you and the pristine scenes of Kauai. Relaxing in this ‘Garden Island,’ you will walk through the Adam and Eve paths and get a glimpse of what nature in its truest form looks like.


  1. Moorea, French Polynesia

Yes, there is a heart-shaped island on this planet and a second yes for – there is paradise on Earth! A sister of Bora Bora, Moorea is lowly populated and crowded with tourists. The blue lagoon, carpets of greenery lined with coconut trees and emerald cliffs makes you rub your eyes to believe that this place is in fact real! You will bask in the glory of authentic island life at Moorea.

  1. Bali

One of the most popular destinations of the world, Bali is filled with beautiful seashores! The sand gets whiter, the water gets clearer and the scenery gets prettier as you cross one beach after another. Relax with the best massages and get engrossed in some spirituality and yoga in this cultural land. In the evening, when you simply sit in a bar facing the ocean and sip of some potent cocktail, you will never feel like leaving!


  1. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Get ready for some serious marine life exposure as Galapagos Islands houses a whole museum of living beings underwater. Situated at the confluence of ocean currents, it is a melting pot of marine animals. Sea lions, seafaring lizards, short-feathered penguins, and so many more species you have never heard of, are casually spotted on this UNESCO Heritage site. Less exposed to the real world and untouched by pollution, this is probably the purest of all islands.

  1. Bermuda

Anchored in the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is a fish-hook shaped island. There are a total of 181 islets many of which have no human presence. The coral pink beaches, turquoise waters and classical architecture are definitely unmatched. When you are in an adventurous mood, simply hop onto a motorboat and explore the tiny nooks around the island. You will love this adventure!

  1. Boracay Philippines

The stretches of powdery white sand beaches mixed with crushed coral is what put this Philippines beauty on the travel map. Extremely popular with bag-packers, Boracay is well-developed with luxury resorts, countless hotels catering to all budgets, restaurants and shacks overlooking the azure water, and shopping stores as well. The friendly locals steal your heart away as you stare at this Filipino beauty together.

  • Aruba

Aruba is a rare amalgamation of a National Park and a Desert like preserve. This Dutch Territory boasts of not only beautiful beaches, and incredible landscapes, but also a comfortable American lifestyle! You will be entertained with countless activities on this developed island from beach tennis, to paddleboat yoga, to nature exploration while you munch on some American fast food. It is like a perfect family holiday destination.

Islands have an idiosyncratic aura to them that simply take you to another world. You cannot compare any one to another, but you will be assured a fantastic time at each of them!

5 Must-See Places in Rome

Rome is the historic capital of the world; and rightly so! You will be amazed to see century-old beautiful buildings, intricately carved fountains, ancient churches and grand palaces at every nook and corner. The list of sights to discover this Eternal City is endless! If you wish to truly know this centre to human civilization, you may require over 30 days here. In present times, none of us have that kind of time. So here are the top 5 sights you cannot miss when you visit the home of the famous Roman Empire.

1.      Trevi Fountain

This is the iconic fountain of the world! Completed in the 17th century, there is no other depiction of fables and myths like this one. Popularly known as the wishing fountain, close to 3000 Euros is collected from the bottom of the Trevi every night. Well, a wish not or wish, this cannot be missed on a trip to Rome, simply because you will understand the depth of Roman culture at this point! 

2.     Colosseum

An amphitheater that was built around 80 AD still stands strong in the present day, which is why is has been rightly chosen as a Wonder of the World. It gained such popularity because of the dangerous battles between gladiators, lions and criminals who fought for their lives. Yes, it was quite a bloody affair back then. The Colosseum is an engineering wonder because this magnanimous circular structure built on marshy lands. You cannot miss this one!

3.     Vatican City

If you are in Rome, how can you not drop in to see the Pope? The Vatican City is in fact, what attracts tourists to this quaint city. The Vatican City itself houses several attractions like the St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Museums filled with a feast of artwork, Sistine Chapel and of course the most popular leader of Catholic Church, Pope Francis.  You will be overwhelmed as you walk on the cobbled streets as you pass one classical piece of art after another.


4.     Spanish Steps

A reflection of Baroque artistry is aptly portrayed at the large Spanish Steps here in Rome. When you want to take a break from all the sightseeing, sitting on the Spanish Steps with a gelato is the best thing to do. The steps connect popular Piazzas of the City giving you ample of opportunity to sit at local cafes and eat some delicious food, shop at high end designer stores or simply observe the daily Roman lifestyle. 

5.     Piazza Navona

Bask in some authentic Roman Sun at Piazza Navona! Lines of open-air cafes, shopping stores and restaurants find place in the charming squares here. You will also find impressive landmarks like the Bernini’s Fountain to lift up your spirits. This Piazza has a peculiar aura and unconscious importance; when you are there, you feel like your Roman experience is complete!


When in Rome, do like the Romans do! The streets of Rome have so many unexpected things to offer from the sweet fragrance of a bakery, to music and dance shows, to scenes to wish to just pick up and make your daily living! So a strong advice would be to walk everywhere in Rome and explore the unexplored.


Cheap Holiday Destinations

If there is one wish a Genie grants you, most of you will choose to travel! Travelling the world, breathing new air, walking down unknown streets and capturing exhilarating scenes give you a phenomenal high that is unexplainably bizarre! Surely you know that feeling and wish to experience it all the time. Unfortunately, your wallet (and work) does not always allow you the luxury of such experiences.

 Yet, where there is a will, there is a way! Check out some amazing places you can visit even on a low-cost budgets –

  1. Bolivia

This is one place where Heaven meets Earth! On the white surface of the Salt Flats, you will literally feel like you are walking on the clouds!  One of the most secluded places on the planet, Bolivia houses the rarest animal kingdom. Peculiar, intense, astonishing are the three adjectives that describe this country aptly. You will be thrilled to see the caves and bats that inhibit there, coral snakes, landscapes on the Andean and daredevil-like rivers! To make you feel better – beer in Bolivia will cost you a little more than USD 1. So, big budget or small, you can easily get here and know what heaven looks like!

  1. Indonesia

White beaches, world’s best massages, yoga and spirituality and friendly locals – you will holiday like a king in Indonesia! The local currency exchange rate is at such a point, where anyone and everyone will feel rich. For the adventure lover in you, surf on the beautiful waves (or witness in some of the most popular surfing competitions in the world), and become a daredevil and go cliff jumping. A great nightlife, delicious cocktails, some authentic narsi goreng and fancy villas – sounds like paradise, doesn’t it!

  1. India

India is famous for its Mughal legacy and Royal heritage. So, why not catch a flight and explore the seventh largest country in the world for less than USD 20 a day? Metropolitan cities along with the tier II ones house luxurious 5 star properties which will make your stay comfortable. This may cost you a bit, but the overall cost of living in India is low. Whether you wish to visit the royal palaces of Jaipur and Jodhpur, get on a Safari in Ranthambore, amaze at the Taj Mahal or relax on the backwaters of Kerela – you just need to book yourself in the first-class compartment of the train (India’s train system is one of the best in the world), or even book affordable flights to-and-fro.


  1. Hungary

This country seems to reflect a very classic, royal image – maybe, straight out of the books of Cinderella! The old-town building will make you wish you were born in the 17th century. For the adventurous travellers, you have trekking over the northern hills, relaxing along Lake Balaton and of course thermal baths. A sweet-tooth person will be thrilled to see the huge spread of cakes and pastries and some strong liquor to savour the taste. Sounds like an interesting place, doesn’t it? Hungary can be slightly more expensive than Asian countries, but it is one of the low-cost ones in Europe.

  1. Laos

With a deep-rooted culture and refreshingly simple lifestyle, Laos has become an extremely popular place to explore in the past decade or so. The highlight of your trip will be exploring the century old monasteries in royal city of Luang Prabang, cruising on riverboat down Mekong and spotting freshwater dolphins, hiking around the archaeological wonder, Plain of Jars, and the gothic limestone karsts of Vang Vieng. Since this is a prime backpacker’s destination, you’ll also be introduced to many meet-ups and make memories with people world-over!


  1. Sri Lanka

This is a geographical heaven! Surrounded by Sea from all sides, Sri Lanka has exquisite landscapes hovering over beautiful strong waters. Restoring its British presence in infrastructure, your camera will capture pictures of caves, waterfalls and tea plantations. Let’s not forget the delicious seafood here. Like all places, this place too has its landmarks; however, it is the magical atmosphere and tranquil air that will take your heart away. To experience this, you will need to shell out not more than USD 30 in a day!

  1. Ireland

Toast a mug of Guinness Beer with the friendliest people of all – you will make new friends on pub crawls, or strike a conversation with a local when you take a walk along the splendid scenery of the countryside.  Explore 400 castles of the country, UNESCO City of Literature and the binge of gastronomy delights – this Emerald Isle offers you luxury at reasonable rates.

  1. Costa Rica

Nestled near Panama, Costa Rica has a global reputation of being the “happiest country on earth!” An environment-friendly atmosphere, hundreds of species of rare plants and animals, clear waters that allow snorkelling and diving, romantic boat rides on the Pacific and simply taking in some pure air on walks – Costa Rica is a destination for the young and old. You may have to shell out a little more for this trip, but it will surely not be as much as grand destinations like London, Australia or France.

  1. Gambia

If you are an animal-lover, Gambia will be your den! The budget you set aside for your monthly groceries is approximately what you will end up paying for a holiday in this African country! It is the smallest dot in Africa, yet it gives you opportunities experience once-in-a-lifetime instances like getting up close with a crocodile! Taxis and accommodation are so inexpensive that you will enjoy your trip in complete luxury. So, if off-beat trips are your forte, Gambia could be your first choice.


If you wish to do something off-the-radar, Latvia is the place! Truly untouched, it has forests, parks and beaches give you a perfect picture of the surrounding Scandinavian countries. You will be introduced to Europe’s largest waterfall, infrastructure from the 1700s, acres of national parks, caves and so much more. This country is truly out of a fairytale! If you are a real practical traveller, your stay in Latvia will not cost you more than USD 100! Yes, you heard right!

Budgets depend on how you wish to spend your days in a particular place – even in places such Greece and Turkey you are able to do a budget trip. However, you may have to compromise on some luxuries. These destinations, on the other hand, make you feel like a millionaire! So go ahead and explore the world on your own feet!