Top hotels in Dubai

This is a hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The hotel, which opened in 1997, is operated by the Dubai-based hotelier Jumeirah. The hotel contains 598 rooms and suites, 19 beachfront villas, and 20 restaurants and bars. This is a five star hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, attached to UAE’s first indoor ski slope and one of the biggest shopping malls outside of North America.

Top hotels in Dubai

The building is 17 stories high, with an outside pool-terrace situated on the second floor. The hotel has 393 rooms and suites including 15 chalets with views over the indoor ski This is a distinctive hotel in Dubai, offering spectacular views of the city skyline.Guests can relax in the rooftop swimming pool and enjoy views of the city, or exercise in the fully-equipped fitness center. This 5-star retreat is just over 1 mile from Deira City. It has 4 swimming pools and 18 restaurants andbars for guests.Nature Elements Spa offers more than 50 different health and beauty treatments, including  hydrotherapy. The Arabian-styled Qamardeen Hotel is a stunning 4-star property located in Dubai’s newly developed ‘Old Town’ district of the city.This offers 186 guest rooms and suites in total.


Most romantic places in budapest

This is satgurutravel review ,Budapest is the capital city of Hungary inviting millions of tourists every year.Budapest is widely known as a famous spa destination with an astonishing array of baths offered in the city.Budapest is a fascinating city with many historic and cultural sights, fine restaurants and beautiful city scape. Margaret Island is a 2.5 km long island, 500 metres wide, in the middle of the Danube in central Buda. The island is mostly covered by landscape parks, and is a popular recreational area. It has a sports stadium, numerous tennis courts, an outdoor swimming complex, an open air theatre, Japanese and Rose gardens, early medieval ruins, two spa hotels and a beer garden. The enormous building at the southern end of Castle Hill has been the royal palace, in various styles and guises, since the 14th century. It was rebuilt 400 years later and required major reconstruction work after World War II.It now houses the Budapest History Museum.


The Fishermen Bastion is often the first stop for tourists visiting Budapest, the fairytale turrets offering an elevated vantage point from which to view the city. Once you are in pest with your partner, a visit to one of the most romantic castles of the city is a must. The castle depicts a perfect blend of some of the finest architectural styles of Europe from the medieval period to the 18th century such as Romanesque, Gothic Renaissance and Baroque architecture. It is one of the largest spa complexes in Europe and is counted among the largest medicinal baths in the world.After getting tired this is one place where you and your partner can regain the energy. The statues on Heroes Square are very much a who who of Hungarian history and its scale and grandeur is an indication of the pride Hungarians have for their country.Thus it concludes satgurutravel review.

Top 10 Best Hot Air Balloon Rides!

For more than two centuries, humans have used hot air balloons to launch themselves into the atmosphere and observe the world below from a unique perspective. The exhilarating experience of riding in a hot air balloon safely and comfortably, however, has never been more accessible than now.

Located in Turkey’s Anatolian Region, the high plateau of Cappadocia is dotted with rock formations formed by volcanic eruptions that were shaped by thousands of years of wind and rain. Known as “fairy chimneys,” some of the rocky limestone spires became homes for the region’s earliest human inhabitants.

Napa Valley 
California’s Napa Valley is known the world over for its picturesque vineyards, and a hot air balloon ride offers visitors the perfect way to take in the serene beauty of the countryside. Eco-conscious residents and vineyard owners are dedicated to preserving the natural environment in all of its glory so passengers can enjoy uninterrupted views of the landscape.

The most popular tourist destination in Myanmar, Bagan was the capital of the First Burmese Empire from the 9th to the 13th centuries. The site that Marco Polo once described as the “gilded city” was home to around Buddhist 13,000 temples in its 11th-century heyday. Today, visitors can float above the thousands of temples, stupas and pagodas that remain, including the famous Ananda temple with its sparkling gold spires

Located on the east bank of the Nile opposite the site of the four-thousand-year-old ancient city of Thebes, Luxor is often referred to as the world’s greatest open air museum. Hot air balloon flights allow visitors to float over famous archeological sites like the great hypostyle hall of Luxor temple, with its grid of thick, carved columns, and the Colossi of Memnon,the two massive stone statues of Amenhotep III.



Angkor Archeological Park is most famous for the Angkor Wat temple complex, which is considered the largest religious monument on the planet. Built in the early 12th century, the temple is a prime example of classical Khmer architecture and is Cambodia’s most popular tourist attraction. It’s also the perfect location for visitors who may be timid about undertaking their first hot air balloon experience.

Home to the largest migration of mammals in the world, the Serengeti stretches from Tanzania into the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. A hot air balloon ride over theSerengeti guarantees numerous animal sightings in any season. In addition to the more than two million wildebeest, gazelle and zebra that pass through the region during the Great Migration, there are lions, hippos, giraffes, elephants and other big game animals in abundance as well.

Home to the largest gathering of hot air balloons and ballooning enthusiasts in the world, Albuquerque is the ideal location to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of hundreds of balloons floating in the clear Midwest air. Every October, New Mexico’s largest city hosts the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, which includes concerts and fireworks as well as mass balloon launches day and night.

Situated around 50 km (30 mile)s to the northeast of Mexico City, the Teotihuacan Pyramids are the astonishing archeological remains of what was once the greatest city in North America. A hot air balloon flight offers visitors a bird’s eye view of site known as the City of the Gods.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve


It’s no surprise that the hot air balloon rides offered outside the upscale city of Dubai are some of the most luxurious in the world. Passengers are picked up at hotels at dawn in nearby Burj Khalifa and transported to the lift-off site where they receive safety instructions before departing on an hour-long flight.

Yarra Valley 
Located an hour’s drive away from Melbourne, the Yarra Valley is best known for it’s world-class wineries. A hot air balloon ride offer visitors a safe and serene flight over undulating hills and glens etched with a patchwork of orchards, vineyards and farms with the distant mountain peaks of the Great Divide framing the scene

5 Things to know about most electric place in world


Venezuela’s endless super surprise offers mesmerized tourists and local people for years. The spot that the Catatumbo Lake fulfills Pond Maracaibo, 260 surprise days to weeks each and every year cause twenty-eight super hits hitting the particular river for each minute. Areas items to learn about most electric put in place entire world.

The initial atmospheric phenomenon builds 1.2 million lightening hits each and every year & noticeable coming from nearly 250 miles(400km)away. The particular stormy weather are getting to be symbolic for those connected with venezuela & there’re referenced in the legendary poetry ‘la dragontea’by lope de vega..

Top Beaches In The World

 SatguruTravel  presents top beaches in the world.

The Maldives the ideal place to escape from the real world to a palm-fringed haze..


Lanikai Beach, Hawaii
Half a mile of sparkling sand, palm trees swaying over a white beach, lush tropical plants, and endless sunshine make Lanikai one of Hawaii”smost scenic beaches


Fraser Island, Australia
It  is located at  coast of 161 miles  northeast of Brisbane, Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island and home of a wonderful beach



Langkawi, Malaysia
The name Langkawai translates into the land of one’s wishes a welcoming concept that somewhat belies the island’s historic origins as a reputed refuge for pirates.


The Hamptons, New york
The Hamptons form a popular seaside resort, one of the historical summer colonies of the American Northeast. They have some of the most expensive residential properties in the U.S.


Andaman and Nicobar, Island
It is a pictures queue  island beautiful sandy beaches and lush green forest.


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Top 10 Best River Cruises In The World!

This is SatguruTravel Article.To numerous voyagers, a journey evokes pictures of a tremendous maritime watercraft ambling starting with one tropical island then onto the next. On the other hand, there is another more personal kind of journey that is pretty much as famous with explorers today – the stream voyage. Nile River Cruise Because Egypt essentially experienced childhood with the banks of the Nile, a journey is one of the most ideal approaches to experience Egypt and the greater part of its eminent old locales, including the pyramids and the Sphinx. It’s evaluated that there are more than 400 journey boats handling the compelling Nile River, so explorers will have numerous vessels to browse. Amazon River Cruise The wild and untamed Amazon River has since quite a while ago enamored voyagers who have ached to find the privileged insights covered up in the thick wildernesses that line its banks. Previously, just the most daring souls would have set out to enter the Amazon Basin, at the same time, luckily, this cryptic world is much less demanding for explorers to visit today.

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                                Yangtze River Cruise The Yangtze River is the third longest waterway on the planet and additionally the longest in Asia. It goes past some of China’s most fascinating and acclaimed locales, including the dazzling Three Gorges (Qutang, Wu and Xiling Gorge). On a Yangtze River voyage, explorers will cruise through some of this huge nation’s most lovely scenes and may likewise have the alternative of taking shore outings to different fascinating locales, including to old sanctuaries and old phantom towns. Danube River Cruise For some, a Danube River journey is a blessing from heaven. The Danube, which is the second longest waterway in Europe, goes through nine distinct nations, Austria, Bulgaria Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Romania Slovakia, Serbia and Ukraine. Contingent upon the agenda, which can last from one day to a week or more, an outing along the magnificent Danube River can take an explorer past manors and forcing strongholds and through some of Europe’s most wonderful urban communities. Mekong River Cruise The Mekong River goes through China, Burma, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. While cruising down the grand Mekong, voyagers will locate an intriguing mix of cutting edge urban communities and gliding towns from the past. Rhine River Cruise It’s not astonishing that an excursion down the Rhine River is one of Europe’s most well known travels. The Rhine River winds comfortable through various nations that are mainstream travel destinations, including Switzerland, France, Germany and Holland. Volga River Cruise The Volga River is the longest in Europe and is frequently considered as the national waterway of Russia. Contingent upon the schedule, voyagers on a Volga River journey may visit St. Petersburg and Moscow or the Golden Ring urban areas. Kerala Backwaters Cruise Travelers needing to encounter the excellence and appeal of India’s backwaters ought to book a journey through India’s astonishing Kerala zone. As they go through this present area’s channels and flawless lakes that frame Kerala’s Backwaters, cruisers can appreciate living like local people. Mississippi River Cruise The Mighty Mississippi, the fourth longest stream on the planet, slices through the heart of America and through some of this current nation’s most lovely view. Large portions of the boats that utilize this stream are intended to look like dated oar wheel steamboats, which can give an explorer the inclination that they are venturing out back to a period when life was delighted in at an all the more lackadaisical pace. Douro Cruise The Douro River may not be also referred to or as well known as some other European journey destinations, yet it’s not on the grounds that it’s an unworthy destination. This magnificent little voyage, which takes explorers through Portugal and Spain, winds past beautiful vineyards and Medieval towns.Thus our Satgurutravel article ends here.